Dictionary of art and books

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:James Holzer
    Book with more than 540 drawings and detailed text, introduction of eastern and Western graphics art symbol. Its scope is broad, in addition to Christianity and European classical art, but also the ancient West Asia and Egypt, the income of India and East Asian art, including painting, sculpture, Chinese ancient West Asia and,

  • Press:Beijing Arts Publishing House
    Author:Mei Zhongzhi
    The main content of "boutique" Japanese Ukiyo-e: Japanese Ukiyo-e art for Chinese feeling, can not produce the Europeans do amazing, because the main influence of Ukiyo-e prints two characteristics of essentially derived from Chinese painting art, including form and content is also true. The first study to date,

  • Press:Zheng Bo Chongqing publishing group, Chongqing Publishing House (2010-07)
    Author:Zheng Bo
    "The most loved character sketch sketch:" included Zheng Bo teachers in recent years sketch boutique, are never published. Included with the book style diversity, the wired scanning flavor, with emphasis on light tonal, works of high quality, very suitable for the examinee reader research and learning. "The most loved character sketch sketch:",

  • Press:People's fine arts
    Author:Li Chengxiu
    "Chinese cursive script dictionary" is "one of the China calligraphy dictionary" series. Five volume dictionary included single Chinese characters commonly used about 6000, a total of about 100000 individual Chinese characters calligraphy. This series of calligraphy dictionary the bronze inscriptions of Shang and Zhou Dynasties from Chinese characters, next to the famous calligraphy, calligraphy masters such as the period of the Republic of china,

  • Press:Volumes Publishing Company
    Author:Wang Xingdong et al
    "The 2300 Chinese people will know the knowledge of paintings (Chinese volume)" for your new interpretation of common sense Chinese painting, to the wordy, takes its essence, concise, insightful text will China painting art, the classic handed down, celebrity on different styles of famous school, one one present. We can see from the ",

  • Press:Shanghai Century Publishing Group (Shanghai people's Publishing House)
    Author:Dai Dunbang
    Dai Dunbang is a renowned at home and abroad Chinese painting, but also by reading people love illustration art masters. In his early years he served as literature and Art Publishing House graphic designers, the illustration art natural right. After the transfer university professor of painting, the publishing industry still on his heels. This book is the collection of paintings. The content of the work material,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Zhu Boxiong
    "The world classic art connoisseurship Dictionary (fine)" full color fine print, the world famous prehistoric paintings, 98 pieces of ancient Greece and Rome, drawing 42 pieces of ancient oriental painting 55 painting, medieval and Renaissance painting 260, 17 and eighteenth Century world painting 244, 483, 2 nineteenth Century world painting,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Shen Peng
    "China script dictionary" is "one of the China calligraphy dictionary" series. Five volume dictionary included single Chinese characters commonly used about 6000, a total of about 100000 individual Chinese characters calligraphy. This series of calligraphy dictionary the bronze inscriptions of Shang and Zhou Dynasties from Chinese characters, next to the famous calligraphy, calligraphy masters such as the period of the Republic of china,

  • Press:Wei Hongda Cultural Relics Publishing House (2010-03)
    Author:Wei Hongda
    "Introduction to general new homonyms Chinese Characters Dictionary" Standard Cursive Hand content: as a record of Chinese symbols, Chinese characters to standardization, this is no problem. For thousands of years, several United Chinese characters large great action has been written into the annals of history. After Qin Shihuang unified the G8, the prime minister, the great calligrapher Li Si suggestions, in,

  • Press:Education in Liaoning
    "Webster's New World Dictionary of music" of the original writer Nicola Slonimsky was chosen as the music critic of the greatest ever, in his compilation of "music" since 1900, "International Encyclopedia of music and musicians Thompson", "Bei Keyin" and "biography of Roca Dictionary of music of st.,

  • Press:Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:P Le Tourre - Dario
    In twentieth Century, the art category already disappear in smoke. The people of two-dimensional, painting painting and sculpture difference, and even the concept of art began to reflect on. Use of photography, video, information technology, everyday objects, the human body as art conversion materials have become the focus of dispute. Environmental modeling art, ring,

  • Press:Shanghai dictionary press
    Author:Dai Dunbang
    Animal friends, and known as "a dream of Red Mansions", "Water Margin", Dai in the painting "magnificent" different, book size, but under Dai Dunbang's pen every fresh image, a moving story, all reflect his love of life and the natural reverence. At the same time, this is also he works with the,

  • Press:Shao Dazhen people's Fine Arts Publishing House (2009-06)
    Author:Shao Dazhen
    "Chinese art Encyclopedia (4 volumes) (fine)" is by far China published the first content is the most complete reflect Chinese art history and current status of the art encyclopedia. It includes comprehensive class, architecture, sculpture, painting, Chinese grotto, painting, oil painting, printmaking, calligraphy, seal carving, arts and crafts, design and the people,

  • Press:Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Jin Wanjun
    "Introduction Chinese drawings" dictionary "in common: Chinese ancient cultural tradition, since ancient times" painting homology "said. Zhang Yanyuan of the Tang Dynasty was a "consubstantiality" said. Many artists in history through poetry, calligraphy. Since the song and Yuan Dynasties, in painting inscription, the inscription has sparked a trend, some,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Shanghai Fine Arts Press
    "Chinese paintings: Yun Shouping peony" selected "aroma is alive", a novel idea, profound artistic conception, writing clear and without losing the spirit, solid and not 拘滞; color light Yan without losing run elegant, mellow and not harden; Yunzhi implicit elegant, lively and interesting way. Yun Shouping's poem, book, painting work, have,

