• Press:Fudan University press
    Author:Chen Kangrong
    "Dance, dance" includes four parts: basic theory, basic dance training, dance, children dance appreciation. The basic body, learning and mastering the dance movements, dance features and basic style, rich student dance vocabulary, expand the dance horizons, improve performance, for the future of the teaching, performing, gen,

  • Press:Zhuo Wen studio Dalian Audio Video Publishing House (2010-01)
    Author:Chapman Studio Series
    "Latin Dance: a brief introduction to the main contents show the body passion Samba": be a trend which cannot be halted Latin dance craze! Show shape sculpting turmoil sweeping through the world! Every day as long as LATINA20 minutes, you will be the world's most sexy beautiful woman! The highest charisma index man! International standard dance class a teacher: Xu Bing, Beijing,

  • Press:Li Beida Shanghai Music Publishing House (2012-11)
    Author:Li Beida
    Wu dance theory and training, the long-term experience in dance training, application of new ideas to expand the field of dance training, interpret the connotation of traditional Chinese culture with modern people's perspective, using the Chinese accumulated for thousands of years with the essence of the fashionable body training, the meridians, Qigong Science, health science, organic integration to learn martial arts and dance, build fine,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:Huang Xiaoming
    The teaching of "combination" Guangxi unique folk dance native element is divided into five chapters, each chapter includes introduction, overview of national dance, dance mix three parts. The first chapter of Zhuang folk dance training, including the basic play combination "," two combinations "Lang Lang", a cow "," Lang four combination "four,

  • Press:Intellectual property press
    Author:Linda Jasper Jeanette Siddall.
    Present situation and development trend, "dance Management: current situation and development trend of" from dance dance artist management, product management, participate in the dance dance activities management, management policies and other aspects of the detailed management of British dance. The study of dance Management Research on China, has a certain reference value for teaching activities and dance management policy. ,

  • Press:Liu Xiaozhen News Press (2009-01)
    Author:Liu Xiaozhen
    "Chinese world dance culture" in the history, the culture as the weft, detailed, comprehensive introduction to the development situation of dance since picking. Which includes not only the national Chinese dance, and in different parts of the world, different countries, different ethnic dance; shows both number, since many colorful dance genre, and,

  • Press:The people's Music Publishing House
    Author:Wang Kefen
    1840~1996 years, "China modern contemporary dance history" records the course from 1840 to l996 these 150 years China dance art development, I think this is a very important academic works make up the dance history blank. The authors told me, they tried to use dialectical materialism and historical materialism,

  • Press:Intellectual property press
    Author:Zhang Zhaoxia
    "Introduction" new media dance is contemporary art on the management, the new media dance are introduced from new media dance context, development, pedigree, creation, technique and management etc.. Can be used as teaching materials of art management professional, can also be used as a new media art personnel engaged in reading. ,

  • Press:Intellectual property press
    Author:Zhang Zhaoxia
    "China Dance Creative Industry Research Report" is a book about Chinese Dance Creative Industry Research Report, the book is divided into eighteen chapters. The content includes: the China Disabled Art Troupe research reports, research reports, operation and musical theatre in Shanghai Tianjin performance market survey report etc.. ,

  • Press:Shanghai Culture Press
    Author:Huang Yue
    A ballet art unique charts, such beautiful stamps, classical trajectory full clogs the world ballet art development and outstanding figure. The stamps, the time span of nearly a hundred years, relates to countries and regions near ninety, is so far the only world ballet art stamps reader. Full of thought,

  • Press:Chen Jiannan, Wu Haiqing Nankai University press (2011-04)
    Author:Chen Jiannan, Wu Haiqing
    "Dance criticism methodology" to dance criticism method research center, a systematically analyzes the history and present situation of criticism method already exists at present in the study of art, on the other hand, the classical method of contemporary art criticism through text analysis, introducing the dance criticism. ,

  • Press:The people's Music Publishing House
    Author:The people's music publishing house dance group coding
    "Dance dance books of knowledge, knowledge of basic training series:" dance is composed of four topics: "China classical dance teaching outline" for young dancers and dance lovers and other actors need training to use. Dance practice, outline listed in the specification and points refer to Xinhua published in "the dance of knowledge,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Lv Yisheng, his hair down
    The main content of the book include: method of dance learning theory research, philosophy and aesthetics, sociology of art, expressionism aesthetics method etc.. ,

