History of Art

  • Press:Jiangsu Art
    Author:Fan Jinshi
    "Mogao Grottoes" depicts the history of the Silk Road, is the Middle Ages a had played a major role in the foreign economic and cultural exchanges of the international channel. From the Chinese center city Changan to the west, through the mountains and numerous city, through the desert and oasis, Gobi, leading to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the Silk Road along the route,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Fan Meng
    "The world of Art History (upper and lower)" is a comprehensive introduction to the world of the five continents, nearly 100 countries or regions, thousands of years of history works of art development outlook. This paper not only introduces Africa, Asian, Latin American countries with ancient civilization art heritage; for Europe and North America art, also gave the scientific summary and,

  • Press:Jiangxi Art
    Author:Li Shusheng
    In the war of resistance against Japan Chinese art, an indelible memory China art history, a Chinese people's Anti Japanese war epic is indispensable in the chapter. "The roar of the the Yellow River (in the war of resistance against Japan Chinese Art)" to reproduce the war artists works in front of us, layout is divided into three sections: the first section, "the roar of the the Yellow River,

  • Press:Xu Muyun Shanghai Century Publishing House, Shanghai Ancient Books Press (2008-05)
    Author:Xu Muyun
    "Chinese drama history" can be regarded as China's first comprehensive history of drama, the actor since the Zhou Qin era, up to the Republic of China since the "flower" and drama. The concept of "problem Chinese drama history" straightened "drama" and "traditional opera", will China traditional opera, as a part of China drama, broaden the drama,

  • Press:Huazhong University of Science and Technology press
    Author:Yang Xianyi
    "The history of art design" with scientific attitude, from different angles on the law of the development of the history of art and design. "The history of art design," the academic knowledge, interest integration, so that readers enjoy the beauty in the history of art and design in the world. Further, edify sentiment, improve the design aesthetic ability. "The history of art design,

  • Press:Wang Zhaowen, Deng Fuxing, Beijing Normal University press, Beijing Normal University press (2011-01
    Author:Wang Zhaowen
    Chinese art history, volume eleventh, editor in chief of ISBN:9787303113507, author: Wang Zhaowen,

  • Press:People's fine arts
    Author:Chen Chuanxi
    "Chinese painting aesthetics history (volume one)" content brief introduction: "since the main Chinese library" collection and selection of twentieth Century China published the outstanding works of philosophy and social science research, literary and artistic creation, science and culture. These works, the development of China's 100 years of political, economic, cultural and social,

  • Press:Popular literature
    Author:Pan Wei
    "Introduction content theater history" Europe: our survival is a what kind of world? In the ancient Greeks, the world is harmonious; in the view of new classical, world represents a rational and order; in the modern mind, the world is irrational; while in the post modernist there, it is no,

  • Press:Academic Press
    Author:Xueyuan press
    The famous hundred shadow (episode), Diva hundred shadow (second set), this article according to the Beijing Liyan pictorial editorial "Diva" hundred shadow (Vol.1) and "Diva hundred shadow" (second set) print publication. Included in the Republic of China Beijing Opera actor, including the famous four, four name Dan, four health, health, Wu Sheng, niche, the famous net and cooperative play and see photos of more than 230 pieces, is a set of,

  • Press:Southwestern Normal University press
    Author:Bao Deshu
    "History" China music is a collective wisdom crystallization. Let the students understand the main artistic achievements of each historical period, China music development stages of music culture and cultural background, understand the important musical figure of Chinese music history and music representative, understanding the aesthetic characteristics Chinese music, improve music,

  • Press:Fan Jingzhong, Cao Yiqiang, Liu She Nanjing Normal University press (2011-10)
    Author:Fan Jingzhong, ed.
    "The history of art and history of ideas (6-7) (set of 2 volumes)" survey of Chinese and foreign art history and the history of ideas, research in the field of academic achievement, the author through different research perspectives are discussed profoundly in this academic field, research theme, point of No. "The history of art and history of ideas (6-7) (set,

