• Press:China Pictorial Publishing House
    Author:Wang Ying
    The horror movie release primitive human emotions: fear and desire, violence, bloody, pornographic, metamorphosis...... We can be used to describe many adjectives horror film. While watching a horror movie, is in fact risked being troubled, stunned even the risk of attack, to pursue specific risk to some, this fear at the mercy of our own experience. Fear and desire, this,

  • Press:Fujian Education Publishing House
    Author:Liu Hua
    "Oedipus eyes: Bergman and philosophy of film" content: Sweden's world-class film master Ingmar Bergman on the twentieth Century movie art has exerted a profound influence. "Oedipus eyes: Bergman and the philosophy of film" is not only for the Bergman movie art monographs, more is a modern,

  • Press:Hunan people's Publishing House
    Author:Hu Rong
    "Entertainment gossip: behind the scenes of" written by Hu Rong, tells a story about the past two or three Hollywood, Chaplin, the mysterious Garbo, gossip. ,

  • Press:West, Hao Ning film studio Volumes Publishing Company (2009-01)
    Author:Hao Ning Film Studio Series
    "The main content:" crazy racing bicycle rider Geng Hao, because 0.01 second defeated, become the silver medal rider, this is a line; the second line is the big thief two thieves, they have a strange combination of circumstances has become the thief, the kidnapping of wounding; the third line is the gang group Taiwan, their intention to make a big the sale in the mainland,

  • Press:Chinese film
    "The technique of film" new "school" for the film industry all over the world, the new approach to the movie clip were investigated and reported, especially the author briefly sums up the new wave film and characters in the film art form. The author cites Truffaut, Godard, Resnais and four famous Antonioni guide,

  • Press:Yunnan University press
    Author:Jian River
    "Content China movie history of ideas": undergraduate education has a long history, but did not graduate education; practice team creation ability, but the theoretical achievement; the history of the complexity and the road twists and turns, reflected in the state and be zigzag backyard campus construction due to lack of investment and idle harsh conditions,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Juma / / Zhu Dan
    "The film and television director skills: film and television director through train" with the wheel of time, mobile phone camera, camera and with photography function, even come, we have hundreds of millions of people have taken technology era. Today is really can be said to "picture era!" People have a television,

  • Press:Southwest China Normal University
    Author:Yu Ji
    "Compendium Chinese film history: Film Theory" is widely accepted China Ji is the latest achievement of film study only, with a unique perspective, the system introduces the development history Chinese movie, book to new China was established as a watershed, is divided into two parts, covering the initial period in China's films, early Chinese film in the period, development,

  • Press:Yunnan University press
    Author:Wei Guobin
    "History, the theory and practice of" industrialization, the academic series, the Chinese film in Yunnan Yunnan national film industry as the research object, by the national film industry as the direction of research, combing the history of industrialization, Yunnan national film industry development present situation and the reform practice, examines the construction of Yunnan movie and TV base,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:The agency
    Cooperation and development of the China Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival the fourteenth Symposium on set, 2005 fourteenth China Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival academic research project will be the theme of "new century: Chinese film: cooperation and development.". As the Forum (Forum) of the pure, starting from Chinese comparative study of film culture and world film culture book writer, from different angles, a detailed analysis of the,

  • Press:Zhang Huijun China film press (2010-06)
    Author:Zhang Huijun
    "Style to create Zhang Yimou's film creation (of famous foreign movie)" of Zhang Yimou on the film creation discusses theoretically comb. Pay attention to the research on the creation of the problem, the writing is more specific, for the movie creation and production, the director skills and creative style, based on professional and practical discussion on zhang,

  • Press:Liu Xiaolei China film press (2009-06)
    Author:Liu Xiaolei
    This book attempts to trace back to the source of incoming movies, by "movie in China incoming" as the breakthrough point, reaching out to other area except Shanghai this early film industry center, the "Introduction" as a "form", in the early Shanghai film industry as the radiation pattern, see Chinese film early how exactly,

  • Press:Zheng Huanhuan China film press (2009-09)
    Author:Zheng Huanhuan
    Expression of children's image of the world, "children's film: the expression" children's world image content description: Children's film, carrying the expression of children's world artistic mission with the image. The deep logic relation between children's world and children's film the essence, is the basis in theory of perspective of children film basic spirit and the essence of art. "Children's film: the children of the world,

  • Press:Henan University
    Author:Bai Xiaobing
    "One thousand" film director to ask a comprehensive introduction to the basic knowledge of Film & TV related professional. The main part of the question and answer form, about one one were from photography, shooting angle, sculpting, line, shape, color, tone, light, etc. at the same time the clip angle, TV feature films, optical lens are introduced,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Zhang Hua Yang Ruijiang
    "Movie and TV performance art" systematic, objectively elaborated the basic content about what should cover performance. In four years of teaching performance stage, drama, film and television performances of teaching should be divided into three stages: the first, basic training of performance; two, to create the basic skills to create task image; three, complete figure. ,