  • Press:University of Physical Education
    Author:Alex Moore
    "Modern dance ballroom dancers of the Bible (Tenth Edition)" by the world first-class dance master and detailed explanation, and with a clear step icon, a comprehensive interpretation of the basic steps, dance the dance steps and essentials to dance, dance and allows you to easily and smoothly! In the international standard ballroom,

  • Press:Liu Qingyi Shanghai Music Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Liu Qingyi
    "History Chinese dance (Republic of China volume) (volume one)" the main content introduction: what is China study of dance history meaning and task? It is in order to "archaeology to card today", "history experience". Therefore, the law of nature and law of dance history and cultural development, has become the main dance history,

  • Press:Jilin people's Publishing House
    Author:Jiang Dong, Zhu Jiayi,
    "The world dance (color)" content brief introduction: dance culture in the world culture art treasure house, is a unique and beautiful scenery. Different styles of each country and rich and colorful dance, it is beautiful body language diversity of the world. ,

  • Press:Jin Qiu, Xinjiang people's Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Golden fall
    "Research" music and Dance Art Silk Road Silk Road for the study of books of. In addition to retain the original series of several topics, and from the published or to be published research results, the selection of more than 20 kinds of representative topics include books, books for the traditional grassland Silk Road and the oases of the Silk Road as the main line,,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Following, Wang Ning
    In order to more comprehensive introduction to the dance ecology, "dance ecology" will "Introduction" changed to "general". Increased "the dance language established" and multidimensional dance of a chapter, emphasizes the combination of dance external form and expression of its content. The original "test measurement and analysis method of the chapter" removed, the,

  • Press:Sun Jingchen, Liu Qingyi Shanghai Music Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Sun Jingchen
    "History China dance (the volume)" the main content introduction: what is China study of dance history meaning and task? It is in order to "archaeology to card today", "history experience". Therefore, the law of nature and law of dance history and cultural development, has become the main task of the dance history. Because, "history,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Yang Zhonghua
    The book is ready to implement the operation for the dance education of knowledge, theory, method, principle, operation method is provided, the general for the development of dance education mode of operation. The content of this book is novel, flexible and diverse forms, very suitable for the overall quality of education. ,

  • Press:Huang Xiaoming, Yang Li Guangxi Normal University press (2008-09)
    Author:Huang Xiaoming
    "Entered the art: appreciation of dancing language" is a book about dance tutorial. The dance is called "the mother of art", development history, Chinese history of five thousand years of civilization, art history has left the dance. In the human cannot "call, call, say, write", there is a movement. Dance is an innate and the,

  • Press:Jiangxi people's Publishing House
    Author:Yuan Zhengyi
    "Dance art on the" about the author Yuan Zhengyi graduated from Guangdong dance school, fortunately, I was in Guangdong, he studied dance school served as president, has more than ten years have passed in the. The vibrant, dance world renowned choreographer, dance teacher whom graduated from the Guangdong dance school, very few but books, yuan,

  • Press:Academic Press (Shanghai Xuelin Publishing Department)
    Author:Editorial board of Chinese Dance - Chi Series
    Dance is an important part of Chinese civilization, has a long history, the dribs and drabs finally merged into today's a vast expanse of water. In the long course of history, she sometimes towards billow, also have the Whitewater slalom, but it is always restless, aspect in China earth, toward the front, ben,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Ye Jin
    "Contemporary dance knowledge guide" in the popularization and promotion of the concept of lead, in the judgment of value is combined with the thinking of photography, make it has the visual novel, dabbling in vast and elegant words, thoughtful temperament. Although the blade inlet has a veteran, but pure persistence, natural fashion art is still not,

  • Press:Guo Lei, higher education press (2011-04)
    Author:Guo Lei
    "Peaches and plums dance during the spring and Autumn: Beijing Dance Academy to attend the ninth session of" Tao Li Cup "race" is a dance record of Beijing Dance Academy to attend the ninth session of "Tao Li Cup" dance contest and documentary summary, mainly including dance organization, personnel selection, and determine the best award-winning works show, interviews and expert experience and,

