• Press:Sanlian Bookstore
    Author:Marcus Weekes
    Intensive reading, what this part includes: a crash? If you want to speak more pedantic point, is the "Western Art Music"; if you really need precise point, is the "serious" music; but most of us are called "classical" music. Yes, classical music, all associated with this are rooted in europe,

  • Press:Academic Press
    "Kohler 35 first flute Etudes" author Ernesto Koehler is Italy famous flutist and composer. He is not only a good flute player, but also an influential flute composers. He wrote the intermediate level solo, ensemble for students two, played and genealogy writing difficult,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Xiang Sihua
    "Daily will play the zither finger order etudes (Revised Edition)" is divided into two parts: the first part, focusing on the training of the finger independence, practice connection technology, variation of different transport finger sequence and string method, suitable for different levels of players. Exercise 1-29, more suitable for beginner and intermediate level, in learning,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    "The piano every day to practice 3 (imported)" aims to help practicing exercise finger, make healthy and strong, powerful and flexible. To start, first as a gentle slow practice, skilled, then gradually increase until the first, can correctly play twelve songs. When the students can skillfully and accurately control the first group of twelve first, and then with the same,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Xin Fengnian
    In the post Wang Shuo era, when the word "love" and "fart" as synonyms, reduced time for funny and humor item, we held a little relieved and grateful heart, that in reality there was a Hugo novel possible figure -- Xin harvest, he had a imprint is engraved on my heart. compassion,

  • Press:Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Liu Tianli
    This set of guitar series is by the famous guitarist of Mr Liu Tianli's latest launched a guitar teaching. In the selection of the most popular book, the most popular with young people like Adu, F4, Jay Chou and other popular singers of popular songs and some outstanding songs were allocated at all times and in all countries, tracks from simple to difficult, the performance effect,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    "John Thompson's modern course for the piano 3 (imported)" is to enable students to continue development of piano playing and music in the completion of the second book, the author carefully prepared. Objective to improve the understanding of the basic deductive rules, and provide materials for the development of a variety of techniques. John Top.

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Xu Jinghang
    "Solfeggio 1 (Revised Edition)" mainly introduces a number within the lifting adjustable high, small, large, pure interval, chord and mistress in first inversion, natural major, three minor and five tone, two or three, four time, average type, site type, simple segmentation syllable rhythm of knowledge. A total of 22 classes, each class of basic points,

  • Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
    Electronic dance music Handbook, "electronic dance music Handbook (Second Edition)" by the professional producer and mix music writing, combined with the dance art and technology, content after full investigation and the beautiful. Comprehensive introduction to the music production technology of all aspects of the content, including all equipment and tools of knowledge, different styles of music. The content of the book,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Yu Runyang
    The western music history, "history of western music" (Revised Edition) includes: Ancient Greece and Rome in the Middle Ages music, music, music of the Renaissance period, Barok music, classical music, romantic period music music, twentieth Century seven content. "Western music history" (Revised Edition) is the ordinary higher education "nine,

  • Press:The blue sky Publishing
    Author:Liu Chuan
    "Guitar lovers (first)" includes learning experience, experience exchange, seminars and other characters, Chang Csun Yuk, A Niu, Richie Ren, panther, zero, Bao Jia Street No. 43, flowers, Zheng Jun's guitar music, and my heart will go on "," six guitar solo. Suitable for all levels of guitar enthusiasts,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    "The piano every day. (5)" aims to help the piano finger to exercise, healthy and strong, powerful and flexible. To start, first as a gentle slow practice, skilled, then gradually increase first, know correctly play twelve songs. When the students can skillfully and accurately control the first group of twelve first, again with the same method,

  • Press:World Book Inc
    Making the modern piano is so beautiful, but ultimately is a machine, "hardware". To drive the "hardware", make it produce rainbow colors, like the sea of passion "software", is the outstanding works of great composers need, and great performers of expression of these works. Hanon this,

  • Press:Shanghai Music
    Author:Qian Renkang
    Music analysis tutorial, "higher education" Nine Five "national key materials, China art education system: Music Analysis Tutorial (music volume)" tells the story of music analysis of focus include music of language -- melody and rhythm, rhythm, melody, tonality, harmony, polyphony, texture, orchestration and so on; this tutorial,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Shen Xuan Xia Nan
    "Classical music" the 50 were selected out from the Baroque period, the classical period, the romantic period, the famous twentieth Century classical music. Main contents: the first part: the Baroque period; the second part: the classical period; third: the romantic period. ,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Mo Ji.
    "Bel Canto vocal examination music collection: Volume (Revised Edition)" includes: the Great Wall ballad; Fishing Song; under the heel of the soprano; Mayila; on wings of song; Yan water ballad; return; the same song; qumandi; in my heart; if you love me; the sleeping beauty; not flowers; pursue; the sea ah, the hometown of homesickness,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Qu Yuanhao
    The guitar accompaniment entry, Qu Yuan Hao, Shanghai music publishing house,

