Art theory and criticism

  • Press:Gansu people's Publishing House
    Author:Liu Xiaoyi
    Research on oil painting art Chang Shuhong, "Art: the male perspective of" oil painting art of Chang Shuhong's extensive, will often 书鸿 ideas of art and painting practice in the specific background of the times, both the longitudinal comparison, but also transversely. Not only enables us to appreciate Chang Shuhong's artistic features, also can make us more than a hundred years of Chinese painting,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:[English] John Berg
    To stimulate and influence on art, John analysis of lattice "way of seeing" the horse is rare. This talk about the relationship between art and society pamphlet first published in 1972, the British BBC television series of the same name written on. The book contains 7 articles, including 4 articles, pictures and other 3 articles, pure,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wang Weiguo
    Pudong famous Tibetan Art Invitational Exhibition, taste Art: Pudong celebrity Tibetan Art Invitational Exhibition, ISBN:9787547903049, author: Wang Weiguo,

  • Press:China Today Art Museum.
    Author:To x + Q sculpture studio series
    The world will be better? , "the world will be better?: Xiang Jing's works (2008-2011)" content brief introduction: the world will be better? This... Don't you believe it does not matter, anyway, I believe, the world... Will be dominated by the rising power in the east side of the world, from the building, will my young friends, you have to sing the national anthem? Sing,

  • Press:Academic Press
    Author:Yang Wenhu
    The main content of the book include: the myth of thinking, metaphorical thinking, imagination, artistic symbol, literary language, art, art of motivation, concept art, art consists of nine chapters. ,

  • Press:South of the Five Ridges Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Li Hangyuan, Li Gongming
    In the Department of fine arts,

  • Press:Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Chen Chuanxi
    "Xishan Road set": the famous professor of art historian Chen Chuanxi, "Xishan Road" included a large number of authors set about art theory, the writer and calligrapher's comments, views on calligraphy, the Buddhist art, the painting theory solution papers. ,

  • Press:Sichuan publishing group, Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Lv Peng
    An exhibition of literature and Art: an exhibition of literature, ISBN:9787541045851, author: Lv Peng,

  • Press:The Yangtze River.
    Author:China's agricultural water conservancy trade union committee of the Yangtze River
    "Changjiang literature and art spring" is composed of two parts: the first part is about the file the art festival, including notice, leader speech and the six Art Festival; the second part is a memoir. The art festival promoters, leadership, art festival attendees, including authors, actors, the judges and the audience,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Geng Youzhuang
    Brief introduction of "feminist" content: in twentieth Century 60 at the end of the 1960s, with the decline "modern men", in the western art in the field of the emergence of a new genre of Art -- feminism. In American and Europe started, feminist art has quickly developed into a global phenomenon. In order to clear,

  • Press:Gansu people's Publishing House
    Author:Lu Fei
    Consideration on the scattering and the way of reconstruction design,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Shanghai Dong Yuan Jinshi painting and Calligraphy Series

  • Press:Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Yanyang
    Experience, "Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts auditorium display design series: experience" exhibition provides a highly experiential Hector scene "visit experience". Experience is not automatically generated, the intrinsic reaction but people affected by external environmental stimuli, highly involved in this not only demands of people, also need appropriate environment,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhuang Peisen
    Pearson ink rhyme, ISBN:9787102059136, author:,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Hu Wei
    "The ideal of the East" brief introduction: development Chinese art education modern form has had a history of one hundred years. In different historical stages in twentieth Century, and a number of Chinese art scholar to go overseas, in the process of studying art in feeling and understanding of foreign art education, bit by bit, pyrophoric yen, the foreign art education through,

  • Press:Sichuan publishing group, Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Li Zhenyu

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Yu Ding
    "Europe nineteenth Century Art (volumes)" Introduction: realism, Impressionism and Neo Impressionism is an important development stage of nineteenth Century European art in the art history of the world, is also a high-profile art styles and schools. "Europe nineteenth Century Art (volumes)" in painting, the painter and the creation style,

  • Press:Sichuan literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Judith Clay Dyer
    Reading "Luo Dan notes", so that we in the past for the Luo Dan fuzzy understanding becomes clearer. "Luo Dan is a poet, a prophet, a serious work of art craftsmen, farmers in the way, like the painter Miller as close to the earth; a natural man, from nature brings a stubborn disposition,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Dongsheng

  • Press:Shaanxi publishing group, Shaanxi people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Cai Yongsheng
    Chinese art memo, ISBN:9787536824829, author: Cai Yongsheng,

  • Pages:291

  • Press:Cultural Relics Publishing House
    Author:Wang Shizheng
    "Calligraphy works analysis" selected from the Han Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty tradition famous 33 article, emphatically from the calligraphy function status, characteristics, technique principle, creation rules, personality style and aesthetic pursuit and criticism as well as calligraphy methods, summarizes the basic proposition of the book, explains the main theoretical contribution,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Li Jianqun
    This volume according to the clue of the development of history the development of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia area construction, sculpture, painting and arts and crafts. Along the Nile River, the river Euphrates, bottom river Griess desolate and ancient ruins, development and lead the reader back to ancient civilization and history of several thousand years, the ancient art of interpretation of the mysterious. ,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:The Zhejiang Museum of art series
    Forms of bearing,

