Film and TV art

  • Press:Hunan Normal University
    Author:Ye Fenghua, Ye Zhenghua.
    "Colleges and universities animation tutorial • animation principle" is a principle of making the system interpretation of animation, animation art mystery to solve virtual realism. The main content includes: the process of animation; animation art made on the basis of the principle of making the middle; painting; post production needs attention,

  • Press:Shanghai literature and Art Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Jinxiu articles)
    Author:Shanghai city Xuhui District archives compilation
    "A hundred years history review (image blending Chinese and Western Xujiahui) (fine)" content brief introduction: the development of modern Shanghai City, along the lines of two in advance, one is to the county as the starting point, along the West Bank of the Huangpu River to the north, the first is the British concession, concession, and then crossed the Suzhou River, reaching the concession; another with the Bund as the play,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Liao Haibo
    "Folklore" connotation and form film based on the folklore perspective to explore film and television drama, can also be seen on television drama folklore interpretation, reveal the TV drama and the aesthetic appreciation of some special rules from. I think, the folk custom life is ingrained, also is constantly evolving (such as contemporary Chinese together,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Many people with
    "Gone (4 volumes)" author Cai Dong to a cult and a kind of indulge in the wildest fantasy idea, singing a spiritual and sensual warm! He is the kind of life and death, love and hate unusual expression, is also one of the painters anomaly; Wang Wensheng's painting has a light, elegant, no strong color contrast, but also,

  • Press:Shanghai Culture Press
    Author:Qian Chunlian
    Image studies across time and space, this book from the perspective of cultural studies perspective the two typical groups China movie stars and young film director. Both the screen Its brightness dazzles the eyes. star, or the screen full of wit director, they are all important film author to consciousness, image temperament and behavior itself gives the film a text flesh and soul. He,

  • Press:Zhongshan University press
    Author:Shi Keyang
    Film criticism is the film and television science community the greatest impact, the most rapid development of a branch, and is a big hot film theory, but also greatly affect the development of film subject, any attempt to engage in film and television in study and research professionals, must master and understand the development in the field. This book is based on this, which includes science,

  • Press:Radio and television
    Author:Zhao Weifang
    Hongkong film history (1897-2006), ISBN:9787504353009, author: Zhao Weifang,

  • Press:Peking University
    Author:Lu Yan, Li Yizhong.
    "Focusing on Hollywood: pluralism" silver dream is America film research center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University "American Film Studies Series" third volumes, a total income of 29 manuscript, the dual perspective of industry and art, an in-depth study on the diversity of Hollywood "the silver dream", cut out the Hollywood to survive, to,

  • Press:Radio and television
    Author:Wang Zhencheng
    TV criticism, contemporary Western TV criticism theory, contemporary Western TV criticism theory of film theory, China broadcasting and television press

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Zheng Peikai
    Professor Zheng Peikai in Chinese and European intellectual history, the City University Hong Kong professor and director of Chinese cultural center. The book Professor Zheng in film studies since the film art criticism works in the collection, spanning more than 20 years. The book is divided into "title", "beginning", "it", "skill", "the end" five chapters,

  • Press:Communication University of China press
    Author:Jing Bian
    Gay and lesbian discourse in Chinese language movies, gay, a kind of social phenomenon, a way of life, a kind of aesthetic taste. Homosexual discourse in Chinese language movies, from bent to wanton publicity, it inquiries of history, politics, culture, advocates for gay rights, gay love talk, rendering gay aesthetic charm, embodies the modern concept of pluralism. ,

  • Press:Southwest China Normal University
    Author:Shi Yi
    Studying the documentary creation, documentaries, documentaries, documentaries, documentaries creation of film theory, Southwestern Normal University press

  • Press:Tsinghua University
    Author:Yin Hong
    Under the background of globalization Chinese movie, book a close system records and analyzes the background of transformation of Chinese film for nearly 10 years. Globalization, digitalization and industrialization. Reading this book helps us more in-depth analysis and Reflection on the development of law and the prospect Chinese movie, a more complete understanding of the transformation of China movie complex and challenging, more,