  • Press:Zhang Ruilin, Zou Jing, song Qiang, higher education press (2011-03)
    Author:Zhang Ruilin, ed.
    "The sports dance (Second Edition)" is to follow the first edition of "a clear guiding ideology, outstanding education function, on health promotion, emphasis on personality development, highlight the cultural characteristics of" compilation basis, further emphasizes the textbook series practical, targeted features. ,

  • Press:"Collection" of ethnic dance editorial board of Minzu University of China press (2009-11)
    Author:"Anthology" editorial committee of national dance
    "Introduction." studies of ethnic dance: Minzu University of China has established since 1957 dance training, dance science has gone through 52 years. In the past half a century, and has trained a large number of talents of secondary school students, college students, undergraduate students, graduate students of different academic levels, for me,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Jin Hao
    "New century China rheological dance culture (Revised Edition)" won the Shanghai outstanding book prize, two prize of Beijing excellent achievements in philosophy and social science, Beijing City Board of Education Science and technology innovation platform project, Beijing Dance Academy research project funded by the outstanding achievements of development. "New century China rheological dance culture (repair,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Kefen editor
    "Big dictionary" China Dance: the Chinese nation has a long history, rich cultural heritage, including ethnic dance art is colorful, deportment million dry flower. For decades, with the country and the nation's rich, strong and prosperous, a fine exceeding the award in the world award. After the reform and opening up, and dance with,

  • Press:Mu Yu China Wenlian press (2009-10)
    Author:Mu Yu
    "The creation and research of" China contemporary dance is written based on his doctoral dissertation on, is a suitable for dancing history textbook dance art colleges of undergraduate and post-graduate stage, is a theory of social science academic works, the Chinese contemporary dance culture of the rational analysis and review, the,

  • Press:Wuhan University of Technology press
    Author:Cai Yan
    "Preschool education major in vocational skills training series of textbooks: Dance" around the "dance" and "dance" this teaching goal, written by learning and knowledge of topics, divided into four semesters of twenty-five topics, each topic is "learning tips" and "basic knowledge of dance", "case select" and "extension,

  • Press:Feng Aiyun Beijing Sport University press (2011-02)
    Author:Feng Aiyun
    "China folk dance of the Mongolia nationality" the synthesis method, illustrated, strengthen the sense. Based on the training step by step, embodied in the basic law, shoulder, chest and back, arm, basic steps and other aspects of training. In addition, content design book fully reflects the sports college art dance college,

  • Press:Li Xu, higher education press (2011-04)
    Author:Li Xu
    Academic 30 years. China higher education in Dance: Dance emerging discipline and comprehensive research, ISBN:9787040292381, author: Li Xu,

  • Press:Dong Xijiu, Liu Qingyi Shanghai Music Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Dong Xijiu
    "History China dance (Song Liaoxi Xia Jinyuan book)" the main content introduction: what is China study of dance history meaning and task? It is in order to "archaeology to card today", "history experience". Therefore, the law of nature and law of dance history and cultural development, has become the main task of the dance history. Because,

  • Press:The people's Music Publishing House
    Author:Gao Chunsheng
    On the essence of dance, the book is divided into six, which are the six basic aesthetic features of dance, the dance moves, lyrical, rhythmic, modeling, virtual and comprehensive. Among them, in order to effectively illustrate the author's point of view, the book also appropriately in literary works and daily life as an example, the books tend to popular, from,

  • Press:Wang Xia, Chen Haiyang, published by the Jilin Refco Group Ltd (2010-01)
    Author:Wang Xia, Chen Haiyang
    "National Fitness Project Guide Book: the cowboy dance" is one of the books, mainly introduces the origin and development, the cowboy dance sports health, basic technology, the rules of the game, so that readers in the learning process, not only to learn how to exercise, but also be able to learn the basic knowledge of health care. "National fitness,

  • Press:Peng song, Liu Qingyi Shanghai Music Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Liu Qingyi
    "History China dance (Qin Hanjuan)" is "the Qin and Han Dynasties," Peng Song writes. "History" Chinese dance in history China and regime change dynasties in history, is divided into 10 volumes. Writing the history of the basic use of the "China dance history" (5 volumes, 1984) writing style, the following is carved,

