• Press:China Central Academy of Fine Arts admissions office of people's Fine Arts Publishing House (2010-08
    Author:China Central Academy of Fine Arts Admissions Office
    "China Central Academy of Fine Arts outstanding papers: introduction to art and design architecture" content: China Central Academy of Fine Arts is directly under the Ministry of education, only a higher fine arts school, in 1950 April was formed through a merger of three Fine Arts Department of the national Beiping art school and the North China University by Mao Zedong, for college. With its high school,

  • Press:Tongji University press
    Author:Chen Xingping painted
    The Shanghai Expo 844000 region style sketch, "once the home: Shanghai Expo 844000 region style sketch" brief introduction: the Shanghai World Expo is to let Chinese particularly exciting, Expo Park in between the Nanpu bridge and Lupu Bridge across the Huangpu River in Binjiang. Naturally, with the Expo floor, many style on the site has disappeared...... ,

  • Press:Education in Hebei
    Author:Fan Dian
    The classic interpretation of Mei Lanfang reservoir opera characters historical relentless wind and rain falling volumes on Beijing Opera today the ancient stage classic characters play painting -- public and China opera on off Liangliang play burlesque heard Han Yu talking about painting drama "Xiao He" painting "chasing Han Xin Han Xin in chasing Xiao He" super audience in diffuse contemporary situation,

  • Press:Shanghai Univer
    Author:Cheng Xuesong
    "The exhibition space model display space and model design" will be discussed, is further elaborated and extension of 2D drawings and 3D model of this kind of research methods. We used to simply think that the model is the performance space means, like rendering and watercolor painting, can play the role of replacement effect chart. After,

  • Press:Xiling Seal Society
    Author:Shu Shijun
    The book is divided into three series, the main income of Professor Lu Yanshao about the painting, landscape painting techniques and the specific style of painting quotations, the book is accompanied by the style of Lu Yanshao's landscape painting. The book is rich in content, explain the concise, easy to understand, the reader to not only understand Lu Yanshao painting, painting, and also the root,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Li Benchi
    "Painted front landscape performance and conceptual design of" collection of Li Benchi in recent years, part of the work, although some design process is still young, but still shows the vitality and passion of young people, it is not difficult to find the good development potential. Make a spurt of progress along with the deepening of China's reform and opening up and economic development, people's life,

  • Press:Liaoning people's Publishing House
    Author:Tang Deliang
    China building, roof, a China style traditional buildings, the main factors can be divided into three parts: the base part, part, part of the roof beam column. "The roof" refers to the building upon the walls, columns supporting system parts. From the basic need of human existence -- Perspective from wind and rain, the roof of the building should be in three,

  • Press:The construction of book distribution
    Author:Shanghai City Architectural Design Consulting Co. Ltd.
    "Idea space Bai Xi architectural painting" content brief introduction: put before you is not only a professional architectural expression atlas, is a condensed Bai Xi people hard, joy, passion, dream. Behind every picture has a hundred hee and clients together experience unforgettable night with a small story. Back to the,

  • Press:Liu Jilin Hubei Changjiang publishing group, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House (2007-08)
    Author:Liu Jilin
    "Environmental sculpture (Revised Edition)" is "one of the institutions of higher learning architecture art materials", mainly introduces the social function of sculpture, sculpture style, different functions of the type of sculpture, sculpture and architecture and painting, sculpture art language, the relationship between sculpture creation of environmental sculpture design steps, suggestions etc.. As,

  • Press:Heilongjiang science and Technology Press
    Author:Mu mulberry, Chen Xiang
    "Seven construction artists China architectural art masters set" selected, they counted ten years of sea life, in the teaching practice and art creation in their own unique, distinctive. Painting works concentrated listed, showing them to explore the long-term performance skills, veiled their accumulation of artistic accomplishment. Seven people are,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Chinese Modern Fine Arts Commission
    "Chinese modern art collection: Architectural Art 2" introduced in 1949 after China's residential architecture. Residential as the masses of the people live, reflect the characteristics of warm, lively, quiet, elegant architectural art to. "Chinese modern art collection: Architectural Art 2" featured across 70 residential,

  • Press:Shanghai Jiao Tong University press
    Author:Liang Wei, Liu Song, Shi Chun Yan series
    Building sketch, ISBN:9787313067937, author: Liang Wei, Liu Song, Shi Chun Yan series,

  • Press:Shanghai Education Publishing House
    Author:Lu Bingjie
    "Shanghai historical and cultural construction: Celebrity residence" mainly introduces the former residences of celebrities in Shanghai. Shanghai is a city in the world, is a historic city, its development and many celebrities together, these people living in Shanghai, so there is a lot of celebrities hands down, this is a valuable article,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Jin Fanjiu et al
    "Introduction to the content design and practice" public space: public space design is an important part of environmental art design, its core content consists of material environment, social environment and spiritual environment. The physical environment extends from the residential part of the public to the city public space and nature; social environment from individual extends to the family and society,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Jiang Fuming Yan Jianping Huang Weiming
    Design: "Expo City" is based on the city landscape design theory, covering many design categories, such as: logo design, transportation planning, venues and public space planning, information communication planning and lighting system planning. It shows the design concept, the Expo design team at the same time, the Expo venue after,

