• Press:Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Shao Jingkun painted
    The aesthetic performance -- contemporary art famous technique of light and color, Shao Jingkun painted, Tianjin People's fine arts publishing house,

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Dong Ya
    "Dong Ya" on the album included Dong Ya recent painting more than 100 pieces of works, with landscape, natural scenery, there are sporadic in street view as the topic, but are very decorative landscape painting, highly ornamental and collectible value. It is symbolic manipulation, to summarize, gorgeous, warm art language and expression,,

  • Press:Henan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Yang Xin
    Wang Duo painting (Enlarged Edition), edited by Yang Xin, Henan Fine Arts Publishing house,

  • Press:Hubei Art
    Author:Yi Bin
    Though the book is named "sprint three Academy of fine arts", but to apply for other universities and as a "guide" the examinee is also practical. The author heart never reject the other school of thought, which is mainly related to an artist and independent personality, because art before everyone is celebrating the equality,

  • Press:Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:(British) De Agostini publishing company
    Gallery art,

  • Press:Ying Haihai Hubei Art (2007-08)
    Author:Ying Haihai
    Design color, ISBN:9787539420547, author: should the sea,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Zou Qingquan
    "The child" in the portraits of the author's master's degree thesis based on modified, perfected in the. The system examines the "portrait" subject of the children's academic history and the archaeological materials, and on the basis of extensive reading of relevant literature historical materials, son of the Northern Wei Dynasty Tombs in the portrait of a more comprehensive study,

  • Press:Hebei Art
    Author:Wang Shufang
    "Fresco" Fahai Temple is the "classics" of the "China temple murals Fahai Temple murals", listed in the book the mural to the rich and varied lines to the figure, dress perfectly laid out, such as freely flowing style of writing pen, write and draw freely as one wishes, with fluent line, the rich and colorful variety of characters, depicting a personality,

  • Press:Chinese forestry
    Author:The Confucianism.
    This book previously selected, plum painting, Chinese painting theory terminology and allusions. At the same time, according to the "fifty-four disease" painting plum solution topic, the "Mei" in the spectrum of Huaguang (plum thirty-six disease JUE) eighteen Disease formula and author supplement, to personal opinions, to explain the classification. Book review section, the song, yuan, ming,,

  • Press:Shanghai people's Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Boxiong
    Mr. Zhu Boxiong was a director of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts art history department, "Art:" editor in chief, Zhejiang International Art Research Association vice president. For decades, the academic results, except the editor of "world art history" (ten volumes, won the Sixth National Book Award), "the world of art," classic "Encyclopedia of world art,

  • Press:Xu Lin of Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House (2007-06)
    Author:Xu Lin
    "Fenyang in the temple of murals" is the "classic" temple murals of Fenyang Chinese "the temple", listed in the book the mural to the rich and varied lines to the figure, dress perfectly laid out, such as freely flowing style of writing pen, write and draw freely as one wishes, with fluent line, the rich and colorful variety of characters, depicting full of,

  • Press:Tianjin beauty
    Author:Zhang Zuying painted
    "Chinese contemporary oil painting landscape painting: Song Zuying": Zhang Zuying landscape paintings. Because of the influence of family, painting is my childhood interest. "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" figure drawing and European fiction book illustrations is the earliest "textbook", the other children were busy playing marbles and the play, as long as there is in the hands of paper and,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Yu Guorui
    This material to ability education as the core, designed to enable students to master the basic principles of color composition, learn to use the language of color, and cultivate students' innovative thinking, creative ability and practical ability. At the same time focusing on the theoretical analysis in both the practical application value, reform the traditional teaching content, color composition, highlight color,

  • Press:Tianjin Yangliuqing paintings
    Author:Shi Cun
    Sketch is a painter, one of the most important basic work, is a lesson every day. Sketch is not only the "quick draw", the pen contains all the factors of sketch. From anatomy, perspective to the movement, and then to the facial expressions, body composition and dynamic etc.. Can say, your effort level, draw a few pen speed,

