Higher vocational teaching material

  • Press:Chinese labor
    Author:Liu Lei
    "Animation" basic techniques mainly include animation, animation, animation techniques outlined based, motion animation techniques, mechanical principle in animation application, original creation techniques etc.. This teaching material in the content on starting from the school culture, the teaching of specialized courses require close contact, emphasizes the importance of teaching material,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Edited by Zhang Zheyuan
    Landscape painting, "landscape painting" is divided into eight chapters, the content is divided into introduction, the basic knowledge of landscape painting, landscape painting, landscape painting tools and materials of the observation method and perspective principle, landscape painting, landscape painting viewfinder and composition of common physical performance method and sketch process, landscape sketch and creation, scenery the sketch for,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Zhang Jun
    "Art and design" is on the environment art design specialty of higher vocational education teaching planning, building design as the main clue, a general description of the development process from the earliest cave painting to the art design of today's factory, explore the ancient painting, sculpture, architecture, artifacts of the development, the different categories of culture, art and philosophy,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Edited by Luo Yong
    "Writing method Chinese clothing higher occupation colleges practical teaching materials and costume pattern" using text, pictures and students work together, pictures, text concise with. Basic graphic design chapter systematically introduces the design pattern's concept, classification and pattern, the clothing pattern design chapter mainly from the service,

  • Press:Hunan people's Publishing House
    Author:Hu bin Chen Xianghua.
    The pattern is the artist with vivid language, rich production association and combination of a show ingenuity, exquisite art show. Great oaks from little acorns grow., pattern design is often considered as the cornerstone of the entry of art design, it has other courses irreplaceable patterns form aesthetic advantages, is a cis,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:Zhu Shuhua
    The formal basis "in higher vocational art design teaching professional interior design plan, project course textbook series: introduction to form the basis of" content: form means that the overall characteristics of art or design, the form of works of art including shape, color and space. Form the basis is the foundation of modern design, creative, is out,

  • Press:Southeast University press
    Author:Shen Baolong
    "Animation design", the book consists of four parts: Course Overview and basic knowledge and skills of animation design, animation design method and case, case and explain the. ,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Xu Shiyu
    Three-dimensional structure, "higher education" 1025 "national planning materials, College of art and design teaching material: solid constitute" series are in domestic higher vocational art and design education experts as the main line, fully fit the needs of art and design education reform, committed to nurturing and industrial art and design no,

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Edited by Liu Jingqi
    This book is the ordinary higher education "fifteen" national planning materials (Higher Vocational Education), is the organization of the Ministry of education of Higher Vocational Colleges in the reform of education and teaching in professional colleges prepared. The main contents include: advertising, advertising planning, advertising design, advertising creative, advertising design, advertising design,

  • Press:China Textile Press
    Author:Fu Bangguo
    "Clothing Vocational" eleven five "Ministerial planning materials, shoe boots design and performance" from the industry needs, in theory, practice integration teaching mode of writing, and pay attention to the actual integration with enterprise. It involves knowledge of art, the last type, material, marketing and other related professionals, mainly divided into three,

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Wang Chuan Wu Hanqing
    This book is one of the animation creation based series of textbooks, specialized research on creative problem of animation creation is essential. The book includes: animation overview, planning, screenwriter and director, for animation theory, planning ideas, writing the script, storyboard creation mainly business problems early painting creation,

  • Press:Southeast University press
    Author:Wang Yan
    Art appreciation China classical garden, "(set of 10 volumes)" are sets of books, including: "creative graphic design", "product model making", "ecological architecture", "Introduction to furniture and furnishings appreciation", "Chinese folk art appreciation", "Chinese classical garden art appreciation", "public vision art appreciation", "industrial design,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:Jiang Yuemin
    Drawing and design basis "in Higher Vocational Art Design Class Teaching: the twelfth five year plan sketch and design" foundation includes five items: sketch, appreciate the perspective principle master and proportional relationship training, observation and performance of the sketch sketch and design training, conversion, themes. "Higher vocational art design teaching plan:,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:Pan Jing, Wang Jia, Zhang Hangyan.
    "Ceramic design and production" by Pan Jing, Wang Jia, Zhang Hangyan, ed., the book is divided into seven chapters: the first chapter is the overview of the second chapter of pottery, ceramic raw materials and tools, the third chapter is the technique of making pottery, the fourth chapter is the ceramic decoration techniques, the fifth chapter is the material ceramic glaze, the sixth chapter the firing process of the ceramic,