  • Press:Shandong people's Publishing House
    Author:Tian Chuanliu, edited by Wang Ying
    "The movie of" consists of five chapters, respectively on the world film history, film theory, film theory, film marketing, film criticism and writing paper, include the main content of the contemporary film studies. "The movie outline" mainly used in ordinary institutions of higher learning the basic professional film history lesson,

  • Press:Hunan people's Publishing House
    Author:Zhao Zhi, Peng Wenzhong
    "Decoding image: introduction to image and cultural communication" content: generation and development benefits modern imaging progress in modern science and technology, especially in twentieth Century after 70 years, the rapid development of digital technology, and makes the modern image quickly grew into a brand-new visual form, and soon for various communication media,

  • Press:Zhongshan University press
    Author:Li Yufeng
    Questioned the Hollywood films in the image of the Chinese, "the other reproduction: questioning the Hollywood films in the image of the Chinese 1980-1999" selection of post colonial theory perspective, discussed from three aspects: one is the image of the Chinese cultural representation, two is the reproduction of culture behind the film discourse mechanism, three is in this period of time cultural reproduction from the academic,

  • Press:The ocean
    Author:Sun Zuofan, Peng Chao,
    Combustion 4 the television column packing essence, ISBN:9787502768805, author: Sun Zuofan, Peng Chao,

  • Press:Tongji University press
    Author:Daguangming film company
    "Light, light eighty years (fine)" is the brilliant achievements of a light form of reproduction in cinemas in the course of eighty years. At the beginning of 2008, entitled "the Far East first theater" famous cinemas in the opening eighty anniversary, launched the "whole restoration project on", to reproduce the,

  • Press:Communication University of China press
    Author:Li Jingsheng
    The content of this report include: an overview of the development of the TV industry; Chinese TV drama review 2005-2006 years; in 2005 China TV management; current situation and analysis of the development of China TV industry; Chinese TV broadcast and TV market; 2005 drama theory and reviews the six part. ,

  • Press:Shanghai Century (Shanghai people)
    Brave and frank Riti (Ella) effort, to dress like a man into the school, only to find true love left 以泉 (played by Wu Chun). The left 以泉 regain high enthusiasm, self challenge him how to face and since grow with each passing day, if have be like without emotion, show Yi (played by Jiro Wang) how to since the,

  • Press:Hunan Normal University
    Author:Lin Shu
    "Animation making" mainly introduces the animation production, animation and post production, animation montage syntax mechanism etc.. "Animation post production" for college professional animation tutorial, but also can be used as the social workers and animation enthusiasts reference book. Animation is the animation in the post production,

  • Press:Zhu Ying White Swan Audio Video Publishing House
    Author:Tu Xiaowen
    If we say that "martial arts" story rewriting Jianghu, erected a connection of pre modern and modern culture experience bridge, then, martial arts novels, movies, also is one of the most modern features Chinese forms of popular culture. Rivers and lakes imagination, loaded with a "enclave" fantasy, the achievements of a realistic image, provides a bound,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wu Zhenchen
    "The film and television animation scriptwriter" according to the current situation of Higher Vocational Teaching of art and design professional colleges, especially the opening of course, determine the "basic course". Focus on higher vocational education is to cultivate applied talents who are needed in the forefront of the production, construction, management, service as a fundamental,

  • Press:Popular Science Press
    Author:"Approaching science" Series Editorial Committee
    "Magic" about: what is science? Science is not only the superconducting, nano, gene, space is the science, small to basic necessities of life, the existence of large to outer space, the depths of the earth, hundreds of millions of years ago, hundreds of millions of years have scientific. Science is everywhere in our life, it has affected my every hour and moment,