  • Press:Wang Ziyun people's Fine Arts Publishing House (2012-01)
    Author:Wang Ziyun
    The art of Chinese sculpture art history, "Chinese sculpture (lower)" written by Wang Ziyun, "the art of Chinese sculpture (lower)" is divided into three parts with eight chapters, first introduced China's primitive society to the southern and Northern Dynasties period of sculpture art; in part introduces the Tang and Five Dynasties sculpture art; the introduced two Song Liao and Jin era,

  • Press:S.
    Author:Zhou Xun, Gao Chunming
    The book won the two prize of Shanghai excellent book award, Shanghai social science achievements, is a blend of academic, artistic, and the practicability of book knowledge. Works with vivid characters, rich and colorful pictures, show women of various ancient China life style and decoration practices, as Chinese history,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Late Ke
    "The history of Western art," first published in 1983, has more than twenty years, twenty years a total of three hundred and ten thousand copies printed eleven times, marketing, become the subject of academic readers love the best-selling book. The second edition, in order to meet the needs of the new era, the original book made great amendments: increased more than one hundred famous illustrations; and,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Chen Shiceng
    Author of this ============ ========= our art since ancient times, the most developed, calligraphy and painting, sculpture, architecture can form strong national character, the attention of the world. But sculpture, architecture has signs of spread, the recorded bits and pieces, indicating no series; or for work,

  • Press:Hebei Education Publishing House
    Author:Xu Bing Yue Jieqiong
    Directory Hou Yimin past, anecdotes of Ge Weimo past gleaning Zhou Lingzhao founding ceremony of two of Yang Xianrang Pang Tao's news 50 Beijing Wu Biduan by several famous painter influenced Sun Jiabo Academy of fine arts is the best place in the world of Yao Zhonghua Wang Shaojun Pu Jian poetry we Academy of fine arts,

  • Press:Jiangsu Education Publishing House
    Author:Huang Dun
    Yuan and Ming volumes, "China calligraphy history: volume of yuan and Ming" Chinese calligraphy history, the style of calligraphy style evolution, such as general description, the author uses new archaeological discoveries, absorbing the latest academic research results, to the understanding of the history of calligraphy, calligraphy history interpretation China if thousands of phenomenon the paper introduce the important, calligraphy history,

  • Press:Nanjing Normal University
    Author:Fan Jingzhong / / Cao 意强 / / Liu She
    "The history of art and history of ideas (set of 2 volumes)" includes: Japan's Chinese painting history research trends and prospects: Based on the song and Yuan Dynasties era as the center, Dong Qichang Hangzhou, the comprehensive observation on shadow Mei an: Mao Xiang and brothel female contacts, Zou 一桂 life study omitted, Huang Yi gold ore activities and friends, leaf Ju Chang, from visiting tablets,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:[America] Fred S. Kleiner, [America] Richard G. Tansey, [America], J. Mamia
    Gardner's art through the ages, the book follows Gardiner to the "world" framework ", aims to explain art panorama" perspective, from prehistory to the twentieth Century post modernist art, including painting, sculpture, architecture, design, photography and art and other arts categories, at the same time, in today's globalization under the background, the book tries to,

  • Press:Wang Zhaowen, Deng Fuxing, Beijing Normal University press, Beijing Normal University press (2011-01
    Author:Wang Zhaowen
    Chinese art history, volume fourth, editor in chief of ISBN:9787303113576, author: Wang Zhaowen,

  • Press:Wang Zhaowen, Deng Fuxing, Beijing Normal University press, Beijing Normal University press (2011-01
    Author:Editor in chief Wang Zhaowen.
    China Art History (seventh volumes), ISBN:9787303113545, author: Wang Zhaowen editor,