  • Press:Beijing Publishing House
    Author:Zhao Luxiang
    "Chinese artists Dictionary (upper and lower)" large-scale, rigorous style, to promote the traditional art of learning, appreciation and collection, to carry forward the national culture, have great value. Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal carving, sculpture art, broad and profound, has a long history, is China's unique national cultural treasure, in the ancient times,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Daniel Arasse
    A different kind of paintings depict set, this works recommended Alas, undoubtedly is our understanding of western contemporary art criticism to introductory book. More importantly, in such a keen vision inspired, so explain profound theories in simple language, exciting style of driving, we couldn't help to enter the game, own view, and is happy to see,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Lu Kanglin, Kong Anqi painted
    "Sketch" gypsum plaster portrait hanging like a selection of classic, different objects, and with different angles of various common. Through the detail drawing procedure, from simple to complex, from shallow to deep, step by step and pointed out the right direction to the palace of art for beginners. Drawing as an art form, its embryonic form,

  • Press:World Book Inc
    Author:Ni Wendong
    "In twentieth Century China painter India section small dictionary (Second Edition)" a total income of 1901 to 2001 is representative of the late Chinese calligrapher, painter and engraver 340 people of India section data of about 6500. In this dictionary are arranged according to the author's years of birth order, birth year of the same name, with stroke,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Publishing House
    Author:Wu Hong (USA)
    Medium and representation Chinese painting, The Double Screen: Medium and Representation in Chinese Painting, a painter with calligraphy, hand to start slowly; gathering taxi gathered in the garden, is a vertical shaft with cane provoked; Emperor stopped in the screen, then in the screen back a poem. To understand the China painting, the painting form and specific ornamental occasions is important. However, in most,

  • Press:Shao Dazhen culture and Art Publishing House (2010-10)
    Author:Shao Dazhen
    "2008\2009 China Painting Art Yearbook (volume one)" content brief introduction: Western painting from Impressionism after making great strides, under the banner of anti traditional flag, this and Western history, culture, including the close relationship between the modern philosophy. In short, the European classical culture and art style,

  • Press:Chinese broadcasting and television press
    Author:Zhang Zongxi
    "Chinese Gallery Almanac" will China gallery and Art Centre, made a comprehensive analysis. This summary, not only of the gallery, the characteristics, the Tibetan art one one introduced, interspersed with multiple display in this gallery of painting and calligraphy art. Through the collation and induction of the Yearbook, will continue to expand,

  • Press:North United Publishing & Media (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Chen Xiaolin
    "Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts social practice course: introduction of sketch teaching content:" how good to today's social practice lesson, students spend unforgettable and harvest time in the countryside, but also let "Nongjiale" folks are satisfied, it is our teachers to do good work. We concentrated our wisdom,,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Lu Fusheng
    In order to facilitate wide University of China calligraphy literature survey, we formulated the "trilogy" of large publishing plan in 16 years ago: the first part "Chinese calligraphy book", with a complete collection of assemble history has a separate book of painting and calligraphy works; second "Chinese calligraphy literature collection", with abstracts the,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:(British) fry
    This is Roger's classic study of Cezanne's art, first published in 1927, it is clear, sharp, with a high degree of originality, has now been recognized as a model in the field of. He himself is a painter, he refused to the then popular criticism mode, propose form rather than content is the most basic art,

  • Press:Xilingyinshe press
    Author:Xilingyinshe press
    Mr. Lu Yanshao, words like, Shanghai City, Jiading county. Born in one nine O nine years in June 26th, died on October 23, 1993, aged eighty-four. Mr. Lu Yanshao grew up like the picture, when I was in high school for carving calligraphy, classical literature, traditional Chinese painting has a strong interest in. The eighteen year old from Suzhou,

  • Press:Central Compilation and Translation Press
    Author:EVA Heller, Eva Heller
    Why the green symbol of the bud of love and brown symbolizes the secret love? Why silver is the representatives polite color? Representative to the color orange is symbolic of the joy of life why Buddhism? Before twentieth Century, why did the bride to wear a black dress? Why is the symbol of female pink color in the Christian painting,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Ma Dechun / Ma Yu
    Painting and calligraphy inscription: Greetings greetings, philosophy of Zen, sayings, idioms, proverbs, oral traditional call letters, age substitution and polite words, list of gifts, gift, red seal inscribed, wedding, birthday, like mourning, Zhang Lian, ancient poetry famous prepared in relation to landscape, flowers and birds, characters, the painting poem. Painting and calligraphy related knowledge: Chinese,

  • Press:Shandong Art
    Author:Wang Chuanhe
    "Vegetable & Fruit: ink Danqing 100 tactic" five volumes, written by Wang Chuanhe drawing, painting, drawing, the specific in verse form to the readers, the book focuses on the techniques of verse with step-by-step lessons draft, learning friends can read a painting of a pen, verse finished, in your pen is show the first picture of his works. ,

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