Industrial art

  • Press:Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Ruhua
    "Three design techniques about design legend", posing as a modeling concept, exists in all the art field, it provides the premise for the learning of other subjects. Constitution art fully mobilize the beneficial elements of other factors, emphasizes the visual form elements picture. Plane constitution exists and color composition,

  • Press:Publishing House of Wuhan University of Technology (Wuhan University of Technology)
    Author:Wu Xiaodong
    "Introduction" process design ceramics factory is the national college textbooks, is divided into seven chapters, the main contents are: the basic construction procedures and preliminary work, general layout and transportation design, process design, ceramics factory workshop layout, construction and labor protection public design knowledge, technology and economy etc.. ,

  • Press:Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Li Longsheng
    Chinese has art rather than on process of thought. The author through a period of teaching and learning, think art should not be ignored, which are worthy of reference design, can provide food for the modern art design, is to "make the past serve the present". So I think writing a China art history is very,

  • Press:Hunan science and Technology Press
    Author:A Lee Gore
    In this book, RIEGL through analyzing the specific works, the dominating development of Rome advanced arts and law. At the same time, because of the law of universal significance, so also govern the development of historical architecture, sculpture and painting of the period. ,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Money for authoring

  • Press:Hebei children's Publishing House
    Author:Fang Shan, Wang Zhijun,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wang Geng, Wang Geng series
    "Chinese porcelain to country, this is the peak porcelain." China is a great invention of Chinese, Jingdezhen porcelain is be known to all the world. Jingdezhen has a long and glorious history of porcelain, "Ping Ye Tao, Han began in the world, in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in Song Dynasty, Sheng in the Ming and Qing dynasties". Kitasong Masamunekeide years, here because of imperial porcelain greatly,

  • Press:Tianjin beauty
    Author:Photo by Wang Xiaohai
    "China lion spectrum" is "the painter, artist and architect data series" in a book, a total income of 349 pieces of carved lions picture, there are lions, iron lion, Shishi, located in Beijing, Shanxi, Fujian, Sichuan and other more than ten provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, different shapes, with vivid, more comprehensive the system reflects the,

  • Press:Tongji University press
    Author:Zhou Rui
    Since China's reform and opening up, great changes have taken place in the city's environmental outlook. City traffic three-dimensional network, the central city and satellite city, re planning and rebuilding the city, attaches great importance to reflect the spirit of the city of matter and the form of carrier designed to make our living environment more and more humane and science,

  • Press:Huaxia Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Yanmin
    Looking at the shop hung a beautiful piece of cloth painting, your heart is also surging up a want to try the ripples in the water? To go where it? To learn? Now, if not set up special teach you to make cloth painting school. Don't worry, this book will make you a good teacher. It not only obtains from the most basic technology, divided,

  • Press:Guangdong People's Publishing House
    Author:Dark horse
    China famous advertising creative people dark horse, 10 years has been insisting to develop Chinese Zodiac image design competition symbol, its outstanding works by masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan after the review, more nodes of books published. 2005 is the Chinese traditional Zodiac year of the rooster, this book is a collection of more than a hundred pieces of Jinji works, the,

  • Press:Liaoning science and Technology Press
    Author:Stony Brook
    "Introduction to the techniques and application of" new pumpkin carving: carving and content food in catering activities more attention, and has been widely recognized by the industry. No matter in the buffet, buffet reception booth, company celebration dinner, or held in each of the local food festival, Trade Fair booth can see fine food,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Ye Song, Xu Xun
    Art and design college entrance examination,,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Lu Zhirong
    "Rosewood" introduced a variety of small pieces of mahogany. A wide variety, different shapes, it sets the technology and art in one, each have different, residual surface twists and turns, book illustrations, and the small, the name, specifications, materials are described, let the reader stick out a mile, and received good effect of art appreciation. Small pieces of red,

  • Press:Chinese Bookstore
    Author:Yan Xi.
    Book is a collection of works judgment prints middle born in Europe is the seventeenth Century -19 century from time to time. From the theme a story painting, portrait painting, landscape painting, illustrations, all method is realistic, extraordinary ability. In the picture, character costumes props, architectural features in the painter's works accurately portrayed, anti,

