Appreciation and collection

  • Press:Guangzhou Publishing House
    Author:Pu Zhongliang
    The main content of the book include: a Han Han pottery ceramics; appreciation; Han Dynasty celadon appreciation. ,

  • Press:China archive press
    Author:Mi Shilong, Ma Zhendu
    Mi Shilong, Ma Zhendu, Mi Shilong, et al, this book is more than a post, it is a period of history. When you open the "China Second Historical Archives stamp stamp collection (set of 2 volumes)", regardless of whether you are a stamp collector, believe that will be collected. It is dedicated to you display from the point of view of China history Chinese postal history,,

  • Press:Heilongjiang science and Technology Press
    Author:Sheng Rumei, Zhan Yiqin
    "Introduction to the practice of pupil function, entry" consists of four chapters, including: the first chapter, the second chapter of from the side to begin to move the brain engage in the collection, the third chapter, the fourth chapter family collection technology collection series. ,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Li Xuemei
    "Comparison of Chinese and Western arts ten books: Western art collection": comparison of Chinese and Western art collection is based on the two different cultural background. Two civilizations resulted from the Chinese and Western art collection homologous different ways. Chinese art collection value appreciation and the authenticity of pros and cons, so "enjoy" can be said to be Chinese collection, especially,

  • Press:The Forbidden City Publishing House Forbidden City Press (2003-03)
    Author:The Forbidden City Press
    "The Imperial Palace Tibetan emperor dress" is a collection of the the Imperial Palace reservoir emperor costume postcard. ,

  • Pages:290

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Ding Zhanggong Liang, Zhang Yonghua
    "Chinese military ticket of" by Mr. Sun Zhongshan to overthrow the Qing government, the overseas distribution of raising money through bond, Xin Hai revolution, Yuan Shikai and the sequence of Dharma war, warlords, the northern expedition, the agrarian revolution, the Anti Japanese War, the period of the arrangement, the historical background, made a general description. As for some item in the book is,

  • Press:HeFei University of Technology press
    Author:Xiao Wei Sun Zhiyi
    The book is divided into seven chapters, the main contents include: vivid beauty of Chinese painting; solemn deterrence beauty of Chinese bronzes; classic beauty of Chinese ceramics etc.. ,

  • Press:Xiyuan Publishing House
    Author:Xiao Yao
    The national archives, ISBN:9787802107595, author: Xiao Yao,

  • Press:Shanghai science and Technology Press
    Author:Qian Zhenzong
    This is a specially designed for the porcelain lovers, collectors written book. Porcelain identification is the premise of appreciation and research, there is no accurate identification, there would be no appreciation and research. The book is collected in early Qing Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty artifacts 400 pieces, which is not only a large number of kiln treasures, there are also many folk works. In order to facilitate the,

  • Press:Liaoning pictorial
    Author:Wei Zhankui
    "Colorful wood furniture" selection of a large number of China classical furniture pictures, the different era furniture, vividly show the reader, and the market reference price are introduced, which not only helps the reader to early Chinese classical furniture shape the understanding, but also help the vast number of collectors in the appreciation, kam,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Lu Fusheng
    In Chinese art market in the vast sea, the modern calligraphy and painting is a treasure house full of operation potential, its scale, quantity, and with the degree of generalized receiver soul, all other varieties of high art. The art market is still in the development and changes, at the same time as the,

  • Press:Cultural Relics Publishing House
    Author:Guilin Museum
    Guilin Museum of Ming Dynasty vase with appreciation, ancient charm: Guilin Museum of Ming Dynasty vase with appreciation, ISBN:9787501034697, author: Guilin museum,

  • Press:Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Niu Fuzhong
    Jade identification of secret and market assessment, ISBN:9787531812418, author: Niu Fuzhong,

  • Press:Xilingyinshe press
    Author:Ye Yingting
    Can be said to be the ancestor of Chinese celadon porcelain, Zhejiang Longquan kiln is a famous China celadon history is China ceramic history of the theory is firing history, number of kiln system scale products, or foreign trade widely to Outland effects, in addition to more than it started later in Jingdezhen, has never been a porcelain can match. ,