  • Press:The Commercial Press
    Author:Wu Guodong
    "The main content China ancient music": the art, the most mysterious than the music, weaving it by intangible, shadowless, no touch sound to constantly changing, taste rich melody, sometimes gentle, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes majestic...... East or west, whether modern or ancient,,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Rachmaninoff, Rachmaninoff, born in January 6th in Moscow, Alexander Scriabin and was born on April 1, 1873 near Rhodes's fruit of 奥乃基. Lakshmi Manny Sergi's Lyapunov Rachmaninoff, Russian composer, pianist. Born in 1873 in Russia's Ngorongoro Oneg. The father is,

  • Press:Version first (August 1, 2001)
    Author:Liu Sufang
    "Pipa" primary tutorial is edited by Liu Sufang. ,

  • Press:Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Liao Junjia
    Across the classical music and pop piano prodigy Liao Junjia's musical voice, "the piano is how to" practice "" is a famous music Sambo recommended: put the piano in the heart to a child. "The piano is how to" practice "" by Liao Junjia. The children happy practicing secret, happy teacher taught piano collection! "The piano is how to" practice "" across the classical music and pop piano,

  • Press:Zhang Wenliang Shanghai Conservatory Of Music press (2012-11)
    Author:Zhang Wenliang
    Starting from scratch learning classical guitar, "learn from zero Music Series: the first part starts from zero to learn classical guitar": playing posture and basic knowledge, gave a detailed explanation of the guitar pronunciation and basic technology. In this part of the study, the guitar tuning tuning method and the music (mainly staff) basic knowledge, but also an important learning,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Shao Zuliang
    "The essence of middle school music teaching method" made from years of Middle School of our country music to music teaching achievements, from the theoretical height and summarizes a set of systematic, complete, rich characteristics of middle school music teaching method. The viewpoint is bright, rich in content, explain profound theories in simple language, strong practicability. Is a music education,

  • Press:Version first (January 1, 2004)
    Author:Sang Tong
    In the history of western music, style and technique has very important meaning and attract people's attention is "semitone" (Chromaticism), which includes: a musical chord structure, harmony, tonality; frequent transform far relationship tonal tonal, dense and swim,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    The Hungarian composer, pianist Franz List young is showing a remarkable talent for music, eleven years old I was father sent to Vienna to study music, after half a year and by the end of 1822 in Vienna congress hall debut, caused the Vienna music sensation. At the age of twelve, Lester went to Paris was performed for the first time, the,

  • Press:Qian Qi of the Beijing daily newspaper group, concentric press (2012-12)
    Author:Qian Qi
    "The new flute based tutorial" include: pay attention to the rhythm training; pay attention to the connection with various combinations of crescendo decrescendo; staccato and legato; about singing; the scale of bE major and syncopation practice; A major scale with sixteen notes practice; the scale of bA major and dotted eight note scale of E major and practice; three,

  • Press:Liu Hong Shanghai Conservatory Of Music press (2012-11)
    Author:Liu Hong
    Willing to Xian Su, "happy fairy folk - Liu Hong essays on music", the author of the book is devoted to the study of many Taoist music and folk music, collected from 1988 to 2012 years: the Taoist music and ritual music paper. ,

  • Press:Sanlian Bookstore
    Author:Li Liwei
    The guitar accompaniment as standard, with songs about the characters, the band, moving story. The eternal name in memory of Lennon, Bob Din: John, Joan Baez, don Mclean...... Earth tone: "that Vincent", "Norway forest", "Hotel California", "America pie,

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  • Press:Academic Press
    Author:Xiao Fuxing
    We often refer to the phrase "behind Charles Camille Saint-Saens music began in the word as", and these words: "music can say more than words can express things, it makes us discover the profundity of our own the most mysterious; it can convey any words cannot express the impression and the 'state of mind" it'",

  • Press:Minzu University of China press
    Author:Sun Yingzhuo
    Secret career path, "aria of life: the secret cause road" is Professor Sun Ying dying before the unpublished work. The book records a bumpy, the vicissitudes of life, passionate and rich life, bearing the admirable and worthy life. "Aria of life: the secret cause road" into "life is a courier station,

  • Press:Wang Jia, Schubert (Schubert Franz), Suzuka Taro, Wang Yulin Shanghai Music Publishing House (2003-0
    Author:Wang Jia et al (OH) Shu Bo
    "C" on Schubert Franz Peter Schubert, composer in Austria. Born in January 31, 1797 in Austria, Vienna, died in Vienna on November 19, 1828, at the age of 31. Schubert's father is a headmaster of a primary school. Schubert has a total of fourteen people died in the fourth son,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Horst Rip
    "Flute tutorial 1" is divided into several different sections, each section has a music theme, music by the corresponding music reflected. The students play ability will be improved gradually strengthen system. Skill here is never first, and included in the song the most is playing music. Therefore,,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:(XI), Lhasa based composer, Zheng Shisheng.
    "Sarah Sarti (violin music selection of spectral)" content is: SA Lhasa pedicle (Sarasate, Pablo 1844 ~ 1908), the Spanish violinist, composer. Childhood that learning the violin, ten year old stage play. In 1856 into the Paris Conservatory of music, after graduation,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Xiu Hailin Luo Xiaoping
    This is the music aesthetics theory tutorial monograph China's first comprehensive and systematic. The book is divided into two parts: the first, the two chapters of "aesthetics of music history", respectively introduces the history, western music aesthetic consciousness; third, four or five, six or seven, respectively, for music",