  • Press:China Textile Press
    Author:Hu Lei Zhuang Lixin
    The book according to the our country clothing occupation education is facing the inevitable trend of industry development and self perfection, the basic principles on the market of clothing design and fashion design, the system analysis principle and law of other elements, clothing design, market and popular classification, design method and so on,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Xiaoli
    "Higher education" 1025 "national planning materials: design and practice" clothing is one of the provinces and cities, all colleges and universities reform in fashion design teaching group and teaching study materials. In the structure, "higher education" 1025 "national planning materials: design and practice" clothing and clothing design materials before,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Jianhua
    Design and performance techniques, "higher education" 1025 "national planning materials, College of art and design teaching materials: design techniques" edited by Zhu Jianhua, the way of thinking of design expression and various techniques drawing design diagram. The environmental performance of art and industrial design techniques, tools and materials, design drawings,

  • Press:China Textile Press
    Author:Yu Xiaokang, Zhang Lili,
    "Zhejiang Province demonstration teaching material: fashion show director" is one of the fashion show of textbook construction professional demonstration province of Zhejiang province higher vocational colleges, each link includes fashion show director work. The director of quality, performance project approach, prophase, metaphase and anaphase of performance to create stage environment, the choice of models,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Sheng Xixi, Liu Shuhong.
    Design color, "the reform of the higher school of art design major course teaching material: color design" consists of 4 chapters. The first chapter is the color. Mainly introduces the principle, basic properties of light color essence, color, painting color and color design and color and other related knowledge. The second chapter is the color synaesthesia and color characteristics. This chapter in the specific content of the knowledge,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Xiang Yingxin
    "Animation perspective" under the guidance of innovative teaching ideas, focusing on the perspective and animation theory. This textbook will composition study, formation, graphic language, creative design in the combination of teaching, pay attention to the training of students' creative ability, emphasizes the combination of theory and practice, so that students understand,

  • Press:Hunan Art
    Author:Wei Fan
    "The main content of creative graphics:" innovation is the core force to promote the progress of human society, it shows the history of human wisdom. It is an important part in the development of design art. "Graphic" all kinds of innovative ideas into a graphic world from the historical development of creative graphics, and to the language of thought,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Qing, Kong Quan assemble
    "My sky: illustration course" is illustration experimental programs continue to explore the formation of subject frame and summary, mainly consists of three topics: cartoon world, heaven and earth, advertising space. Three topics related to many fields of illustration, melting into the artistic, creative thinking, graphic expression, graphic design,

  • Press:China Textile Press
    Author:Edited by Dong Xiaoyu
    "Zhejiang Province demonstration teaching material: advertising television show" illustrated in the form of the model in advertising photography. Training, facial expression training, manual modeling training, props modeling training, context modeling training, and training of film and television performances in the observation and feeling stress, attention, imagination, without,

  • Press:Machinery Industry Press
    Author:The new series of wheat.
    Cartoon plane constitution, "national higher vocational education teaching planning, design: animation plane constitute" starting with the illustration of the different crab shape, explain in detail the forms and characteristics of surface, line and point to point vermicelli, and comprehensive use of explained. Through the game the tortoise in the other, teaching composition, composition, gradually approximate duplicate,

  • Press:China Textile Press
    Author:Edited by Zhang Jianfeng
    "Men's product development" belongs to the clothing higher education "1025" Ministerial planning materials (vocational) series, starting from the male dress, men's wear, men's wear designer, to men's product design idea and design method, product design elements, single product classification design, brand design and brand men's clothing,

  • Press:Beijing Institute of Technology press
    Author:Li Bin et al
    "Art collection" in the first chapter, the concept of art collection function, content and basic requirements of the paper, introduces the basic knowledge and art Caifeng art collection in the learning objectives and management. The second chapter through the selection and positioning, investigation, collection and collation of introduction, enable students to understand the art,

  • Press:Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Li Nan, fan Xin with
    Graphic design is the best way to cultivate students' creative thinking of art, "art and design of Career Academy: higher creative graphics textbooks" content into the origin and use of graphics, visual creation thinking, creative graphic design, graphic design culture in four parts, with a large number of Creative Graphic Classics and teach,

  • Press:Shanghai beauty
    Author:Xie Yansong
    This book will guide you to become a senior design talents! By 25 school teachers, two well written, produced, aimed at using the most economic price, provides teachers and students the most design colleges, the latest, most practical knowledge! Mark is small, but in the confusion between the it contains rich content, and has a unique visual,