  • Press:Rong Bao Zhai
    Author:Tian Xifeng painted
    Hundred Dutch atlas, ISBN:9787500310839, author: Tian Xifeng painted,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Song Huaibing
    "Hutong" freehand brushwork "main content: the famous Hutong alley three thousand six hundred, no name such as ox hair", this is the old Beijing people describe Beijing Hutong many sayings. With the transformation of the old city of Beijing deeply, some hutongs have disappeared, but in this book, you may find their shadow. Author as "Hutong style,

  • Press:China building
    Author:Oscar R, Dai Jing Ojeda,
    "Selected" contemporary famous architects in the world to promote the work of talented young architects. This set of carefully edited books focus group begin to display one's talent architects who, in the next 10 years, they will lead the new trend in architecture. In a sense, through the planning of this set of pictures,

  • Press:Shanghai Education Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Lizhen et al
    "Shanghai historical and cultural construction: the ancient bridge" written by Zhang Lizhen. "Shanghai historical and cultural construction: the ancient bridge" mainly introduces the history and culture of Shanghai architecture, specifically including: Wang Xianqiao, Yingxiang bridge, Puji bridge, bridge released, Tang Wan Bridge, brick bridge and Ishii bridge, high 义桥, grace. ,

  • Press:Machinery industry
    Author:Wen Ying
    In introducing the book building scenery brush techniques at the same time, focus on the method about using painting brush, purpose is to enhance and cultivate the national style of painting consciousness, form rich architectural landscape freehand. This book introduces the writing brush, brush and ink skill building sketch tool, line shape rules, tree,

  • Press:China Railway
    Author:Peter J Gartner series
    The Orsay Museum, Art & Architecture: Mes é e d'Orsay, "art and Architecture: introduction the Orsay Museum" content: the Orsay Museum and Le Louvre Museum of Paris Senna river is the most important art museum, is worth a visit. The three layer space in nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century French art works, including the world's most important Impressionist works. "Art and,

  • Press:The Commercial Press
    Author:Ren Xiaohong
    "Introduction to Zen and Chinese garden" content: Zen created many aspects China culture. Garden as a carrier of cultural information and vivid. Feasible, is expected to, can swim, can be home recreation complex of ideas and interesting garden. Different environment architectural conception, into the Zen spirit and aesthetic pursuit of man and nature, the various,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:(British) Coates (UK), Brook, Stone (UK)
    "Interior architecture and design" is a general term for the visual dictionary of architecture and interior design in the reading guide -- from the avant-garde architectural railing; from the Baroque to the Gothic revival, "interior architecture and design the visual dictionary" will become a valuable resource for anyone interested in interior architecture and design professionals. Each entry explanation,

  • Press:Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company
    Scandinavia garden style, Scandinavian Country, this series of books, with its beautiful photography and specialized text, solemnly introduced in the areas of architecture and interior design in the most popular style, and their various stages. Each book has the following characteristics: make a simple summary of the style of the times and regions; description and an example,

  • Press:Ke Dafeng Chemical Industry Press (2009-06)
    Author:Ke Dafeng
    "Advanced" painting and architecture design, concise and comprehensive, rich in content and unarmed explain profound theories in simple language, knowledge and art as a whole, as in architecture, city planning, environment art design, interior design and architecture colleges students, lovers of painting standing reference book. With the development of science and technology, building,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Wang Tingxi
    This manual is for building designers use standing books, divided, published in three volumes. On technology policy and design principles including architectural design; the necessary knowledge and requirements of city planning, construction economy, building physics, building protection; architectural design commonly used data; construction drawing and construction module; civil construction,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Daoyi
    The food is one of the three basic conditions of human life. And do not say to the original human primitive barbarism and wear skins, benthic cave, since entering the period of civilization, the three basic conditions associated with one's own development and the development, has lasted for thousands of years, and has been changing, evolving. In the relationship between human and object, create,

  • Press:Life, reading, New York
    Author:Richard Taylor
    The church building, image, symbol and the symbol of the complete guide, How to Read a Church, regardless of size, churches are full of symbolic meaning. "Reading" the church, is refers to the image, and symbol have the ability to interpret the interior of the church. However, now have this ability of the person is a few water chestnut, even often go to church people may not have. How many church world, there are many details, bureau,

  • Press:Tongji University press
    Author:Liu Yuli
    "Sketch of architecture and design" consists of six chapters, the first chapter: introduction to art and Architecture: Architectural sketches are discussed on the art of architecture and architectural sketches, introduces the character, architecture art origins, development trend, objective and the role of the architectural sketch. The second chapter: the performance points: put forward building sketch,