  • Press:Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Gao Xuexun
    "Hong 州轩 porcelain treasures" selection of the author's many years of painstaking collection before the Yuan Dynasty GaN based high ancient porcelain (including part of the same period the other important works of kiln mouth). From the ancient ceramic art these copious and fluent, beautiful sincere, can see China traditional historical and cultural process, broad and profound ancient ceramic art, appreciate,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Yu Jiming
    Jade is a variety of artifacts from jade carved the. No matter how the change of dynasties, jade dignified, jade ornaments Gao Jie, jade channel, is always the object of people's aesthetic pursuit, jade has become one of the symbol of ancient Chinese civilization; "gentleman Bede Yu" has almost become a right past Chinese self-cultivation,

  • Press:Shanghai ancient books publishing house
    Author:Bai Hongsheng
    "Practical" don't talk about deep gem identification theory, also does not need expensive equipment, authoritative expert gemologists tips on gem identification straightforward, it based on the basic principle of expertise, to seize the key similarities and differences between the stones of the comprehensive analysis shows that identification conclusion. This icon to add that solution is easy to learn and use. Will is a treasure,

  • Press:Xiling Seal Society
    Author:Li Zao editor
    Huang Mufu (one eight four nine to one nine 0 eight) Anhui Yixian County, formerly known as Ling, the word Mu Fu, or Mu Fu, his father, the latter with words. In his later years, tired or not the Department of black people, the main flower nest. His father Boya can sense, the "bamboo Rui Tang Ji". Mu Fu child on the seal's study interest, study at the age of eight or nine Indian surgeon. At the age of fourteen,

  • Press:The Yellow River Water Conservancy Press
    Author:The Yellow River Museum
    Analysis and Study on the hydrological calculation of hydrology and water resources survey of the Yellow River River Basin has long been engaged in senior hydrologist Wang Guoan China Engineering, knowledgeable, achievements. Amateur especially love of the Yellow River stone. Stone, grotesque gem, colors, texture clear, bright lubrication, ornamental strong. It has witnessed the Chinese nation,

  • Press:Southern Daily
    Author:Zhang Zhanxin
    Book in essay form, at home and abroad to introduce the auction market price in 1000000 yuan more than a hundred since the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty painting works, introduces the author, clinch a deal valence, and appreciation of paintings. ,

  • Press:Shanghai Culture Press
    Author:Li Weiqing
    In Chinese, seal and calligraphy, painting and poetry, known as the "four no", has the very high value of appreciation and collection. This book comprehensively to showcase the rich and colorful world of Indian stone, summarizes the basic situation of Chinese ancient seals, delineate and explain in detail the common ancient Ming Dynasty stone varieties, Qing Dynasty and early republic,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Yu Jiming
    Light colorful porcelain, largely because its surface is painted in a variety of attractive colors and loved by the people. This painting style can not to stick to one pattern, can be a landscape painting, figure painting of flowers and birds, can also be. This book mainly are listed the three styles of porcelain works, and the works next to add notes, to facilitate the reader study,,

  • Press:Jiangsu science and Technology Press
    Author:Wang Dezi

  • Press:Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Niu Fuzhong
    China Appraisal miyao and market assessment, ISBN:9787531812401, author: Niu Fuzhong,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Zhou Jilie
    The book of 215 pages, with a large number of color and black and white pictures, classified collection, trademark, Tibetan court yesterday on trivial, character imprinted four chapters, some of the articles collected by the author 20 years published. The author insists "a matter of a" real writing principles, recording their collections for many years,

  • Press:The blue sky.
    Author:Wang Qitai
    Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain porcelain appreciation, appreciation of a word (KAM) refers to the identification, (a) refers to appreciate. After much appreciation for collection. Appreciation is a collection of basic. This book as the key link to Geng Baochang "Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain identification", to hide one hundred and sixty-seven tiles for the purpose, and I only know only, do some simple on how to study this topic appreciation porcelain,

  • Press:Hebei Education Publishing House
    Author:Huang Junrong
    In 1822, the human history the first photo shooting success, since human history and photography are closely related, each one's achievements in science and technology, culture, can be in each with the historical evolution of the camera to see. The book collection of heavyweight classical camera, camera from Daguerre most early more than a hundred years ago,,

  • Press:Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House
    "The forensic Huang Binhong" Mr. leaves, is now the "fine arts" senior editor, I was also a painting and calligraphy appreciation collectors, historians, have a variety of publications. The editor of art appreciation and collection of newspaper "" version is a major highlight of the numerous publications and collection of painting and calligraphy, and to dare to attack the pseudo,