  • Press:Zhongshan University press
    Author:Peng Baoliang
    Disney movies (cartoon) is always the "naive, romantic, healthy" image for the majority of the audience (children) to bring joy, but few people study the specific meaning of these concepts (such as the main body of the audience value orientation, the filmmaker's awareness and consumer culture under the context of). This book from the post colonial,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Awards emperor after the new description, from 1979, a future as a Hongkong film industry authoritative magazine "weekly" was born in the film, the film industry reports, review of creation. At that time, the Hongkong film has been developed to a certain scale, occupy a space for one person in Asia and the world as a whole, but not their own movies, not even the film's own,

  • Press:Communication University of China press
    Author:He Xiaobing
    TV music communication theory of value, "from the center to the relative: TV music communication theory of value" content brief introduction: Study of values is always a difficult academic subject, for values of TV music communication analysis is even more so. "From the center to the relative: TV music communication theory of value" in his many years of field investigation and research,

  • Press:China International Broadcasting
    Author:Puffed up
    America movie, violence, murder and love, it attempts to sin by tension and start tingling abuse or self flagellation to the interpretation of a crime, a beginning of life, finally the crime, but the crime was film director and actor interpretation so beautiful, perhaps the original crime is a kind of beauty, it as Shakespeare,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:Gao Jing, Ni Xin.
    "Approach" is a movie for higher vocational education "movie" textbook editors, give full consideration to the special occupation education goal and education object, the textbook is not emphasized the systematic theory, but in the movie the popularization of knowledge and the combination point of film art appreciation. Therefore,,

  • Press:Nanfang Daily Press
    Author:Chen Bingbing Yu Heng
    English class, world cinema series includes English and non English film in two volumes, the series contains 4000 classic films. In addition to each film is introduced, also one by one with exquisite posters. Brief introduction of each film includes: in the film English name, country, issuing time, director, film and drama, starring type,

  • Press:Huacheng Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Liming
    "The movie" column selection, the book attempts to answer question 1 if a Chinese star old overseas plays the role of prostitutes, a female, step forward bravely, but in the national crisis, strain every nerve to protect the interests of the state, she is patriotic actors or the actor? The 2 Hollywood action movie appreciation process why like sex,

  • Press:Chinese broadcasting and television press
    Author:Song Jianjun
    "Youth movie Handbook (First Edition)" the inheritance and continuity "film guide" spirit, also more closely linked with China movies, trying to make their own efforts and try in the film, film director, standard, the new movie dialogue attention and international communication. Pioneer thought, hot groups, rui,

  • Press:Hunan Normal University
    Author:Ma Xinfan editor
    "Animation scene:" animation scene design is not only a picture, and also different from the environment art design. It is a film and television animation services, spatio-temporal modeling art character service to display story circumstances, complete drama conflict, the. Its creation is on the basis of scripts, characters, the time clues. ,

  • Press:Sichuan University
    Author:Lai Lijie
    With the arrival of the new century, human society has entered the information society and the era of knowledge economy. In the context of globalization, radio and television in people's political, economic, and cultural life plays a more and more important role. As the mass media modernization, radio and television to adapt to the development of the society, to adapt to a wide,

  • Press:Media University (former North School
    Author:Zhao Xiying
    "Film director of professional exam tutorial" many hobby literary youth have a dream, hope their talent for art building add bricks and tiles. How to become a member of the army? How can we walked into the hearts of the sacred temple of art professional exam? Assisted film director Zhao Xiying, Sheryl's "bean,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Publishing House
    Author:Ewa Mazierska, Laura Rascaroli
    Nanni Moretti's film, Dreams and Diaries. The Cinema of Nanni Moretti, this book is the English world first comprehensive and systematic research on Italy Mesozoic representative director Nanni Moretti works, analysis and review of Nanni Moretti in the past thirty years works and the works in Contemporary European film in an important position. Through the collection and accumulation of interdisciplinary research and a large number of data, this book,

  • Press:Southwestern Normal University press
    Author:Xia Guangfu
    "The film and television lighting technology" systematically describes the basic theory and basic principle of film and television lighting. Through a large number of examples of the various links of film and television lighting technology and art of all aspects, which gives a comprehensive introduction. The basic unit of light respectively, illumination, color temperature, light source, the basis of the light structure theory, the concept of,