  • Press:Peng song, Liu Qingyi Shanghai Music Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Peng Song, Liu Qingyi
    "History Chinese dance (Northern and Southern Dynasties volume)" the main content introduction: what is China study of dance history meaning and task? It is in order to "archaeology to card today", "history experience". Therefore, the law of nature and law of dance history and cultural development, has become the main task of the dance history. Because,,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Li
    The book is divided into four chapters, the main contents include: Shu Qiao drama creation overview, Shu Qiao drama creation review, Shu Qiao drama creation idea, Shu Qiao ballet creation merits and limitations. ,

  • Press:Editor in chief Jin Kaicheng Jilin Publishing Group (2012-01)
    Author:Editor in chief Jin Kaicheng
    The formation and development of ancient dance, "Chinese cultural knowledge reader" series is by Jilin publishing group and Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd organization of domestic famous experts and scholars to prepare a set of aims to spread the excellent traditional culture of five thousand years of Chinese culture, improve the knowledge people. The formation of Jin Kaicheng's "ancient dance,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Tong Yan
    Analysis of contemporary Chinese dance, "dance art value theory (analysis of contemporary Chinese Dance value)" will study traditional dance history and new artistic value combination, combination of the history of Chinese dance art, especially contemporary dance value is analyzed from three aspects of aesthetic value, social value and economic value. The author thinks that,,

  • Press:Wu Lusheng, Chen Yixiang, Yang Jianxin Zhejiang photography press (2009-05)
    Author:Wu Lusheng et al
    "Changxin Baiye dragon" as one of the "Changxin Baiye dragon" section, "Changxin Baiye dragon" including Changxin Baiye dragon humanities background, dance history, style, structure, performance, music, folklore and its related props process status, financial knowledge, popularization of parts in one. At the time of writing, we seek to chart,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Liu Xiuxiang
    "Find inspiration: the main content of the ballet and dance" tells the story: the art of singing, both songs, potpourri, rap, opera will relate tone, and even can be said that it is the main part of the song. Since scholars to "tune", based in tone, become the hot research topics. But,

  • Press:Wuhan University press
    Author:Wang Kefen
    "Chinese dance history" by Wang Kefen, "system of Chinese dance history" the primitive dance creation and development path, development of Xia Shang slavery era dance, two weeks of dance in the period of development and change, the art of dance has made significant development of the Han Dynasty, ethnic music and dance in colorful exchange in the three kingdoms,

  • Press:Music of Shanghai
    Author:Mao Hui
    "The new Chinese dance encyclopedia" is a new China in Chinese since the establishment of the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan region of the dance event for compiling object reference book. Book style is in years, months as the order, and the dance career classified compilation, covering the central and provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, special administrative,

  • Press:Wang Kefen, Liu Qingyi Shanghai Music Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Wang Kefen
    "History Chinese dance (Ming Qing Juan)" the main content introduction: what is China study of dance history meaning and task? It is in order to "archaeology to card today", "history experience". Therefore, the law of nature and law of dance history and cultural development, has become the main task of the dance history. Because, "history,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:Huang Xiaoming, Hu Jingying
    Guangxi folk sacrifice dance culture of field investigation and research, "Dance Festival: the Guangxi folk sacrifice dance culture of field investigation and research" with several years of Guangxi Zhuang, Yao, Maonan and Mulao, the field investigation have lot of first-hand data, using the view and method of cultural anthropology, ethnology, dance dance ecology, psychology, to wide,

  • Press:Tao Ya, higher education press (2012-06)
    Author:Tao Ya
    Dance, "the 5 year Higher Vocational Education in preschool education major teaching books: Dance (improved edition) (Second Edition)" is the five years of the teaching of Higher Vocational Education in preschool education, vocational education and Adult Education Department of Ministry of education recommended textbooks. "5 year Higher Vocational Education in preschool education major teaching books: Dance (extract,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Dance of physiology, this book is the first monograph Dance Department of physiology. Dance of physiology physiology new subject combined with dance, its theory and methods applied physiology and human movement science, Graduate dance or in the training effect of long-term system, law and mechanism of changes of human body organs function department,

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