human body art

  • Press:Guangxi Art
    Author:George Berryman
    "Introduction" Bryman painting the human body content: the structure of human body is a very complicated things, after the Renaissance, as Finch put the art with the structure of the human body is separated from the medical anatomy, understanding of the analysis framework of human bones, muscles and muscles movement from the angle of art, become a required course of occupation. ,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Simon Jennings
    "Body painting fine" up to more than 800 illustrations include 250 kinds of model reference pose the human body is a long baptism art themes, draw up is full of beauty, inspiration and challenges. "Body painting fine" the visual data set shows many methods of depicting characters, and provides a wealth of knowledge,

  • Press:Guangdong People's Publishing House
    Author:Ceng Yingfeng
    "History of Guangzhou ivory carving" introduces the famous Guangzhou ivory carving, ivory carving in Guangzhou carved ivory ball, greenhouse, micro engraved calligraphy and painting to represent. Products are mainly divided into three categories, one is the appreciation; two is the utility; three bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, pins, etc.. Guangzhou ivory carving to hollow out, heavy, deep carving techniques,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Sun Tao / Ye Nanbian
    "The human body art deconstruction: Human Anatomy" content is: the human liberation to development of the brain, in order to let go to walk upright, upright gravity mode and the important way of limbs is completely different. So the body formed a lot of Z shape, S shape rhythm, formed the foot arch shape, form four,

  • Press:Xiling Seal Society
    Author:Photo by Chen Xuezhang
    Universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, various fields of art, the arts, with the development of production technology of civilization, the spiritual realm of art is also rich and colorful, the history of human civilization library unceasingly accumulation. The human body art, in the text does not appear before the ancient, was on show, and even reached the peak of Renaissance art,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Elliot Gudelfinger
    "Oxford art compilation of human anatomy" lasted five years, included hundreds of images, fully demonstrate the bone and muscle morphology, and the angle of the rich, the content is similar books, crown; for a variety of organizational structure affect the body appearance of human anatomy for artists, "Oxford -W" is all mention,

  • Press:Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Li Zhencai
    "Human body anatomy" is divided into two parts, part and other parts of human anatomy. Human anatomy including the part of human skeletal muscle growth law, is the foundation of human body modeling. Human body part comprises a body of linear structure, the human skeleton, body shape, body structure, the structure of the human body, the body block,

  • Press:Xiling Seal Society
    Author:Photo by Chen Xuezhang
    "The art of body painting" by virtue of the female body image, the flower and bird painting embodies the vitality of nature, is infiltrating the historical deposition of human essence, gives the human body. When the viewers to the new, imaginary space will expand, in the process, the artist with photography, the unique aesthetic vision, the people,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Douglas Johnson
    Visual models of the human body, "art for human body modeling of 3- visual models of the human body (disc)", this book is the art with human map reference books, introduced book. Written by Douglas Johnson, Maureen Johnson, specifically, high resolution images and color kernel. Printing, provides a professional body book for your study,

  • Press:Chinese economy
    Author:Shi Xiaoying Zong Dexin
    "The devil figure: car model art form tutorial" is one of the cultural economy series. This is Shi Xiaoying, vice president of Beijing Film Academy associate professor Zong Dexin of Beijing Geely University School of performing and Culture School of economics will be 30 years of teaching experience and 30 years of physical training and practice a form of education works to create. No.

  • Press:Hainan Publishing House
    Author:Kenneth, Clark
    The western media comment on "naked art" - Kenneth Clark, Wen Yahe learned the wisdom be just perfect combination of art in his commentary, this point in our present era and almost nobody can. No doubt, the talent in this book is by far the most perfect show... ,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:[English] Bahrain meal Barber
    For the artist, perhaps the biggest challenge is the confidence and skills to painting, sketching, but draw well is the strongest sense of achievement. In this book, best-selling author and painter Barrington Barber provides many detailed annotation graphs, relates to each of the painter useful parts of the body, including the bones,

  • Press:Shaanxi Normal University press
    Author:The editorial department of purple figure Masters Series
    A group of high-tech art genius dream of beauty, they are the perfect combination of modern computer technology and imagination, can have not belonging to the unique image of human and extreme temperament, more can reach far beyond one's reach the perfect man. They can be eternal can randomly change, not character flaws, not tired old, through,

  • Press:Shandong pictorial
    Author:Fir, Ye Bing compiled
    Modern western big ten artists and human body model, this is not a book specifically about Marcel Dusan's book, not a well-rounded on twentieth Century female human body model book. On the ten twentieth Century important artists as well as in the performance of their works and describe the book the erotic, emotional and sensitive content. It shows the ten psychological complex art men feel,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:[America] Douglas Johnson, [u] Mo Lin Johnson
    Scenes of life in the human body model, "art for human body modeling Atlas 4: scenes of life in the human body model" written by Douglas Johnson, Mo Lin Johnson, specifically, high resolution images and color printing, provides a professional body model team for your learning, no matter when and where, you will need it! To choose the correct,

  • Press:Sirloin Steak press press
    Author:Gao Shengkui
    The human body is beautiful, enjoy himself is human to product health as a dynamic male. Enjoy the beauty of the human body, in the beginning already in ancient Greece, the artists to natural life as source, created a lot of excellent art works, positive and strong performance of the beauty of the human body. With the Chinese feudal society,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:(United States) Cody, (United States) Terry Bell, translated by Huang Wenli
    The human perspective foreshortening "Gallery, Gallery: the human perspective (Second Edition)" provides a unique visual encyclopedia for artists and illustrators. As it is claimed, "foreshortening: human perspective Gallery (the Second Edition)" avant-garde, visual novel, is an outstanding reprint photography book, for illustration,

  • Press:Hunan literature and art
    Author:[method] Vega Eli Lo
    The standard of beauty changes with the times change: the evolution process and this is the book to be elaborated. This historical description of physical characteristics of a culture period is like or doesn't like: value manners and appearance, different shape, to rethink the way of beauty. The imagination and an era of agency,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Qizhuang
    The human body is the symbol of beauty, naked art has a long history. Since Venus was born later, naked art as a form of beauty, has become the model of the Western lofty dignity, became a symbol of noble goddess of human can not be comparable and its ideal. But the human body art in Chinese is "late spring", a book for you,

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