  • Press:The people's Music Publishing House
    Author:Stefan Kostka
    Materials and Techniques of Twentieth-Century Music, the book analyzes the traditional Western tonality, atonality decline rise situation, from the melody, harmony, rhythm, melody, tone and texture etc. introduces the evolution process in twentieth Century, western music, and relates to the sequence of several stages, also discusses the electronic music, minimalism and new romantic,

  • Press:Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Qiu Mingzheng
    This book is as far as possible in order to system, correctly explain the basic theory, Deng Xiaoping Thought on literature and art in the basic concepts, basic methods and main characteristics of Deng Xiaoping Thought on literature and art, discusses the inheritance and development of Marx's literary theory, Mao Zedong Thought of literature and art, discusses the new development of Xiaoping's thought of literature and art itself and to the society,

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Qian Chuxi
    "The fine arts foundation" mainly talk about the creation of the artistic image of the technique and the method of plastic arts. Painting with color, shading, line, anatomy and perspective, with the help of the volume and structure of sculpture. These means and methods, through the long-term artistic practice, formed the art in their distinctive special artistic language, and,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:Xu Jiang, Yang Canjun
    Review and gaze,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:Xu Jiang, Situ Li
    Phenomenology and the International Symposium on contemporary art,

  • Press:The Open University of China press
    Author:Cheng Tianjian
    "Northwest ethnic music appreciation" is to show students of ethnic music culture in the northwest of a window, so that the taste of northwest minority rich and colorful folk song and dance drama, yeast, and kind. For example, the folk songs are: Hui, Dongxiang, salar, Tu flowers, Kazak Dongbula bomb,

  • Press:Jinan University press
    Author:Xu Waifang
    The book is divided into the introduction and two parts of Su Shi's philosophy of art, the main contents include: the definition of "philosophy of art" concept; a review of Su Shi's literary theory; Su Shi thought of Buddhism and Confucianism. ,

  • Press:China Peace Publishing House
    Author:The deer to dazzle the world
    The book "modern practical art series", featured nearly one thousand pieces of domestic and foreign, characters, scenes, objects and patterns, animal magic atlas. Picture novel, singular, blurred fantasy. This book is suitable for art lovers, art school students read. ,

  • Press:China Today Art Museum.
    Author:Zhang Zikang, Huang Du
    Janis Kounelis solo exhibition, "interpretation of China: introduction to Janis Kounelis solo exhibition" content: Today Art Gallery is honored to be invited to the "poor art master" Janis, Kounelis held the first solo exhibition in Chinese. In the "interpretation of Chinese" exhibition, the artist presents his new works to the audience in China. Interpretation of "poor,

  • Press:Cultural Relics Publishing House
    Author:Su Shishu
    Su Shishu calligraphy art exhibition in Changzhou,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Qiu Zhijie
    As a critic and curator, author witnessed in twentieth Century 90 years China contemporary art in the course of growth of groundless talk. This book includes a variety of important exhibition curating the planning process, documentary and important for the artists and art phenomenon analysis and comments. Chinese experimental art to the public from underground, the,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Wang Zhaowen
    "The manuscript content object", "object" Is it right? And four words without them? Since the book is about the relationship between artistic creation, artistic thought and artistic appreciation cannot do without the subject and the object; borrow these four words to do the title, may represent the aesthetic realm I seek is what. Each chapter or per,

  • Press:China Bookstore
    Author:Study of China Stone Qi art ed.
    Study of China Shi Qi art, Shi Qi, was born in 1939 in Fujian, Fuqing, in 1963 graduated from the Fujian Academy of fine arts, Beijing art academy in 1976 as a professional painter in Beijing painting academy, former deputy director of the Arts Council, director of figure painting room, Beijing City senior judges (Art), China National Academy of painting, the study of Chinese stone Qi art,

  • Press:Central Compilation and Translation Press
    Author:Hua Tianxue
    Dada's purpose is to destroy everything, don't believe everything, against all, as if she and around not what relation, but also closely linked with the war from first to last, but in fact, it is a permanent art movement since the beginning of this century the fierce anti traditional trend under the background of the spirit, not light flashing. She wants to "play,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:The printmaking department of The China Academy of Art, Zhejiang Province Artists Association
    The research literature of Zhang Huaijiang art collection,

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Zhou Zuqiang
    Art, art, ISBN:9787040364064, author: Zhou Zuqiang,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:The printmaking department of The China Academy of Art, Zhejiang Province Artists Association
    The research literature of Zhao Zongzao art collection,

  • Press:Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Shi Xiping
    The sentiment, "Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts auditorium display design series: Reflections" combination of exhibition design professional, according to the principle of teaching step by step, formulate relevant content, its characteristics are: it is not a simple research on surface morphology, but through the study of morphology to experience life, based on the idea of the deep,

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