• Press:Xu Sheng Tsinghua University press (2011-07)
    Author:Xu Sheng
    "Animation scene design" is a devoted animation scene design materials, including the animation scene design, animation scene design in the creative ideas and pictures, use of perspective, cartoon animation scene design scene design space and the use of the camera, color and shadow animation scene design,

  • Press:Cui Jiancheng, higher education press (2007-07)
    Author:Cui Jiancheng
    "The film and television animation creative appreciation" is the production of computer professional computer animation direction of main course, according to the writing teaching guidance scheme of computer animation. "The film and television animation creative appreciation" in film and television animation creative design as the main line, describes some successful cases of film and television animation, also introduces the film moving,

  • Press:Southwest China Normal University
    Author:Luo Jiang Mei / / Zhou Congkai / Li Huanhuan
    "The main contents of the principle and design of" Animation: animation is a set of art and technology in one subject. Animation is the contemporary culture of the set point -- it includes literature, film, art, music, communication disciplines content. Animation of contemporary culture is a special and typical form of language -- we,

  • Press:Lin Yu Chemical Industry Press (2009-06)
    Author:Lin Yu
    "The process of creative animation design" is for beginners a cartoon books. This animation art is very broad and profound, "the process of creative animation design" to convey to you is a wind vane, is to open the door key to the art of animation, the animation enthusiasts pointed out a direction. ,

  • Press:Hubei Art
    Author:Jin Lin
    "Animation" by Tongji University students participate in animation creation, at the same time, the non art students in Tongji University animation and pen drawing elective course course work. "Animation" author to many in the process of writing in middle school, saw a lot of good animation, good shape. Both hope and friends love animation,

  • Press:Cao Liwei of Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House (2008-03)
    Author:Cao Liwei
    The new media based, animation, ISBN:9787533024833, author: Cao Liwei,

  • Press:Harold witke, John Harrah's, Tom race, Sun Cong China Film Press (2012-07)
    Author:(British) by Harold Witek et al.
    Harold Witek and John Harrah's "time for animation (Revised Edition)" is a book for the first time since the 1981 publication of the classic animation textbooks. In 30 years, this works in the world animation work table can be seen everywhere. "Time for animation (,

  • Press:Bing Shao and Xin Liang, Wang Xiaoming, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House (2012-09)
    Author:Bing Shao, Xin Liang
    The "basic" digital entertainment and animation design is a required course in animation, digital entertainment design professional. The author is animation, digital entertainment design professional teacher, has more than ten years of animation, digital entertainment design creation and teaching experience. "Digital entertainment and animation design basis" to simple text, pictures of the way,,

  • Press:Communication University of China press
    Author:Xue Yanping
    Historical school master, the writing of this book lasted more than five years. The book introduces the main representative of the non mainstream animation film development history, schools and each school. The humorous and lively strokes to we Weiweidaolai, both lively and interesting, fascinating classic movies, also has the humorous, sometimes partial,

  • Press:Ocean University of China press
    Author:Pang Yusheng
    2D TV animation process, digital animation technology: 2D film and television animation process, ISBN:9787811251739, author: Pang Yusheng,

  • Press:Yue Tingting Chemical Industry Press (2009-01)
    Author:Yue Tingting
    "Animation" respectively from the structure, shape, facial expressions and movements in the knowledge system in detail, and equipped with a large number of illustrations demonstrate. The most intuitive way, combining the theory and practice are combined effectively, so that the majority of practitioners learn together more easily. Animation is the animation in line,

  • Press:Zhang Qiang, Zhang Chunjing, Li Debao's Defense Industry Press (2012-01)
    Author:Feng Wusheng
    "Animation director was tempered" by Zhang Qiang, Zhang Chunjing, Li Debao. At present, the development of Chinese animation education exists many problems: teachers less, local animation teaching materials, teaching means a single, the lack of innovation. So we in the light of the outstanding foreign education methods at the same time, we should gradually establish their own,

  • Press:Chinese science and technology
    Author:(United States) Angie Jones / Jamie Olive | translator: Song Jiajia
    This book consists of basic knowledge, animation, now about the production of population in one sentence, the appendix four parts, the main contents include: standing on the shoulders of giants of the fleas; give me a story; wonderful, bad, or appear trite and insignificant role. ,

  • Press:Zhang Mingyong, Feng Jun, Gao Guizhen in Dalian University of Technology press (2009-05)
    Author:Zhang Mingyong
    "Digital Animation digital animation" in the representative animation shows the development of digital animation. Digital animation industry leader, blazers, and practitioners are now engaged in film production, game design and television industries have contributed their design ideas,

  • Press:Ge Yuqing Communication University of China press (2010-06)
    Author:Ge Yuqing
    Brief introduction to the main content of "animation film narrative art": a problem throughout the animation art internal angle of its story, analyze several narrative elements of traditional characters, plots, namely, time, space and rhetorical analysis in order to produce the animated film, story and the creation of van type to sort out the system. In the analytical band,

  • Press:China Light Industry Press
    Author:Wang Shucun
    Back: Wang Shucun influence dust injection, "back" is because the cleaning frame painting, see before and after the reform and opening to the outside world youth and some landscape painting, landscape sketch works. Recall the past sixty years, how to do a painting to open up "the way of folk art" this new. The first is influenced by the native Yangliuqing environment, like,