  • Press:China Light Industry Press
    Author:Bao bin, Zhang Liansheng, Dan Delin
    Public decoration art has become a part of our living environment, it represents the desire for high quality of life, has entrusted with the people "ideal dwelling poetically on the earth". Bao bin, Zhang Liansheng, Dan Delin's public decoration art from twentieth Century 80 time up to now, has lasted for more than twenty years, this set,

  • Press:Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Qu Yanjun
    "Chinese palace of the Qing Dynasty" is the largest book Chinese prints. The book collection of Qing Dynasty Book engraving tens of thousands of, and any large traditional books, books to compare, no doubt, it is China largest book. The Qing Dynasty palace, a lot of engraved. In the Qing Dynasty government published books and more than 700 species, from,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wang Fang
    This book is the creative graphics based in a book. The book with a large number of works and the language concise, tells the story of graphic design, New Year paintings, woodcut masks masks of folk art. The book is rich in content, with pictures, user-friendly, practical, professional design for professional colleges as materials to use,,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Chang Shana
    Editors: this volume contains China embroidery printing and dyeing 1911-1995 boutique. In general, embroidery order. General: discusses China's embroidery printing and dyeing history, and human culture, and the development of science and technology, artistic characteristics, national style, the development and the future; embroidery, Shu Brocade: include, Song Jin, Suzhou embroidery, hunan,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Ning Zhichao
    "China early blue and white porcelain of" collected since the Tang Dynasty to Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain in early Chinese hundred pieces, provides the appreciation and study of rare opportunities for collectors and researchers. Most of the book from collections of Chinese Mr. Ning Zhichao Australia's private collection, many of these collections are available for the first time. ,

  • Press:Tianjin beauty
    Author:Wang Xiaohai, Wang Ying
    "Dragon" China spectrum mainly included the China dragon spectral atlas, explain in detail, the legend of rich. ,

  • Press:Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Lin Chunmei
    "Furniture garden (furniture articles)" content brief introduction: if the home is our home, so furniture is gentle care of the hands of our. Every day, people spend more time with the county accounted for about 2/3 of all day. When we finished one day rush back home, from the pipe cabinet shoes that moment, just,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Kristen: International Design Master Series (Germany), Christian painting, Hebei Fine Arts Publishing house,

  • Press:Light Industry Press
    Author:Guo Baozhen Yang Yang
    "Knot" in the Chinese heart contains a profound meaning, different expression node with different content. When you from a friend, lover, mother took a fancy knot, meaning you should understand each other and give you a "knot". When you after pondering and hand knitting a beautiful knot,

  • Press:Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Fukuda Shigeruo
    "Fukuda Shigeruo (mean design idea graphic)" shows Fukuda Shigeruo a lot about design and graphic means the works. ,

  • Press:Chinese University Hong Kong
    Author:Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum
    Keep the essence: twentieth Century Jingdezhen porcelain art review (in English), the agency made, Chinese University Hong Kong press,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Shen Fuwen
    Editors: "modern lacquer" brings together outstanding works of modern lacquer China, modern from 1912 to 1996 80 years China lacquer arts created more than 230 pieces. Including modern lacquer, before 1949, the main production of traditional lacquer ware stone, college teachers and students a,

  • Press:Zhejiang photography press
    Author:Zhu Qinghai
    The book includes: ball, ball design tools, design basis, the ball ball works of art design, art creation, art themes ball ball and making, inspiration and originality. ,

  • Press:Anhui science and Technology Press
    Author:Wang Chuanlong
    The book is a summary of the author's years of theoretical research and practice, aims to introduce the experience their own root art creation to everyone, hoping to benefit the majority of root carving art lovers and professional production units, meager strength for the prosperous development of Chinese root carving art. Inadequacies please counterparts,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:Fang Ming
    Modern paper art,,

  • Press:Southwestern Normal University press
    Author:Jiang Haili
    "Modern color composition" is divided into three parts, the main sections, the first part is preface with basic knowledge of color, the color phenomenon, eye function and color vision, color classification, the three elements of color, color system, color mixing, color psychology phenomenon; existing form, color contrast, the color of the second part color beauty,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Pan Lusheng
    Pots and pans,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Leng Bingchuan