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    "The piano every day." (4) aims to help the piano finger to exercise, healthy and strong, powerful and flexible. To start, first as a gentle slow practice, skilled, then gradually increase first, know correctly play twelve songs. When the students can skillfully and accurately control the first group of twelve first, again with the same method,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:Sun Xiuhui
    Sun Xiuhui's words are often so that readers can "see" music, and she to reference a rigorous verification, it is worth learning for all. Her style is very special, in addition to women's unique elegant delicate, often with a three cent gas. Reading this article, is a rare treat. Sun Xiuhui, USA weiss,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:A former editor
    The aesthetics of music course, "aesthetics of music: Music Volume" is "tutorial" music aesthetics "tutorial system Chinese Art Education Series (music volume of ordinary higher education nine five state-level key textbook)" section, the book includes: music aesthetics is the study object like a discipline, aesthetics of music and the main topic, music aesthetics,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Karl Leimer Walter Gieseking
    In the instrumental performer, if encounter a difficult techniques in the score, then emphasizes the scientific process skill, it is easy to cause the separation technique training and playing the piano in the process. In the first contact a work, he stressed that some elements of skills, which is obviously insufficient and according to,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Chen Hualiang
    Saxophone popular pieces.1, close to the pulse of contemporary life, enjoy the fashion music taste! "The popular rain" is the Shanghai music publishing house to build a new brand of music, can make your vision, hearing and feeling to find everything fresh and new, fully able to meet the music lovers thirst for contemporary music cultural fashion. The attached CD demonstration version of the player has the deep bottom,

  • Press:Version first (April 1, 2004)
    Author:Zhu Ying adapted and playing
    Suona popular pieces.2, book with cd! Music of human life is indispensable spiritual sublimation. With the accelerated pace of opening up, the improvement of people's living standard, more and more friends to realize that music in edify sentiment, enhance temperament, enhance the active role has irreplaceable in grade. This set of a Chinese ballads, flow,

  • Press:Central Conservatory of Music press
    Author:Huang Wensheng
    "Harmonica technique" from playing method, based on spectrum, knowledge of music began to learn; system about a solution harmonica playing techniques, with rich etudes, classical music pieces; additional 11 first solo. "Harmonica" techniques include: chromatic harmonica, harmonica structure graph, chromatic mouth,

  • Press:Guangdong Tourism Publishing House
    Author:Lin Hua
    Bach plays the piano introduction, "I Bach: Bach piano introduction" author Lin Hua, a prelude, even if it is short, but its style is grand; conversely, a bagpipe music, even if the length of long again, only to quiet, elegant taste treatment, funny. In polyphonic music, each voice in singing, you must do it,

  • Press:Central Conservatory of Music press
    Author:Zhang Jingwen
    The "erhu music 99" with the physiological and mechanical principle of organic unity as possible (i.e., Function+ form IMage= Succeed), the abbreviation "FIs" as a concept, the erhu for constructing a special, almost no by playing, to be recognized as the",

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Chen Jianchen
    "Harmonica" album "use a lot of people are familiar with Chinese and foreign folk music, pop music and world music, and allocation, from the shallower to the deeper, from easy to difficult for arrangement, as each level of assessment criteria. The harmonica is a musical instrument popular, it not only sound is unique, fixed, easy to learn and play scales, and,

  • Press:Beijing Publishing House
    Author:Chen Yixin
    Enjoy music and self participation bring people the feeling is completely different. Lucky piano lovers can play, reproducing one song with their own life journey, cause infinite aftertaste and empathy of familiar songs, talent show, the release of the soul, with music language to transfer their feelings. ,

  • Press:Zou Yan Shanghai Conservatory Of Music press (2012-11)
    Author:Zou Yan
    The palindrome structure in Aban Berg's works, "palindrome" in Aban Berg's works, based on Berg's four works "wall mining", "indoor Concerto", "Lyric Suite" and the opera "Lu Lu" palindrome structure detailed analysis of music, respectively discusses every works of art in the title of the palindrome and related,

  • Press:Tongxin Publishing House
    Author:Li Haitao
    "The most suitable for guitar song 200" selected pop and classical 200 songs, and elaborate collocation. Considering that most readers of guitar as enjoyment, so that "the most suitable for Guitar 200 songs" in the allocation of most of the songs are simple allocation,

  • Press:Science Press
    Author:[America] Adrian Cho
    Cooperation, innovation, agility, "Jazz: cooperation, innovation, agility" mainly analyzes the success of a software development team should be how to balance the relationship between autonomy and restriction mechanism and staff. The author introduces playing jazz, demonstrates that the Jazz process how to help those who want to multi task team,

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