  • Pages:107

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Yang Tao
    "Advertisement" was first introduced to the training goal, the teaching mode, teaching focus and difficulty, and then introduced the teaching process and content of project. Television advertising can be said is the most extensive coverage, the strongest, the most influential media mainstream advertising of all kinds of advertising,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Lihong, ed.
    Composition design, "design" is divided into five chapters: introduction, design plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional structure, constitution design application, each section through the theory teaching and research training to decompose the form the knowledge of the design elements and design practice skills training mission, and emphasized in the practice process of learning task in the,

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Guo Yanmin editor
    "Photography" including the photographic composition and significance of the concept, composition elements and basic form of art law, picture composition elements and processing, shooting angle, picture scene, movement, color, tone and light, film and photographic composition characteristics etc.. The contents of the book are simple and easy to understand, for photography enthusiasts introduction,

  • Press:Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Liu Yongsong
    Design introduction, the book is divided into five chapters, the main contents include: design and development; design of classification; design feature; design theory; occupation quality and skill for designers. ,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Zhou Haiqing, Zhou Wenming.
    "Three dimensional space art and design" in the latest 3DS MAX software as the object, the design and production of computer 3D scene is a comprehensive explanation, according to basic modeling, 3D scene material settings, lighting, camera application, rendering output from the shallow to the deep of the comprehensive study, the same,

  • Press:Tianjin University press
    Author:Gao Wensheng
    "Display design training course" in enterprise design task as the background, using graphics based design philosophy, combined with concrete examples, the AutoCAD 2006 and 3dsmax7.0 two software as the foundation, through the application of design theory to complete the display design effect picture, let the reader fully grasp,

  • Press:Beijing Jiaotong University press
    Author:Hu Ping
    Design and manufacture of product packaging, "twenty-first Century vocational planning materials, art design series: design and production of packaging products (Second Edition)" is the basic course of expression product package design and production, is divided into 5 chapters: the packaging design theory, packaging design and performance, packaging design examples and works. The first chapter is mainly about,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:Edited by Zou Zhisheng
    Edition of calligraphy course of vocational education, vocational education edition of calligraphy tutorial, ISBN:9787560985206, author: Zou Zhisheng,

  • Press:Tsinghua University
    Author:Wang Taopeng
    "Color composition and application of color composition" combined with the new situation and new features and design and application development, the cultivation target of Higher Vocational Colleges of art and design professional advertising and applied talents, systematically introduces the psychological and emotional color and art design, color theory, color system, color,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Edited by Zheng Shuo
    Design sketch, "sketch" is divided into four chapters: design and drawing, design sketch basic elements, basic design training, creative training, combined with the basic characteristics of teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges design specialties, focuses on the basic knowledge, basic skills. Cultivating students ability of keen observation, analysis, understanding of space and form,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Xi Yueliang
    Color and color design, "twenty-first Century higher vocational art design planning materials, higher education" eleven five "national planning materials: color and color design (Second Edition)" to design the basic color teaching as the center, tells the story of color and color design of the basic knowledge and training skills, highlighting the characteristics of design professional direction and application education,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Wu Lin, Liang Lu,
    The animation of "Vocational Education" cartoon "series of professional teaching materials, cultural and creative industries" on the job training series: animation introduction "as the basic theory courses of professional animation, is very important in the teaching system. "Vocational Education" cartoon "series of professional teaching materials, cultural and creative industry in the gang,

  • Press:Water conservancy and Hydropower Press
    Author:Edited by Gao Peng
    Gao Peng and Lu Bin editor of the "architectural design" reference "architectural decoration industry professional standard" and "interior designer of the national professional standard professional ability requirements and preparation, including building decoration design, construction decoration design principles, building decoration design contents, construction decoration design related,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Ju Tieyu, Zhang Shuxia, Duan Rong with
    Design and printing, "design and printing" of teaching from the practical point out several, printing equipment and printing technology and other elements of knowledge learning, through technology and equipment, hardware and software knowledge, so that students can have a from the shallower to the deeper understanding of. Of course, master the printing process is a gradual, continuous learning, constantly,

  • Press:Southwestern Normal University press
    Author:He Tong
    The guiding ideology of the art design series of textbooks is starting from the actual teaching, to higher vocational art design as the basis, follow the basic rules of art design teaching, the unit teaching style architecture, which can be used effectively in the actual teaching activities, trying to close to the training target, close to the teachers,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Shu Yongtao
    Plane constitution, "the textbooks of higher education" 1025 "national planning materials, higher vocational art design: plane constitute" theory is written on the basis of constructivism theory, preparation method is hierarchical progressive teaching knowledge, and the interpretation of classical art and design works, make students understand the studying this subject to the future college,

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