Architectural art

  • Press:Jiangsu science and Technology Press
    Author:Wang Shaozhou, Liang Baiquan, et al.
    "China nation building 4" is "China nation building" fourth volumes, "Chinese nation building 4" into Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, by the editor, the editor's extensive collection of the local national building materials, and go to the site investigation, photography, surveying and mapping, it is,

  • Press:Sichuan Education Press
    Author:Zhu Sihong Chen Genyuan
    And the clothing, food, has been listed as the most basic human practice, from the beginning of the carries, ancestors to live constantly looking to build shelter. From the cave to the subterranean building, and then to the ground, they keep on carving marks the use of nature, conquer nature, continuously to the difficult process of civilization. Drop,

  • Press:Hunan people's Publishing House
    Author:The 泊汀 Liu Zhaoming.
    "Modern color landscape sketch and creation" is divided into six chapters, focuses on the color landscape sketch and creation of two parts. Color landscape sketch part mainly solves the problem of how to draw, to see the scenery shown by the hands of the brush. Colour scenery creation section is mainly to solve the problem of how to see, how the eyes,

  • Press:Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore
    Author:Zhang Changgen
    Written by the people's Government of Changning District, nine three Changning district Party committee member Zhang Changgen editor in chief, Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore published "Shanghai outstanding historical buildings -- Changning, a book, in the joint efforts of all staff under the arrangement, published in recently officially published. This book both in the contents and binding, is an introduction,

  • Press:Version first (December 1, 2006)
    Author:Shanghai real estate education center
    "Shanghai outstanding architectural appreciation" one book, like a considerate guide, lead you stroll in the Shanghai outstanding architectural art of the temple, enjoy the different customs of the city. More than 250 architecture introduced in the book, most of the excellent historical buildings, and in part since the founding of the classic architecture. For each,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zou Minne editor
    World famous museums of (full), edited by Zou Minne, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing house,

  • Press:Wuhan University press
    Author:Zhang Zhaohui
    "Basic design" environmental art content based on the renewal of knowledge, have the breadth and depth of certain, reflect and absorb new ideas and new information on contemporary environmental art design, including many excellent examples, to widen the vision of readers. Teaching style to meet the demands of teaching and learning, pay attention to students thinking design,

  • Press:Dalian University of Technology press
    Author:Loran Farelli
    Architectural design based tutorial, "architectural design based tutorial" discussed the method and process, building design for space architecture vocabulary, as well as the architectural design of the core idea, the concept can be used for a better understanding of the construction site and context. Author for the building location, architectural style, building construction and materials, and modern architecture,

  • Press:Huazhong University of science and technology
    Author:Xiao Hongsheng
    Mr. Xiao Hong is engaged in design work for more than 30 years, especially good at designing nightclub, sauna, hotel and other large service entertainment project, many influential projects in Hongkong, Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong Regal nightclub has become fashionable for a time is from Mr Xiao Hong's hands. The book collection,

  • Press:Liaoning science and Technology Press
    Author:Japan MEISEI publishing company
    Integrated office building -- the modern architecture, Japan MEISEI publishing company, Liaoning science and technology press,

  • Press:Southeast University press
    Author:Wang Liyun
    "Is: introduction to spatial form" content: each subject has its unique characteristic and form. To truly understand and use the knowledge of a discipline, first to analyze and understand the basic elements, the subject structure and principle. Similarly, to learn and master the composition design, it is first necessary to understand the design,

  • Press:Jiangsu Art
    Author:Xiong Wenyu / Li Li / / Wu fan
    Xiong Wenyu, editor of the "interior design color manual" featured a classic 100 paintings art masters, graphical way, analysis of the master in the use of color in the paintings of subtlety. The application part by selecting famous paintings in the classic color, and then extended to the whole room decoration case, let,

  • Press:Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press
    Author:Xu Jie
    Istanbul, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey harbor, is one of the world's most beautiful. The city was founded in 660 BC, known as the Byzantine, after reconstruction and became the capital of East Rome, Empire Gai Mingjun acquire, another name for the new Rome. Istanbul is a mysterious history famous city, also is the,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Water Housing Corporation Tokyo design department
    "Small residential interior design" for China building industry publishing house. ,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Chi Hai
    Window layout, design and environment: "Kindergarten" window layout includes landscape layout window, using animal layout window layout, creative arts, talking the window layout. Kindergarten is a part of kindergarten curriculum. Environment is like one of the teachers do not speak, quietly playing role of education it special, potential,

  • Press:Liaoning people's Publishing House
    Author:Gui Qian
    China building, courtyard, the building is the basic practice of human activity, but also a part of human culture. Longitudinal history, one of the important content of the development of human civilization, can be said to be the continuous construction, improve and perfect the evolution process of living space. Human beings improve the living environment of the process, not only to meet the shelter, life,