  • Press:Anhui children
    Author:Warner Bros. Entertainment Company
    "Harry Porter portrait (film)" can be concise and to the point "magic world history", in the movie, with brief words, be arranged in the film are introduced, the villain, school, the Ministry of magic and other institutions, such as centaurs, Thestrals magical creatures, all the war against voldemort...... The book also open,

  • Press:Popular Science Press
    Author:The Milky way
    "Time and space" tells the story of the phantom: 60 years of the twentieth Century, America "Appollo moon" let the first human to set foot on the moon. However, as early as in 1835, Poe in the works of science fiction in the first landing on the moon. Subsequently, Verne and Wells in their works of science fiction, respectively, by the cannon and a,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Chen Lixin
    "Shadow Legends: the DV shooting, editing and post processing techniques from the shallower to the deeper, the classic" step by step through various examples, the use of DV skills and methods and techniques of synthetic video images by means of video editing software, such as editing VideoStudio, covers the digital photography and video editing technology,

  • Press:Tsinghua University
    Author:Chen Wei
    This book from the introduction, animation director screenwriter and director of three aspects from the shallower to the deeper, them step by step, to enlighten the reader understand the basic concepts and the practical work in a play to application, is a professional animation teachers years of experience. The main content of the book including the introduction, and screenwriter animation director,

  • Press:Communication University of China press
    Author:Wang Xuemei
    Radio, radio drama history, Wang Xuemei, drama, film and television drama theory history, Communication University of China press

  • Press:Beijing Normal University press
    Author:Zhong Danian
    The meaning of the images system, this book combines history China Documentary Practice and theory for more than 20 years, the meaning system located in a video documentary, through the analysis of image language features, image language meaning generation, narrative as a kind of meaning formation mechanism, and the content of the core (motivation) and structural core (mode) the bearing,

  • Press:Hunan Normal University
    Author:Hao Weidong
    "Animation audio-visual language" on the animation of the footage, landscape, light, color, montage and other audio-visual elements of scientific, rational analysis, explain profound theories in simple language describes the audio-visual language of the basic theory and animation audio-visual language features and writing techniques, means and method of performance, combined with theory and practice base,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Han Zhenlei
    "Introduction to modern film and television production" includes: light, color temperature and illumination, basic properties of the three primary colors and the color three elements. The main contents include: the center composition, partial positive position composition, box type composition, closed mapping and open composition, three parts composition balanced picture, solid objects, with a balanced picture",

  • Press:Donghua University press
    Author:Xu Yafei et al.
    "Nonlinear digital media editing technique" mainly about: the traditional video editing and special effects production, computer technology can make the process was time-consuming and laborious become be an easy job to, the effect than the manual method of the original has been a qualitative leap. Nonlinear digital editing techniques,

  • Press:Communication University of China press
    Author:Shao Qingfeng Li Jun Yu Jie Peng Jiaoxue
    "Visual language" from the image, sound clip, three angles of audio-visual language, analysis, and with "Kaine", "Schindler's list of citizens", "Brokeback Mountain", "sunny days", "green" and other cases, analysis and interpretation methods to explain in detail the audio-visual language. "Visual language" is,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Wu Yinxian photography, bu celebration of Qiu Feng
    The great light series, around the seven masters of photography, first launched light memories. "The past" and Wooingham Shafield Schaub Zighouanberg Hopo Dushotthew Lui Xiangyou series dry pieces of photos in a considerable number of published for the first time. In the face of these old photos, readers can with Mao Zedong as open close,

  • Press:Jiangsu Art
    Author:Gao Mingzhen
    "Higher vocational art class specialized foundation program, film and television picture language" based on the movie review, especially for early silent observation, experience based film, pictures for television role. Compared with other plane art forms such as photography, painting pictures, a comprehensive grasp of the basic features of film surface change. ,

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