  • Press:Sun Lijun China film press (2011-04)
    Author:Sun Lijun
    Bad laer legend, ISBN:9787106033125, author: Sun Lijun,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zhou Guan
    "Nanchang and China movie" eighteenth China Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival Memorial Library, is also China film to a precious gift new China 60 birthday. "And the movie" Nanchang China by gather a few generation Nanchang film style, recording the brilliant achievements in Nanchang film career, from the multi angle, multi lateral development,

  • Press:Tian Yu Chinese pictorial press (2010-02)
    Author:Tian Yu
    Kurosawa, Nagisa Ohshima, Takeshi, the three director, occupies a crucial position in the Japanese movie history, also can say they are the most characteristics of the times of the director. Their works with different styles, but the common created a Japanese film characteristics. Let us by them, to know the Japanese movies and Japanese culture.

  • Press:Chen He of Tsinghua University Publishing Company Limited (2010-01)
    Author:Chen He
    Movie and TV appreciation guidance, ISBN:9787811239249, author: Chen He,

  • Press:Gong Rumei, Zhang Ming China film press (2010-01)
    Author:Gong Rumei, Zhang Ming
    "Produced images: dialogue with the fifteen film digital technology" to the interview records and reveals the present stage is in the thinking and practice of the forefront of film professionals experience, is the development of digital film technology from the application perspective and the concept of the film, but also for nearly ten years China digital cinema system,

  • Press:The money should be male Chinese film press state, (2009-10)
    Author:The money should be compiled state, male
    "A brief introduction to the main content on the image culture horizon": in 2007, the Nanjing Arts Institute School of Cinema Television and literature at Hokkaido University in Japan, sponsored by the culture, image shows the "Sino Japanese cultural image" seminar held in Nanjing. A total of fourteen Japanese scholars and representatives of more than twenty Chinese scholars,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Chinese Film Yearbook, ed.
    "The force of the clip:" first China film development forum,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Lv Xiaozhi | editor: Ceng Qingrui
    This paper is a comparative study of Chinese and American situation comedies -- a originated in the America television art style of the system. Because the poles in terms of quantity and quality of serious imbalance, the author has to choose a can not only have the value and theoretical depth space ratio and angle,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Wang Renyin
    The heart climbed tour, "Zhai Junjie studies: an introduction to the heart climbed Tour" content: in twentieth Century 80, a group known as the "fourth generation" Directors of young filmmakers appeared together in Chinese film, they are also, future generations, they became Chinese film to force of sustainable development, shouldering the China film,

  • Press:Media University
    Author:China Television Art Committee
    The first (1980) National Television Awards second (1981 annual) National Television Awards third (1982 annual) national television series "flying Award" of the fourth (1983) national television series "flying Award" of the fifth (1984) national television series,

  • Press:Today Art Museum China
    Author:Host: Chen Danqing Ma
    The album / salute "photographer" magazine, "image (Second Series)" content brief introduction: "photographer" magazine is pure photography magazine at the end of twentieth Century and early twenty-first Century the most outstanding global. She was among the first to good photographer introduced to the Chinese World magazine, she got Bresson, Kou Deka, Klein and the world photography master's favor; he was among the first to Chinese perturbation,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Liu Libin, hekeke, Huang Yifeng
    Film and television production management, film production management is a management science in film production and marketing. Its particularity lies in the spiritual products (Art) for the management of production and marketing process. "Film production management" is designed for the professional a systematic, comprehensive, in-depth and practical teaching material. The book of,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Xie Xiaojing
    "Research" China documentary film creation the 90 time is divided into five chapters: the creation of a director, the director; two, experience of life; three, the director of the creative practice; four, director of the creative understanding; five, the director works. The first four chapters, monographs related to the basic spirit and creative methods of documentary,,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zhang Baiqing
    Zhong Dianfei died of Symposium on the 20 anniversary of the film set, "drums echo: Zhong Dian Fei died of Symposium on the 20 anniversary of the" set "collected more than 40 articles Zhong Dian Fei 20 Anniversary Symposium", the authors station reflection on our own point of view of Zhong Lao, like light from different direction at Zhong Lao the statue, which is more Its brightness dazzles the eyes. The deep,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Zhang Huijun
    "Light of the world: film photography" experience and creation, criticism and interpretation of two carries on the system to the film photography exposition. Experience and the creation of the quiz interviews of USA best photographer Gordon Willis Haas, Bill Butler, Kyle Wechsler et al. Criticism and interpretation section,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Liu Haodong
    "2011 China film industry report", the book is the national special funds to support the cultural industry research project, Chinese Film Association Industry Research Center of polymerization industry elite, based on annual data on master informative. After a market survey, a comprehensive analysis of the present situation China film industry,,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zhang Huijun
    Film studies creation and theory, "context:" film creation and presentation of the theory as one of the "Beijing Film Academy film art theory research series", is divided into translation series, academic papers, an explanation of the film, creation theory, conversational interviews and film education series, the film art creation theory in detail. The present is a creation,,