  • Press:Jiangsu Art
    Author:Lu Yan / / Luo Yun | editor: Xu Jian
    "Kindergarten environmental design (New)" is a kindergarten teacher teaching reference book. Mainly includes for environmental cloth buy decoration production, theme wall, toy making, in addition, also special appendix kindergarten utility library, super convenient line map and so on, along with the change of seasons, making different works,

  • Press:Liaoning people's Publishing House
    Author:Tao Jie
    The hall as Chinese most heavy activity space, is the study of Chinese traditional architecture can not avoid the content. Since ancient times, it Chinese political, social and daily life, occupies an important position and religious rituals and other activities, plays an important role. In the process of development of Chinese building, hall,

  • Press:Shanghai Century Publishing Co. Ltd. lexicographic Publishing House (Shanghai dictionary Press)
    Author:Home Furnishing advocate editorial department
    Sheet: 39,

  • Press:Hunan Art
    Author:Chi Hai
    The four seasons "layout, design and environment - kindergarten seasons arrangement", the content includes the layout of the environment that the spring summer, the layout of the environment, the creative arts and layout, the layout of the environment of the autumn, winter decoration etc.,

  • Press:Hunan Art
    Author:Chi Hai
    Festival decoration, "environment and design of kindergarten:" holiday arrangement includes China traditional holiday arrangement, foreign festival decoration, creative manual layout, children's day, teacher's day arrangement etc.. Kindergarten is a part of kindergarten curriculum. Environment is like one of the teachers do not speak, quietly plays its special, potential education,

  • Press:Ningxia people's Publishing House
    Author:Ding Sijian.
    Throughout the vast land to the mosque as the main body of the Islamic architecture, is the wonderful art Chinese building, it reflects the China and Arabia cultural exchanges, fruitful, flashed China Muslim one's ability and cleverness, condensation of the ethnic Chinese consciousness and spirit! "The art of Islamic construction Chinese,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Han Changkai
    "Brief introduction of QT, arch eye wall" content: China traditional architectural decoration art series there are 10, have been selected and approved the declaration. The topics of the ancient architecture of the QT and arch eye wall presented as a separate category, and its historical evolution, the current spread throughout the country, different types of German data,

  • Press:Huazhong University of science and technology
    Author:Liu Jindong
    The meaning is very broad: painter sketch draft design sketches, Chinese painter, calligrapher's work is a sketch, literary sketch manuscript is very rare. Musicians, music manuscripts, the scientists creative process of manuscript, mathematicians illustration process left non mature manuscripts seemed sketch. The beginning of all creation,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:Dopress Books
    "Interior design works are selected from all over the world many talented designers or design team included art space" in a series. The book emphasizes the walls, furnishings, lighting, color, material and other interior decoration elements of the style of art. All cases unique, fashion, art and gas,

  • Press:China water conservancy and Hydropower Press
    Author:Wang Qijun
    Technique is a skilled and skilled methods do what thing must have. Especially in today's society, almost do what will be talked about techniques. The bus is crowded bus technique, order a la carte techniques. I am responsible for the programs at the Academy of Fine Arts in Glasgow and Academy of Fine Arts in the UK, the first,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:The book compilation
    "Art Space: an introduction to the bar and club": a series of books interior design tip in characteristics from all over the world are many design team talent selection. The special attention from the wall decoration, interior design and lighting, furniture style color, materials and textures. All of these selected new interior book,

  • Press:Tianjin University press
    Author:Li Xin
    The door is the living room and outside the entrance, is an important part of residential buildings, is the only way which must be passed in and out of. The household as the single door, double door door. As the access to the portal is also known as the "window", "front", shows that people on the attention, at the same time that the role not only in the door,

  • Press:Chinese building industry
    Author:Lou Qingxi
    "Brick art" is a special introduction masonry decorative art works, in the elaboration of natural should introduce brick decoration aspects, including the origin and development of brick masonry decoration decoration, location and morphology, brick decoration cultural connotation, as well as their different style characteristics etc.. "Masonry,

  • Press:Version first (January 1, 2007)
    Author:Liu Zhiping
    At the time of the craftsmen, work per person in the inevitable environmental impact, like the sea boat, floating in the wind, the sea wind in their culture where by latitude, they absolutely do not know. In that period, affecting only age, drives the artisan to do that formed in the era of style; not like now,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhuang Yuguang
    Gate roll, in order to put these precious cultural legacy, is introduced to the reader, "China window (door volume)" writers and photographers around on both sides of the Changjiang River, inside and outside the Great Wall, collected to represent around the main style of thousands of doors and windows. The editors and carries on the careful arrangement, organization design, explain profound theories in simple language writings,

  • Press:Chinese Building Materials Industry Press
    "Chinese ancient architecture color painting" pictures, is from 3000 picture examples and selected, but there is still a lot of photos is not listed, mainly has the following several reasons: first, the song style paintings, because the Yingzao fashi existing detailed load cases, replicate to space, and the application of two, I very little; has been published in the journal,

