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  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Xu Shucheng
    "The content of art history" Chinese painting includes: Awakening aesthetic context, China painting history modest beginnings -- to the painting, personality from the primitive art -- Humanism in Jin and Tang Dynasty painting (third Century - tenth Century), the peak of Oriental realism art -- two Song Gongting paintings (AD 10 world,

  • Pages:357

  • Press:Rolf toman (Rolf Toman) Railway Publishing House of China (2012-09)
    Author:Rolf Tallman
    Architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, "Italy Renaissance Art: an introduction to the architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing" content: Italy Renaissance is one of the most brilliant era of European art. It has interesting on 1300-1600 yearbook of this art prolific period. "Italy Renaissance Art: building,

  • Press:Beijing Capital University of Economics and Business press
    Author:Xu Qingping
    The history of Western art, "human and divine:" the history of Western art is divided into fifteen chapters, the main contents include: the prehistoric art, Egypt and Mesopotamia art; Greek art; Rome art; medieval art; the Italy Renaissance art; Renaissance Europe other areas of art; Baroque art. ,

  • Press:East China Normal University press
    Author:Xu Fuguan
    Contents include: by exploring music Confucius art spirit, release the vivid, the Tang Dynasty the development of landscape painting and painting, literati painting, Song Dynasty around the North South issues etc.. ,

  • Press:Hebei people's Publishing House
    Author:Shi Zhongwen
    "Chinese history of Art: Opera roll" brief introduction: Opera is a very important part of the national five thousand years of Chinese civilization, its history is long, the writer of numerous, prosperous in the work, the performance of the event, the forms of diversity, the exquisite art, enough to compete with any other art form. Particularly worthy of me,

  • Press:Hunan people's Publishing House
    Author:Guo Jinghua
    As the Rao Zongyi art history on the spiritual history of art history, "the way of seeing: as the spiritual history of art history, art history research" Rao Zongyi contemporary famous scholar Rao Zongyi China classical art history as the research object, attempts to study the history of Rao Zongyi art, revealed last twentieth Century a talents with vision and cultural history to view Chinese classical art,

  • Press:Northern Literature
    Author:John Kisik
    "Kissick art history" will lead you to a wonderful painting, artistic journey, lead you to appreciate the great works of art. Starting from the early paintings, "kissick art history" with you the best view of Giotto, Ma Saqiao, Da Finch, Michelangelo, Titian, every Western painter. Nearly 500 masterpiece,

  • Press:Jiangsu Education Publishing House
    Author:[b] Venturi
    Lionello Venturi's "history of Western art criticism" is about the history of Western art one of the classic works, is the study of art history more than 10 years of product venturi, can also be said to be a summary of his art idea and his aesthetic point of view. In this book, venturi reel silk from cocoons, comb out from ancient Greece, luo,

  • Press:Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Sun Liang
    The world famous painting in the history of the west, if an interesting story book is a crystal of the snow, see the true history is to you on the mountain looked up when the overwhelming rolling down big avalanche - not counting the books, biographies, chronology, local chronicles and monographs, nightmare. To overwhelm you to his face. But this does not mean that the calendar,

  • Press:Tianjin people's Publishing House
    Author:Virgil M Hillier
    "American students of art history" by Carle Forte school before President Virgil? M? Hillier conception, design and writing, he was writing for children's last textbook. "Art history" of American students is divided into three parts: painting, sculpture and architecture, a total of 91 chapters, contains more than 200 pieces of the history of human civilization,

  • Press:New World Press
    Author:Wang Guowei
    Wang Guowei not only in ancient history, ancient writing is a generation of master, in the research of Chinese opera history and his contribution, "history of song and Yuan Opera" is the representative in this regard for him. The art of Chinese drama to achieve a high degree of prosperity in the Yuan Dynasty, but because of neglect and dull no significant previous. "History of song and Yuan Opera" made in this respect,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Geng Youzhuang
    Re reading the history of Western art, this book is a modern critical theories and interdisciplinary approach to re read the history of Western art works. The book covers all the important period of the development process in Western art, many artists and art works, but have no intention to outline a complete history of art. On the contrary, the discussions in this book indicates that, no matter from which angle,

