Literary theory

  • Press:Sichuan University press
    Author:Mao Lingying
    Study on the television adaptation of the novel, "from the text to image: the novel's TV plays adaptation of" content is: the birth of print media promotes the spread of book publishing and reading, reading literature has also become a kind of aesthetic activity and the way the most popular. But the film and television art was born in the birth of the modern industrial civilization has changed the text dissemination,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Seymour Chatman (USA)
    The narrative structure of the novel and the film, the French with their new found enthusiasm created the etymology of "Narration" (narratologie) this word used to refer to the narrative structure of knowledge. The bold use of American intellectual circles rather doubtful about with the "0logy", may be right. However, the name should not legitimacy and topic,

  • Press:Zhonghua Book Company
    Author:Yuan Hangpei
    Cross the research of literary history and painting, this book will be the first generations of Tao Yuanming paintings together in one place (some pictures published for the first time), for each pair of works of art, not only the comments, more important is the analysis of the mood of the writers, and from which reflect the age feature, the pursuit of life and aesthetic the ideal. This research method, has become the art history and,

  • Press:Version first (September 1, 2007)
    Author:Guo Zhengqing
    "Hezhou flower" by the Gansu people's publishing house. ,

  • Press:HeFei University of Technology press
    Author:Anhui Provincial Federation of literary and art circles series
    "The hundred (2010 first series) (total twelfth Series)" is the 2010 first series "the hundred", included: "subject of literary criticism of the dimension of the reconstruction", "Huangmei drum music exploration", "Hai Rui" the Wanyan with people, "the stream of consciousness novel internal logic. To the" 40 article,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Yuan Jixi
    "The Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties thought dialogue and literary criticism" the long-term engaged in basic Chinese literary criticism, tries to find the existing research mode, with the help of thought, fully interactive relationship between dialogue and literary criticism, in-depth exploration of the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties literary criticism in the mechanism of life and wisdom, explore the literary criticism,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Xinhua Digest magazine editing
    "Xinhua digest the essence, literary criticism volume (2000-2008)" the main contents include: the components of Chinese poetry, the re evaluation of Lu Xun and Lu Xun research reflection [three], to reflect on their own, have hit at the nub of the real Lu Xun, Lu Xun had approached the research problem, sniper,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Wei
    "Art science" as the name suggests, the frontier content in current research field of international art. The book is divided into 5 parts, the content involves the arts art theory, aesthetics, cultural criticism, art research and international art aesthetic dynamic. Rich in knowledge, research content, new, worthy of wide,

  • Press:Beijing: culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Author: Su Shi, guided reading: Jiang Xun
    "The desolate monologue writing:" cold food for representative of Su Shi running script for. Su Shi in exile in Huangzhou for third years in the cold food festival, wrote the first sent poems, expressed his life sigh. Poetic bleakness, Su Shi expressed the melancholy feeling lonely. The calligraphy is also in this mood, write out. ,

  • Press:Jiangsu Education Publishing House
    Author:(U) BA statue
    Review all sorts of inertial thinking people without the scrutiny of the buried romantic, irrefutable facts and rigorous analysis challenges in textbooks hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, upstream of the courage to expose the provocative historians fashionable fallacies, people can see a cultural historian should really be in this book,

  • Press:People's education
    Author:Zhao Wei
    Literature and art, ISBN:9787107197918, author: zhao,

  • Press:China Social Science Press.
    Author:Zhu Yinhai
    As the final results of the National Social Science Fund Project "comparative study of Chinese and Western literature and art theory" concept of Marx. The main objective of the study is to through the system, the concept Chinese and west of Marx's literary theory comparative analysis, and then reveals the concept art and Marx's respective main,

  • Press:Chinese broadcasting and television press
    Author:Chen Chuancai
    "Contemporary literary theory to explore the book" the series into the works, author explores the representative achievements of literary theory in recent 30 years. "Contemporary literary theory to explore the book" about "literature is a multi-level, multi office constitute the overall system" concept, and the idea of multi-dimensional inquiry into nature of literature ": a reconstruction of the,

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