  • Press:Foreign Languages Press
    Author:Wang Qijun
    Chinese traditional houses, "China traditional houses" as one of the Chinese scenery series, by Wang Qijun, the foreign language press, mainly about the Chinese residents of traditional houses, and some residential basic introduction etc.. ,

  • Press:Jiangsu science and Technology Press
    Author:Wang Shaozhou editor in chief, in 倬云 text editor.
    "Chinese nation building 3" is "China nation building" third volumes, "Chinese nation building 3" into Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, by the editor, the editor's extensive collection of the local national building materials, and go to the site investigation, photography, mapping, a more comprehensive reflects the country,

  • Press:Wenhui press
    Author:Gao Xiaoqin
    Big house, residential as a culture, essence is to provide the basis for the life of the people. "China temperament, big house" included the traditional 10 now retained ancient houses, and interviews with 7 contemporary architectural masters, is a dig, the Chinese residential cultural heritage at the same time, the Chinese traditional culture made a comprehensive comb, with,

  • Press:Jiangxi Art
    Author:Liu Aihua / Tang Yuhua / Chen Zhonghua / Chen Ting / / Lafon
    Natural spice, this book is the kindergarten environmental design manual book,

  • Press:Liaoning science and technology
    Author:Zhao Quanyi
    "Yearbook design 2007 real estate (short version)" the Vientiane Yun Tun, the meeting of wind and clouds, 2007 to leave thick and heavy in colours in the history of the development of Shenyang real estate on a pen. Dozens of well-known brand developers swarmed into Shen, resulting in the service industry is an unprecedented development for the performance of the real estate plane design agency here,

  • Press:Haitian Publishing House
    Author:Ling Ning
    Create a colorful fairy tale world for our children, for children in a pair of wings to the future, let the children learn in a happy growth of knowledge, wisdom, let the child have a dreamlike childhood! The book is divided into two parts, the upper part is the theory part, expounds the basic knowledge of murals. The lower half is a practical article,,

  • Press:Haitian Publishing House
    Author:Wen Suping editor
    Cultural heritage is a national talent show in the natural environment, it can be a huge city, can be a lonely building, also is a monument in the wilderness, they are history, is now home. When you hover over the ruins around, they will,

  • Press:Machinery Industry Press
    Author:Architectural creation magazine
    With special respect series, this book belong to "with special respect" series in Europe second fascicles, focuses on the architect's eye European city style. The contents of the article are widely involved in all aspects of the city, the architects to enrich the experience, keen insight, thoroughly on architecture and city, history and culture, traditional and modern from the professional point of view,

  • Press:Tongji University press
    Author:Zhao Houjun, Yang Jiansheng, Liu Wei pictures
    This book mainly from the Ming Dynasty garden and art related chapters, the contents of both the landscape description, garden tours, garden along the album, also analysis means. And academic thoughts, literary and aesthetic value equivalent. After a brief description text, author brief introduction and notes, books and more than 100,

  • Press:Sichuan Science and Technology Press
    Author:Beth Publishing Limited series
    Jascha featured full-color, Beth Publishing Co. Ltd., Sichuan Science and technology press,

  • Press:Wuhan Polytechnic
    Author:Liu Hui
    "Building sketch" is one of the institutions of higher learning "eleven five" art class specialized courses teaching series. In order to make the students to grasp the building sketch, "building sketch" with lots of architectural sketches to illustrate, explain the characteristic of legend, building sketch painting and skills. With a pen and ink sketch based, to,

  • Press:Liaoning Art
    Author:Meng Ming Zhang Li Liu Tao
    "The main content of building scenery sketch": when we put the art education of art schools as a part of contemporary culture of landscape, it is not difficult to find, art education if also can appear or continue to maintain the sound development, is not a "can not be concurrent constraint" and "open". The so-called constraint, refers to the "classic,

  • Press:China water conservancy and Hydropower Press
    Author:Wang Qijun
    This book is for architectural design, landscape design, interior design, the professional counterparts, also is to give the architect or engineer, not to engage in work of Arts and artists. Because the knowledge of this, it is the most rigorous "camera perspective" rather than a painter's "artistic perspective". ,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Feng Ke
    Construction techniques is a compulsory course in Higher School of architecture and environment art design major. "Construction techniques" in national higher school architecture professional guidance committee awarded the professional training objectives as the basis, keep pace with the times, in the content increase in architectural design for the designers have new or,

  • Press:Hunan Art
    Author:Chi Hai
    Decoration layout, "environment and design - kindergarten ornaments layout", the book includes classroom decoration layout, corridor ornaments layout, creative manual layout, window ornaments layout. This book mainly for kindergarten teachers to be used as a decorative, reference book. ,

  • Press:Jiangsu Art
    Author:Zhuang Yuguang
    "The old house series: China door (window volume)" writers and photographers around on both sides of the Changjiang River, in order to put these precious cultural heritage preserved, introduced to the reader, inside and outside the Great Wall, collected to represent around the main style windows and doors. Thousands of pieces. The editors and carries on the careful arrangement, organization design, deeply,

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