  • Press:The time literature and art
    Author:Li Puyuan
    "Introduction" China art history is mainly concerned with the plastic arts, architecture and sculpture, painting it from three aspects, in order to cover art of all, is a systematic presentation from the primitive society to the twentieth Century at the beginning of the 30's China art history of academic works. ,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Publishing House
    Author:[English] Craig
    Oxford art history, Art in China, classics of western contemporary art history the most authoritative -- "Oxford art history" series of the Chinese version of the new variety of art history of China international authoritative scholars Craig, the leading academic concept consolidation of Chinese art history of domestic and international first-class art colleges and scholars: Jessica Rosen (vice president of University of Oxford school, merton,

  • Press:China Youth Press
    Author:Blue Lion
    "Chinese art in 5000 (Limited Edition)" for the development of Chinese art in the 5000 the touching face. The book each chapter overview part before in simple language text describes the development of the Chinese art in the 5000 historical atmosphere, style change, key categories, representing artists and representative works. The text,

  • Press:Tong Xi culture and Art Publishing House (2009-06)
    Author:Tong Xi
    "Tong Xi poetry collection" about: Tong Xi (the) quiet life, indifferent, is engaged in the study of art history, poetry, books, paintings and habits, and keep on carving "cicada" spirit. Her flower and bird painting heavy free writing, to express the inner feelings, style natural, fresh style, containing Zen, presumably with her worship,

  • Press:Yunnan people's Publishing House
    Author:Wang Rong
    The book is divided into three parts, in part one:,, primitive art, series: Buddhism art, the art of teaching periods: 佛斯兰. This division, is just a rough time stage. If the original content of art, is not only in the primitive society of art, but also includes the history of civilization after all in the original paper,

  • Press:Shaanxi Normal University press
    Author:Edward (Germany)
    "Erotic Art History (Illustrated Edition)" is a peculiar "academic" works, this is the eternal theme of art in the world. For many centuries, artists, poets, writers have sought to reflect the beauty of human body in his creation, reflect and love, and all sorts of intimacy in all; at the same time, expose ridicule,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Chen Baozhen
    The art and history, the book describes the height of the development of the art history of the. Firstly describes the history, the three generations of emperors personality analysis, political and cultural activities. Then discusses the religious activities of the Royal family. The most important part is the study of the art of painting. And analysis of the Southern Tang Dynasty, both Shu and South wind,

  • Press:China Youth Press
    Author:Blue Lion
    "Chinese art in 5000" the development of Chinese art in the 5000 moving face. The book each chapter overview part before in simple language text describes the development of the Chinese art in the 5000 historical atmosphere, style change, key categories, representing artists and representative works. The text part into the near five hundred,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Feng Changchun
    Criticism and critical history of history, "historical critique and critical history: Feng Changchun music history collection" included in the nearly ten years of modern Chinese history of music masterpieces, involved in music history ontology, musicians study and thoughts of music, music history and music history of criticism etc.. New materials, new perspective,,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Lv Peng
    In the "history" in the framework of art history, "Twentieth Century" China (upper and lower) also takes into account the interaction between different schools of art, art groups, art criticism and art events, trying to the great changes in politics, economy and culture in different ways, showing artists see the world, offers readers a about 2,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Li Xifan Tan Peisheng Chen Shouxiang
    The national cadres to learn reading, "China art" still with art as the object, can grasp the traditional, but also attracted the attention of the future, the textbooks are divided into two volumes: volume, the music, dance, folk art, acrobatics, article article article article, puppet, shadow play drama, drama, film and television text articles; book collecting buildings, calligraphy, painting, sculpture pieces and engineering,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:Xu Fuguan
    "China art spirit" is divided into ten chapters, except the first chapter on the ancient music art spirit, the remaining nine chapters are Chinese spirit of art of painting and its implication. In the book a lot of high perspicacity, meaning clear, his detached. Xu Fuguan in-depth study of Chuang-tzu about science, Tao and Tao, and it is found that it,

  • Press:Minzu University of China press
    Author:Wang Sushai
    14 to the middle of the sixteenth Century the Renaissance in Europe, is the transition from feudal society to capitalist society. With the continuous decline of the feudal system, the development of capitalism, the Europe a with vigour and vitality of cultural revolution. It heralds a new era. The Renaissance.