  • Press:China Social Science Press.
    Author:Pei Yali, Rao dawn with
    The film morphology of 60 years of new Chinese, "movies, politics, intellectuals and Industry: new research" Chinese film form 60 years will be new China for about sixty years of film production is divided into four types of morphological study. There is a historical change process between these four forms are closely related with the process of social changes, China and thought. But this is not a "movie,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:The agency of foreign film editing room series
    "Foreign filmmakers recorded" introduced the French film history so influential film workers more than 800 people, including coding, guide, play, experiences, theorists aspects are artistic achievements and works. About 1/3 of people with photos. ,

  • Press:Li Qingyue, Li Pei, Ningxia people's Publishing House (2009-05)
    Author:Li Qingyue, Li Pei
    "Ningxia film history" focuses on the status change is published in the film industry in Ningxia in 60 years. 60 years in the history of mankind is only a brief moment, but Ningxia's film industry during this period, has experienced a tortuous process of development, there are the beginning of work hard and perseveringly, wind,

  • Press:Shanghai Jinxiu articles.
    Author:Qiong Yao.
    Photo record, "dreams link: record" portrait of a dreamy, romantic, shocked, moved in a series, three different experience of "dream girl", recounting their love and struggle. The in-depth French film; the colorful Paris, Marseille, surge high and sweep forward poetic dream coast Normandy Island, the antique,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Tu Mingfei
    Introduction in many entertainment, the film is a visual feast, attract the audience's eyes, is often the stunt scenes in the movie the wonderful grand, from design, collection, production, until the completion of, all embody the creators of excellent wisdom and talent, the book said, these are the elite and the giants the,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Chinese Film Association Industry Research
    "The 2007 movie industry on state-owned television enterprise volume" main content: along with the pace of reform and China film industry, film industry is speeding up, China film company has gradually become an important part of China culture industry and has shown a good momentum of development. "The 2007 movie industry on state-owned television enterprise volume,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Mei Wen
    Transformation of China knowledge paradigm from fading old school Yuanhu style film, video and amnesia broken history, ISBN:9787106027827, author: Mei wen,

  • Press:Jiangsu Education Publishing House
    Author:Wang Zhimin
    "Research" aesthetic form film aims to show that, the core area of theoretical preparation of movie aesthetics in the accumulation of a more adequate should enter into the research, through the form of movie aesthetics to achieve real movie aesthetics: standing on the height of the times. From domestic research experience, outside, and apply to the movies,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Wang Renyin
    The heart and the grass, "the heart and grass (Zheng Dongtian Research)" to "Chinese film series" one book, the main collection of "fourth generation leader" director, Zheng Dongtian teacher director art paper, show and the new period teacher Zheng Dongtian journey "in the film career starting point for the fourth generation" the director of art life,

  • Press:Fujian science and Technology Press
    Author:Dong Jieren
    The basic quality of the first chapter of the book for the creation of image art of the basic processes and creators are elaborated; closely related to the second chapter emphasizes the image of artistic creation and social life; the third chapter, the fourth chapter separately from the content and form of art creation of images, the specific process of conception and creation; the fifth chapter discusses the deep,

  • Press:Times culture
    Author:Louis Koo
    Wonderful excerpts from someone asked, clearly called "Tin Lok", why not happy? This is you look at me, I am very happy! Music not only in control of their own happy, oneself can be controlled. -- Tianle is not optimistic! I do not deny that sometimes emotional, or friends and frivolity, just how nasty,,

  • Press:Chinese film
    Author:Rao Shuguang
    "History" China film market attempts to sort out and explain the necessary for the new period film from the audience and the market perspective. "The history of the development of Chinese film market" Chinese film market not only sort out and study the evolution and development of the new period, but the carding and research since the China films was born China film market,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Gong Lin
    Film art book, this book is engaged in professional writing, film history and theory of teaching and research experts, a breakthrough in the past historiography study limitations, creation of film art, film technology, film theory, film aesthetics, movie criticism and other aspects of all-round, multi angle, multi-level, diversified, macro and micro theory,

  • Press:Chinese drama
    Author:Huang Fenglan
    "Chinese folk film" is the study of folk film the first monograph, it with the new three hundred folk as data, a comprehensive analysis of the content and extension of folk piece, 30 words in length collection of exquisite picture 300, appreciation, research is required custom video work, is also engaged in film and television art,

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