  • Press:Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Deng Huibo
    Study of foreign art history in China, long-term since many theories and Western art history, and the study of Oriental Art History or the Asian art history has been weak, partial lack of state. Early in the oriental arts research scholars, artists Feng thousand Zhou Jiang, still can be counted on one's fingers. As an important part of the beauty of the humanities,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:[America] Herschel B. chip ed.
    Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin communication book, book excerpts from Cezanne, who, with friends and family, and the part of communication or communication segment, and the communication content they made summary. In communications, they explained to art theory, art creation ideas, thoughts, and combined with his own personal experience and the creation practice. Concise text, pictures,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Monica dematte / Monica Dematte
    Chinese witnessed twenty years of contemporary art, the first Western feminist critic Chinese contemporary art works, but it is not just a Westerners feel and understanding of Chinese contemporary art, is also a critic with international perspective, the sincere emotion, pure heart of 20 years development experience and Chinese contemporary art the witness. ,

  • Press:Wang Zhaowen, Deng Fuxing, Beijing Normal University press, Beijing Normal University press (2011-01
    Author:Wang Zhaowen
    Chinese art history, volume sixth, editor in chief of ISBN:9787303113552, author: Wang Zhaowen,

  • Press:Jiao Xingtao, Li Zhu, Chongqing publishing group, Chongqing Publishing House (2010-10)
    Author:Jiao Xingtao, Li Zhu
    "The Department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute. The history of sculpture (1939-2009)" includes: the Sculpture Department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute history memorabilia; topics; Guo Qiande (1914-1958); Dazu stone sculpture; Sichuan; rent collection courtyard; the main theme sculpture; the rise of city sculpture sculpture sculpture department of southwest; appendix,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Chen Lvsheng
    "The new Chinese Art History (1949-1966) associated with the Communist revolution" Chinese years which are numerous red classics of art and literature, fine arts is one of. Both with thousand years of cultural tradition of Chinese painting, or the introduction of less than 100 years of Western painting, give full play to the party under the guidance of the policy of literature and art,

  • Press:Chinese Drama Press
    Author:His editing button
    "China history of Opera (under)" and, in the same volume, is a collective work. In the preparation process for more than 10 years, except in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shanxi, Sichuan, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Anhui, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang province,

  • Press:Beijing Normal University publishing group, Beijing Normal University press
    Author:Wang Zhaowen
    "Chinese Art History (Tenth volumes) (volume, on the Qing Dynasty)" the main content description: art history writing process, is also the process of historical data to study. Despite the time and academic level of restrictions, but we try to make new problems have been found, the objective law that our understanding of the development Chinese gradually close to art history,

  • Press:Nanjing Normal University press
    Author:Fan Jingzhong Cao Yiqiang
    "The history of art and history of ideas (5-6) (2 volumes)" topics include: East and West Title ring like lion face; Kurtz "West Title ring lion face"; relics, monuments and ruins: when the east facing west on poetry and painting; transformation point of view China and Western; from the Huang Binhong flower bird painting the origin of the ancient copy,

  • Press:Mount Huangshan Publishing House
    Author:Committee of experts Chinese Heritage Society
    "History of classical art China (set of 3 Vols)" is edited by the Committee of experts China Heritage Society, a large art history from the national level experts, scholars and writers. "History of classical art China (set of 3 Vols)" research results of text, pictures brought together many experts for more than ten years. From the original,

  • Press:Jiang Songrong of Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House (2004-02)
    Author:Jiang Songrong
    "Introduction to art history" China content Chinese: art is a bright pearl shining Chinese in cultural history. It is the aesthetic culture, the epitome of human civilization...... The development of art history and human social politics, economy, culture has have all kinds of connections with contact, but also has its own internal development and deductive rules. Therefore,

  • Press:Cultural relic
    Author:Wang Shijing
    This book describes the system structure principle Chinese characters and rules Chinese characters shape change, and the inheritance relations between development and characteristics of various fonts, font from the history angle to the font, literature data and real data to verify the described. The load one's pages with references, and supplemented by a large number of,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Lv Peng
    The story of "art" in China, "art of the story: from the late Qing Dynasty to today" content brief introduction: starting from the late Ming Dynasty, the western missionaries brought their art, the influence of Western art, the change Chinese painter, artist, occurred in Guangdong area of export painting, western artists in China. The life and work, appeared in Shanghai "Shanghai" painting,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:Chen Ping
    "Narrative of Western art history" is the development history of Western art history, after all, art history as a discipline is modern in western developed first, understanding the history of Western art academic evolution, we can broaden one's horizon, regardless of our professional learning, is the study of China art history will be helpful,