  • Press:Ningxia people's Publishing House
    Author:Hu Xunlei
    "The study of history of Ningxia drama (set of 2 volumes)" the main contents include opera in Ningxia; the shadow play in Ningxia; Beijing Opera in Ningxia; drama in Ningxia; opera amateur performers and fellowship club, fellowship Theatre; garrison drama team performances; the relevant departments and organizations working with drama troupe, the drama club in the field activities; Ningxia,

  • Press:Sichuan people's Publishing House
    History of art and Art Education (USA), Edith, Erickson, Song Xianchun, Wu Guihong, Sichuan people's publishing house,

  • Pages:226

  • Press:Shanghai literature and Art Publishing Group Distribution Co. Ltd. (Shanghai Jinxiu articles)
    Author:Wang Senqi
    Through the "history" of the Chinese art of writing, Wang Qisen's intention to create Chinese art history. In his "conception" of Chinese art history in the text, puts forward some of his ideas, that the establishment of Chinese art history, "dynamic structure, longitudinal and transverse comparison method, take the history and theory of the point and face open,

  • Press:The British BIS Publishing Co., Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House (2009-06)
    Author:The British BIS Press Ltd.
    "British Design Yearbook 2007-2008" is a book for the buyers to provide a lot of data and information relating to the creation of the yearbook. Contents include: brand and graphic design; packaging design; new media design; indoor, retail and activity design; product design. All the design is not only beautiful, but also to maximize,

  • Press:Sanlian Bookstore
    Author:The Zhou brothers
    35 years of art review, the Zhou brothers (Zhou Brothers) works, the amount of living artists in sales of the global top 10. Their story, "USA dream" typical example -- broke from Chinese came to America, through individual efforts and struggle, eventually become international famous art,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Xie Xiaofan
    How to build a museum of art, how to build a "correct" Art Gallery in Chinese. Only built museum, in order to give answers, coincides with the he is willing, and able to. ,

  • Press:Foreign Languages Press
    Author:Zhao Feng Qu Zhiren
    The art of Chinese silk, "" Chinese silk art "of about 42 words. The main body consists of nine chapters. The two article first famous scholars in the field of beautiful silk, by writing, humane environment and historical background, on the development of Chinese silk art and its evolution. The main part is composed of Chinese silk academic first-class scholars divided into chapters written chapters from the history of culture,

  • Press:China Youth Press
    Author:Lan Qingwei, Wang Yalei
    The history of the development of Guiyang Contemporary Art: 1978-2012, research and extension of the Lan Qingwei and Wang Yalei years dedicated to contemporary art, through writing outline the development course of Guiyang contemporary art, to fill the gaps in the research region of the history of contemporary art. ,

  • Pages:320

  • Press:Zhonghua Book Company
    Author:Yang Qi
    As a painter and works as a clue about the history and law of the development of Chinese art, interspersed with an appreciation of art works. Systematically summarizes the development process of art. The book based on the history of the development of a sort of fine arts, highlight can represent the artists and their works of the times, and the background of the times,

  • Press:Shanghai Conservatory Of Music press
    Author:[America] Anthony. Seagal (Anthony Seeger)
    Anthropological research on Amazon Indian music, "Su of why singing: Amazonian Indians musical anthropology research" edited by Anthony Siegel. "Su of singing:" why content of anthropological study of Amazon Indians music as follows: Su of "singing" we are not in the concept of the singing, because in the su,

  • Press:Yilin press
    Author:[UK] Stephen Jones
    For all the initial contact with students of art history and history of art lovers, "Cambridge" provides a vivid and easy entry. The main characteristics of every book hook art draw an era, revealing their association with historical. The book contains a lot of color and black-and-white illustrations, and an outstanding artist biographies and,