  • Press:Orient Publishing Center
    Author:Zhao Wenliang
    "A brief introduction to the main content China majoring in animation series, animation scene design CG techniques:" basic clouds, clouds, Yu Linyun complex, Taihu stone, turf, the quiet island coast, plains, ink landscape, jeep, unified color scene practice, web animation creation process. ,

  • Press:Liang Hansen China film press (2010-07)
    Author:Liang Hansen
    "3D share: introduction to remember Chinese first 3D three-dimensional animated film" content: edge to with its solid production groups and the animation keep on carving professionalism, continue to stand ahead in Chinese animation ship tide. Television is the ship, edge to paddle, you will be arrived at the other side of victory pioneers. ,

  • Press:Feng Wusheng, Chen Shujiao, Li Junfeng's Defense Industry Press (2012-01)
    Author:Feng Wusheng
    "Drawing the story characters (fundamental)" brief introduction: China's animation development so far, along the way both to have the magnificent, there are ups and downs. In recent years, with the development of economy, change the national quality and consciousness, and government support and investment, the animation industry has been paid more and more attention, is rapidly,

  • Press:Xiao Bing, Li Ya, Peng Ling Shanghai Jiao Tong University press (2008-07)
    Author:Xiao Bing Li Ya
    "Base" animation art design, from the practical point of view, combining the world outstanding film and television animation example, detailed analysis from the aspects of animation style, color, motion, composition, style, and expounds how to use the art design theories and methods of creating excellent animation works, try to explain profound theories in simple language, the,

  • Press:JINGWAH
    Author:Sun Li | editor: Sun Lijun
    "Animation audio-visual language" is a required course for college students majoring in animation. Learn the course of rule of thumb is to complete the four words: listen, read, write, practice. "Listen to" the teacher's classroom teaching, to "see" the film, "memory excellent film" and related theory, repeatedly, repeatedly from the shallower to the deeper, to "practice",

  • Press:Andy Wyatt, Coral Yee China Youth Press (2011-01)
    Author:Andy Wyatt
    "The classic cartoon design tutorials: basis" digital animation content to construct a production from the planning stage to metaphase of animation, animation promotion until late complete industrial framework. It also provides some valuable information for students, teachers and the industry people like animation. In the book,

  • Press:Qian Wei of the Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House (2010-11)
    Author:Qian Wei
    "Animation art" in the content, emphasis on applied teaching, the whole process of written using creative teaching ideal teaching materials, and pay attention to all levels of chapter, section, the operability and enforceability, weakening the traditional fine arts colleges and universities pay attention to "art foundation of skills", and to establish an art,

  • Press:Dalian University of Technology press
    Author:Paul Wells
    The text of this book is based on the plurality of indicating key knowledge points and the concept of a title to write. The author write the contents of the book that is consistent and unified direction, and provide the dominant author "voice", but the main intention is to include "a variety of voices". The book includes professionals, artists,,

  • Press:Pioneering education (Suzhou Software Park Training Center), Suzhou Animation talent training base,
    Author:Pioneering education (Suzhou Software Park Training Center), Suzhou Animation talent training base for
    "Animation creative multimedia textbook series: animation FenJingTou design" includes the sub lens design basic knowledge, sub lens design preparation, divides the lens making process, sub lens design of the landscape and composition, sub lens design of lens with seats, excellent animation scene design appreciation. "Animation creative multimedia series,

  • Press:Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Ben Cormack
    "Cartoon clinic tips" is divided into five chapters. The first four chapters mainly about the tools and equipment, the basic elements of painting, ink and color techniques, composition and layout planning. Each chapter contains rich in special guidance, these guidelines aimed at "clinic" in painting cartoon at common problems, and puts forward some effective,

  • Press:Zhang Hong, Xu Ge, higher education press (2011-12)
    Author:Zhang Hong, Xu Ge
    Introduction to animation animation, "Introduction" is divided into eleven chapters. The first essence and categories of animation from the perspective of history reveals, clear introduction to learning the leading role in animation creation. Next to the animation as the focus, through the analysis of examples, discusses the origin and development of animation, animation script, and process modeling,

  • Press:Yu Peng Orient Publishing Center (2010-10)
    Author:Yu Peng
    "A brief introduction to the main content of Oriental painting elements" Chinese majoring in animation, animation series: line drawing method of observation, description of expressive force, simple training method, ink freehand brushwork and the formation and development of the literati painting, painting techniques, freehand ink painting method training etc.. ,

  • Press:Fudan University press
    Author:Nie Xinru
    "Introduction to animation" from previous works on the technical level, "Introduction to animation" is the first system to explain the animation art theory introduction to work. Includes six aspects: (1 animation theory origin, characteristics, the concept of animation); 2 animation art with art, literature, music, movie,

  • Press:Disc sword, etc. China Social Science Press (2010-11)
    Author:Pan Jian
    "Report on the development of China animation industry (2004-2009)" the main content description: Although Chinese animation over 80 years (the first animated cartoon "China produced by the WAN Brothers Studio scene" was born in 1926), but China animation industry was started from 2004 to start,

  • Press:Han Yong, Lin Jiayang, Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House (2008-04)
    Author:Han Dayong
    "Three dimensional animation and training (under)" is "3D animation and training" series of books, this book focuses on how to make the objects move, namely learning animation setting and adjustment. "Three dimensional animation and training" series of the book focuses on the modeling, texturing, materials and other basic knowledge and skills training. This book,

  • Press:Anhui children's Publishing House
    Author:Animation and digital art school of Communication University of China, "China's animation Yearbook" editorial department

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