  • Press:Xilingyinshe press
    Author:Dong Hongquan
    The Qing Dynasty silver appreciation, "Overseas Collection: Qing Dynasty silver appreciation" is divided into five chapters. The main content includes beautiful like Lisao sentence, Qin Han Guan Moon, hair growth and growth stage of history and the silver silver silver relics, historical sites, Tang Song Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties silver history trace, curtain light solution white neon, physical parameters, color, silver technology,

  • Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
    Author:All China Philatelic Federation
    "China philatelic character style book (volume first)" aims to promote the China National Philatelic Federation was founded in 20 years, China Philatelic circles the emergence of outstanding contributions to philately characters and their achievements. The first volume included respected throughout the world of philately has national set UPU very high reputation in the first place,

  • Press:Shanghai beauty
    Author:Li Huibing
    Volume sixth, Tang, five generation, Chinese porcelain by the people all over the world, the Tang Dynasty developed commodity economy and open policy for a large number of export of ceramic products provide the possibility. Changsha kiln in order to meet the need of product export, decorated in underglaze painting, with a strong foreign styles. In the capital area in Tang Dynasty burial system prompted North color,

  • Press:The Forbidden City
    Author:Cai Yi
    The main contents of Tibetan doucai porcelain "the Imperial Palace": the ancient history of Chinese ceramics in a wonderful work -- color, is a kind of porcelain firing by Jiangxi Jingdezhen kiln. Color the ceramic decoration, which is different from the underglaze blue and white decoration, is also different from the glaze color glaze, glaze, glaze enamel and enamel painting plain tricolour etc.,

  • Press:Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Mou Weidong
    "Investment and collection value of" modern Chinese painting and calligraphy introduces investment and collection of Chinese calligraphy and painting can be divided into three sections: one is the ancient calligraphy and painting; the two is the modern painting; three is the contemporary painting. "Investment and collection value of" modern Chinese painting and calligraphy collection of Ren Bonian, Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong, Zhao 叔孺,

  • Press:The Forbidden City Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Chengru editor in chief; Chinese Forbidden City Association
    "Chinese Forbidden City Society papers (Fourth Series)" included Chinese Forbidden City Institute of the Fourth Symposium of the 50 papers, content involves the Forbidden City palace architecture planning and design thoughts, ancient building art and technology, building materials, design and culture in the palace garden court, temple and cemetery. ,

  • Press:Haitian Publishing House
    Author:Xiao Youbo
    And the purchase of jade appreciation one pass, "approach: buy jade jade and appreciation of one pass (Second Edition)" tells the story: a population of 1300000000 China, most people understood the "jade" king of knowledge, it is difficult to judge the value of jade ornaments, often buy the heart, but not start. This requires knowledge of the master emerald. "Near firenze,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Publishing House
    Author:Ma Dingxiang Ma Chuande
    This book mainly to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom coins, to a more comprehensive, systematic analysis, discusses its casting, cast, circulation, folding, format, characteristics, size and the authenticity of identification and other aspects of the problem, put forward their views be arranged editor. The time response of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolution movement 'secret organization,

  • Press:Anhui University press
    Author:He Linyi
    "Coin" is the author of more than a decade, textual research on pre Qin monetary research articles. The book contains a total of more than 20 papers, arranged according to Qi, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei, Zhou, Chu sequence, its research object includes almost all the area of the pre Qin period all kinds of money, but also for multiple currencies are quite comprehensive, system,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Li Liechu
    In the collection of calligraphy and painting activities, relationship identification, collection, appreciation of three very closely. But to put the three together, forming a monograph, but have never seen. This book from the first draft to the final, minor changes, there have been six idea. The book is divided into five parts: the first series review; second series of third series; identification; fourth,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Yu Jiming
    - people, animal and fruit, "An Illustrated Handbook of ancient jade Chinese: character, animal and melon" by Ma Aijuan, Shen Wei, Yu Xian, Qian Cheng, Yu Jilin and other documents. Limited to the level of the book editors, there are omissions, the police ask readers to criticism, appreciate. ,

  • Press:Zhejiang photography press
    Author:Wang Jianrong Yang Zhenghong.
    Zhenjiang Museum of ancient tea exhibition, the main contents are: the ancient Melody - Neolithic period to the Sui Dynasty; Shengshi Huazhang, Tang and Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty; literati feelings; streamer, yuan, Ming and qing. ,

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