  • Press:Anhwei Normal University press
    Author:Wang Jun
    "The Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties art criticism" of the traditional art criticism as a whole to study, is different from the past to the various categories of art theory separate research ideas. In the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties art criticism as the research object, from the angle of the macroscopic analysis of the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties art criticism practice base and ideological preparation and production,

  • Press:Fudan University press
    Author:Li Gongming
    Painting and calligraphy and nature, nature is the cradle of human existence, and art is the human in this world has ever created the most beautiful and the most proud achievement. Natural beauty is everywhere, but for the artist, need not only to be found, but also to create, to the natural aesthetic feeling creatively into the beauty of art. This book is for,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wang Ziyun
    The art of Chinese sculpture, "Chinese library, art: art history of China Sculpture (set of 3 volumes)" is divided into three parts with eight chapters, first introduced China's primitive society to the southern and Northern Dynasties period of sculpture art; in part introduces the Tang and Five Dynasties sculpture art; part two introduces the two Song Liao and Jin era to the Yuan Ming and Qing three generations of sculpture art,

  • Press:China Social Sciences Publishing House
    Author:Huang Yafeng
    "The Han Dynasty image and art history research" in Zhejiang Province, College of Humanities and social science research base (Art Education) project supported by the scientific research achievements, mainly described the research on Han Dynasty images, is divided into three chapters, the main contents include the Han Dynasty image system, image of Han Dynasty, Han Dynasty art history characteristic of image. ,

  • Press:Sichuan Fine Arts
    Author:Jing Yuzhao
    "Today China Artist: Jing Yuchao:" today China artist. "Today China Artist: Jing Yuchao" records the Jing Yuchao art history and Jing Yuchao representative works. The main contents include: the language and the image of the "battle" -- Jing Yuchao painting series, observing image, graph, art resume etc.,

  • Press:China Youth Press
    Author:Blue Lion
    "Chinese art in 5000 (English Edition)" tells the story of art is the crystallization of human wisdom, the thoughts and feelings, which is rich in content and flavor of the infinite. It is the quality of soil cultivation of aesthetic ideas, aesthetic appreciation ability and creative ability, and learning is the necessary supplement of human history and culture. To understand art too, lifelong,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Li Tao
    Brief introduction of "the main content pitch world and the spirit of Chinese art": since Mr. Zong Baihua since people tend to "pitch" ("flow") as a unique aesthetic style of Chinese art. This compared with the ancients advocate the pitching world culture intention, is more appropriate to the actual Chinese art. But,,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Li Song editor
    Shanxi existing ancient temple architecture and murals in the quantity ranks the first of China's provinces, and the two generation of the highest level of yuan and Ming Dynasty murals. This book is the study of Shanxi a few Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasty temple murals based on field research, a case study of some outstanding works, in-depth analysis of the theme of each hall murals,

  • Press:Xie Qun, Chen Lihua Beijing Institute of Technology press (2010-07)
    Author:Xie Qun, Chen Lihua
    "Study of contemporary American Drama: the Fourteenth National Symposium on American drama" content brief introduction: the convening of the fourteenth session of the national USA Theatre Workshop in 2009 November 12 ~ 15 in Hubei city of Wuhan City (this is the first time held America Drama Workshop in the culture of Hubei province), from south,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Liu Qiangong
    "History" Chinese art is designed for international students undergraduate textbooks. Ceramic art, jade, bronze art, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, architecture, music, dance and drama aspects, a comprehensive introduction to the development China traditional art, the real,

  • Press:Oriental Press
    Author:Pan Tianshou
    Pan Tianshou, "the history of Chinese painting," the Chinese painting is an important part of the whole wealth of human culture, has a broad development space and profound spiritual connotation. On the aesthetic field expansion of people, improve the nation's intelligence and spiritual civilization level, has played a role can not be ignored. Do not understand the Chinese painting history, is not,

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