  • Press:Heilongjiang science and Technology Press
    Author:Li Shuchun Yu Zhiming Han Lei Liu Shi Wang Meifu
    "Art of foreign classical architecture selected" collects typical classical architecture is representative of the world, in order to make the engineering and technical personnel, engaged in the construction of the college students and engaged in art decoration comrades, in many schools of architecture also can further understand the foreign classical architectural style, from,

  • Press:Dalian University of Technology press
    Author:Loran Farelli
    Performance techniques, Basics Architecture 01: Representational Techniques, "techniques" and covers the two-dimensional and three-dimensional performance skills, the paper gives an effective method from a series of sketches to sophisticated computer modeling and drawing technology. As the "architectural design" course in International Series in a book, "techniques" will show many of the concepts and techniques for building for you,

  • Press:Chinese Gorge
    Author:Zhao Hengbo
    Charles Corea, the book mainly includes four parts: the first part reviews the construction course of Charles Corea, introduced his honor; the second part introduces Correa architectural style and creative ideas, including review, papers and interviews; the third part focuses on the analysis and evaluation of the 5 classic works of the Keliya,

  • Press:China Communications Press
    Author:Shanghai Tongsheng bridge construction limited series
    From the river to the sea, the East China Sea Bridge: "from the river to sea" with pictures and text description of the way of the whole process of construction of Donghai Bridge. A bridge spanning the sea off the coast of China's first. "The East China Sea Bridge: from rivers to the sea" includes: history, geography, the completion of the bridge, bridge construction, the future success. "Donghai bridge:,

  • Press:Cultural Relics Publishing House
    Author:Yu Rulong
    "Oriental architectural heritage (2008)" to study the oriental culture and ancient architecture building museum for the purpose, relying on the national key cultural relics protection units Baoguo temple, on the basis of regional, both East and eastern ancient architectural culture, with multiple, comparative, cross-cultural perspective, explore the essence of Oriental architectural heritage. Which involves,

  • Press:Zhu Bingren, Zhu Junmin The China Academy of Art press (2010-07)
    Author:Zhu Bingren Zhu Junmin
    Zhu Bingren Zhu Junmin, the two generation of copper architectural art, this book include: Zhu Bingren; Zhu 军岷 introduction; Mount Emei Jinding; Mount Emei first Shanting; Guilin copper tower; Donglin Temple; Hangzhou Jiangnan copper house etc.. ,

  • Press:Shandong people's Publishing House
    Author:Aoi Natsuki
    "The main content includes:" in Tokyo, the scenery Mitsubishi art hall 1, met a London, Harajuku Omotesando, five sense of chocolate a cup of Katayama Zhengtong, touch Kenya Hara SENSEWARE, visited Ando Tadao and Ito Toyo's new building, Segawa Juntaro read in the quiet of the night, in the subway,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Editorial Committee of China Art History Series
    "Chinese art history" includes painting series Volume 2, sculpture, arts and crafts series, series of architectural art, calligraphy and seal cutting up provision of the volume of a total of 6 volumes, "art history" Chinese collection and selection of all kinds of works about more than 2000 pieces, each volume and invited the famous scholar writing monographs and explanation. ,

  • Press:Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company
    Mediterranean style, "blue breath: Mediterranean style" (Hardcover) brief introduction: this series of books, with its beautiful photography and specialized text, solemnly introduced in the areas of architecture and interior design in the most popular style, and their various stages. ,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:Jin Daiqiang
    "Set the Public Art International Forum & Education Seminar" 2008 Yangtze River academy of art and design, Shantou University hosted the "Public Art International Forum and seminar" symposium. It included the wonderful speech of famous experts and scholars from in the United States, Germany and other countries and Hong Kong and Macao regions of Chinese,,

  • Press:Ningxia people's Publishing House
    Author:Xu Yitao
    All these achievements and work should be everyone should know; if for some reason, you still do not know or know is unknown, it is indeed a great regret in life! This book is one of the 30 "extraordinary visual art series", point, surface binding, attaching importance to both knowledge and science, and emphasizes the interest and outlook,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Wang Shouzhi
    Wang Shouzhi: the preface excerpts and some to write for the magazine column article on your blog, in accordance with the construction, design, fashion, film, city, travel, art, entertainment, memories, of these categories, with illustrations, his comic book, publishing book, is a basic idea of this book. This,

  • Press:Zhao Jiesheng Zhejiang Ancient Books Press (2006-10)
    Author:Zhao Jiesheng
    The image of city historic buildings in Hangzhou City, "martial arts World Heritage: the image of" city historic buildings in Hangzhou, bringing together a large number of beautiful photos and part documentary text, demonstrating the historic center of Hangzhou city of 19 traditional buildings. The editor with lens of history as a multi angle scene interpretation. Precious fragment bit by bit are suiyueliuhen, history,

  • Press:Huazhong University of science and technology
    Author:"Master" Edit Department
    In this wonderful book lists 25 famous works the America important architects and important works, he recorded his bold innovation from the nineteenth Century 90's Illinois oaks early prairie style until twentieth Century forty or fifty's.. The book carefully selected works cover the KPF in different time,

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