  • Press:Shanghai science and Technology Press
    Author:Shanghai Library Series
    "Introduction to the old Shanghai comic map" content: "Shanghai cartoon" in the magazine's 80 anniversary, we planned "old Shanghai comic collections Exhibition", in the spring 2008 in Shanghai during the library catalog hall to the public display of a number of the old Shanghai comic literature. The comic books and newspapers,,

  • Press:Fudan University press
    Author:Gu Ping
    "Object in the study of modern history" Chinese painting education belongs to the education, the education idea and the way attention becomes the basic point of. Only to clarify the different period of education concept, analyzes its superiority, success and failure, gain and loss, the process can really clarify China painting education of modern evolution, in order to build it,

  • Press:Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore
    Author:Chen Shenglai
    "The taste of Art: an international art festival president thinking and experience" is China's first description and the City Art Festival works. Author to an international art festival president, an art festival eye witness, vividly and profoundly expounds the relationship between the city and art together. As the largest China,,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Liu Minghan Chen Mingli
    The book is "a history of European Renaissance". Is about 14-17 and its achievements in the first half of the 20th century renaissance European education, primary education thinker and practitioner performance, representative, discusses the educators' educational thought, educational activities and their different characteristics and shadow,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Liu Chun
    "Content China oil painting history": the most fundamental responsibility of enterprise managers is formulating development goals for enterprise, this is not an easy thing. First of all, the target itself may be inconsistent, even contradictory. In each of the key points of the decision-making, the decision-making process is complex, and even get the ambiguous,

  • Press:The people of Hebei
    Author:Shi Zhongwen editor
    Folk drama film roll, folk art has a long history, has a long history. China quyi has the following characteristics: one, deeply rooted in the masses, with a strong artistic charm and vitality. Two, long popular in the folk, in the old age is not valued, being branded as "not up" in good taste "". In the new era,,

  • Press:Beijing Normal University press
    Author:Wang Zhaowen
    "Chinese Art History (volume first, the original volume)" the main content description: art history writing process, is also the process of historical data to study. Despite the time and academic level of restrictions, but we try to make new problems have been found, the objective law that our understanding of the development China gradually close to the history of art, creation,

  • Press:Academic Press
    Author:Zhou Xun
    Academic Press published in 1984. The book consists of a preface, ancient, Qin and Han Dynasties, Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang, song, Ming, Qing, Liao Jinyuan, in a total of 10 parts, 16 words, 834 charts, including 346 color pictures, and a "simple" China costume history chart. "Chinese ancient costumes",

  • Press:Southwestern Normal University press
    Author:Compilation Committee of Sichuan Fine Art Institute history compilation
    1940-2009, "Journal of Sichuan Fine Art Institute (1940-2009)" to "history, research, education, communication, Minister Mentor" for the purpose, to seek truth from facts, outlines the history, highlight the school characteristics of the compilation principles, focus on personnel training, scientific research, social service creation, reform of the internal management system, school party construction and ideological,

  • Press:Wang Zhaowen, Deng Fuxing, Beijing Normal University press, Beijing Normal University press (2011-01
    Author:Wang Zhaowen
    Chinese art history, volume second, editor in chief of ISBN:9787303113590, author: Wang Zhaowen,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Sarin Kemal (UK), Ivan Gaskell (UK)
    Contemporary western visual culture & art, The Language of Art History, the directory editor thanks contributors chapter art history and language: some problems (sarin Kemal / Ivan • 卡斯克尔) the second chapter present (Jean Francois Liota) the third chapter writing and drawing the West: as the interpreter's mind (Stanley Rosen) type fourth chapter in the art of,

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Yang Qi
    "Fifteen" is the history of Chinese art about art in Secondary Vocational School of professional teaching. "Fifteen China art history lecture" objectively describes the general process of the development of Chinese art, through the prior art to the development of Chinese modern art, the three peak in the development of figure painting, water painting, flower and bird painting, the painter painting, academy,

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