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wang Wei Zhu Xinlong Zhu Xinchang Yu Xiaoyan Cai Kefei Xue Baiyang Liang Yan Wang Boliang Qu Chunwei
    "Animal decoration: decoration of series of" is of high practical value of the new animal pattern I published a dictionary. It chose the 6000 pieces of the original animal pattern representative, and according to the 7 types of animal are respectively arranged. As mammals, birds, reptiles and the past and future of animal, two,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Yonghong
    The book is on the natural extract material, through re creation, and the artistic image of new process. Here we mention, change process and the method of transformation from sketch draft design, sketching release from description to the natural shape, and the pattern is the natural state of the object after finishing, extraction, join the beauty of form,

  • Press:Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Lin Yanning
    This book is a graphic design application series of "foreign folk graphic use". The book with lots of beautiful pictures and detailed text, introduced the world a unique folk art and various forms of art graphics in use. The book is comprehensive, Tu Vin Unionmaw, has a strong scientific nature,

  • Press:Education Press of Shanghai science and technology
    Author:Weng Jijun
    Thousands of the Chinese Wanhua, is the world's oldest known sumac and using sumac juice coated objects state. Literature of the Warring States period have shun food, Yu as sacrificial utensil records. This book is "art and craft techniques series" in one, introduces several lacquer art history, process and technical, artistic features, rich in content, plot,

  • Press:Weapon Industry Press
    Author:Tang Jialu
    "The main content of" lotus Chinese: in folk art, lotus decorative kind in modern to see, the rich flavor of life, health and simple style, and a variety of form and decoration materials in the history of the lotus flower more beautiful. No matter New Year paintings, paper cutting, embroidery, masonry and wood,

  • Press:Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Dong Zhanjun Pan Lusheng
    Des sauterelles gourd, "national art in a collection of Folk Songs:" Chinese des sauterelles gourd is one of folk art folk songs recorded, although can not cover all the folk art, folk art is in the book collection of the nearly 20 years of efforts, also including the members of the project group in recent years of sweat, each object can speak a story, say a feeling, left some,

  • Press:Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:The agency made
    "China embroidery clothing collection: Volume" and collected all kinds of famous works of art, at home, in public, private reservoirs, foreign, overseas collections in one of the most important products of representative, also discretionary income. As for the most recent discovery and recently unearthed, the printing process does not add edit relationship, all need to be continued,

  • Press:Huashan literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Gong Liuzhao
    "Decorative painting art" brings together China art colleges in contemporary higher art design discipline essence based teaching papers and professional design productions, from one side to reflect the overall situation of art design teaching in Colleges in china. For years, about how teachers teach, what to teach problem, has been the Academy of fine arts,

  • Press:Zhejiang literature and art
    Author:Qian Xiaoyuan
    Blackboard newspaper on campus is a beautiful scenery line; students are tireless enterprising faithfully record; they are hard to create the future that portrayal. "Campus Festival blackboard newspaper design" and my agency has published a "campus practical blackboard newspaper design" as a companion. If the latter is from horizontal section reflects the campus board,

  • Press:Chinese Bookstore
    Author:Yan Xi
    Book is a collection of works judgment prints middle born in Europe is the seventeenth Century -19 century from time to time. From the theme a story painting, portrait painting, landscape painting, illustrations, all method is realistic, extraordinary ability. In the picture, character costumes props, architectural features in the painter's works accurately portrayed, anti,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Yuan Weizhong, Wu 烈炎 ed.

  • Press:Shanghai people's Publishing House
    Author:Shanghai arts and Crafts Industry Association
    "Arts and crafts" highlighted the systemic theory, professional skill, art, declare early intermediate professional and technical qualifications of personnel must read book. ,

  • Press:Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts School of design series
    "Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts School of design (New Media Design)" is divided into seven parts, including introduction, professional basis, digital design Webpage design (Design), digital animation design, optical components, integrated modeling. ,

  • Press:Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Baocai
    "Dragon auspicious patterns" collected more than 400 pieces of dragon and phoenix patterns and auspicious decoration, most of the historical era of gold and silver, bronze, jade, porcelain, lacquerware, brocade, decorative patterns. Carefully describe, codify, and as much as possible according to the change of era arrangement, has great practicability and,

  • Press:Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Guo Zhaoming
    Lithograph studio, edited by Guo Zhaoming, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing house,

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