  • Press:Shanxi publishing group, Shanxi people's Publishing House
    Author:Li Xiaolin
    "Li Xiaolin" sketch notes about: sketch of this art, it should be said is the most stringent and free art. From Li Xiaolin's sketch works we can see that he is a good artist, he carefully study the nature, good from the objects found in the United States, and carefully understand the art of creating rules, master the skill of,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:(song) Guo Ruoxu, notes on Yu Jianhua
    A picture of knowledge "," Journal of Chinese classical painting works of important books, now to punctuation, annotation, correction, want to read this book can help. Two, note is limited to the thief, name, title and obsolete, occasionally abstruse place, also slightly with notes, by province readers go through labor. Three, note,

  • Press:Shanghai painting and calligraphy
    Author:School of architecture and city codes Tongji University
    Chen Congzhou, Zhejiang Shaoxing people, born in 1918 in Hangzhou, died in Shanghai in 2000. Graduated from Zhejiang University, with a bachelor's degree. Associate Professor, Department of architecture, Suzhou Fine Arts School of Jiang University associate professor, Department of architecture, Faculty of St. John's University in fall 1952 began in the Tongji University coaching,

  • Press:China Light Industry Press
    Author:Chen Meiyu
    This textbook according to contemporary higher art education reform should be the new teaching idea Chinese thick foundation, wide caliber, and according to the characteristics of the current art students of art theory is weak, narrow knowledge to write. The essence, characteristics, occurrence, development, creation, such as details of art, with works of various art types of shape,

  • Press:Chinese Federation
    Author:Li Gang
    "Li Gang's landscape painting boutique" contains more than 100 landscape painting works of Mr. Li Gang, for everyone to enjoy, collection. Mr. Li Gang is Chinese painting achievements of landscape painters. That tradition, a fusion of Chinese and western, going deep into life, reflect the times, the art of the most profound beauty is rooted in the culture of the motherland's hometown,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Yanyuan
    "Art history records" only allusions, name, title and obsolete, occasionally abstruse place, also slightly with notes, by province readers go through labor. Before the book plus one "Introduction", puts forward some problems that should be paid attention to; appendix after version, description, and "Si Ku abstract", "the calligraphy and painting booklist problem solving" about the comments on article,

  • Press:Tianjin Yangliuqing paintings
    Author:Zhang Lin
    This one concept sketch "from the Western vocabulary, originally is drawn for the creation of" sketch ", and sketch is one. A sketch of the people should pay attention to and the proportion of the master shape; understanding of anatomical structure and frame geometry; the black, white, gray level of understanding, the need to establish a "color" consciousness, and strive to make the picture,

  • Press:Tsinghua University
    Author:Xiao Wenjin
    The art of animation as a unique form of art has its own characteristics, its art, commercial value becomes more and more. With the development of economy, the art of animation produced different style camp, with its huge charm infected and affected the whole world, from the cultural to the economic field, the art of animation in the world,

  • Press:South of the Five Ridges Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Yansheng painted
    "Zhou Yansheng fan painting art" content brief introduction: Zhou Yansheng is a unique achievement Chinese Contemporary Meticulous flowers and birds painting, works have won numerous awards, held several exhibitions in domestic and overseas are well received. His paintings inherit retained good traditional Song Dynasty painting, although some experiences from Japan and Western painting, but always keep,

  • Press:Knowledge Publishing House
    Author:Tong Xiangtian
    The author thinks, as students, should pay attention to the basic theory of gouache learning, but also to adhere to sketching practice. Mature painting technique is not baseless, but from a long-term accumulation of experience. Moreover, various art categories, each painting has its own "skills" and "tricks", some are,

  • Press:Tianjin Yangliuqing paintings
    Author:Chen Zengsheng
    The cat is a lovely animal, to make it vivid, is not an easy thing. This book introduces the detailed steps of drawing a cat to you, including the skeletal structure, positions of facial features, characteristics, pattern face changes, claw back pattern features, characteristics, dynamic characteristics, believe, as long as you follow the book on the steps,

  • Press:China Power Press
    Author:Chen Jingliang
    Appreciation of landscape painting works, ISBN:9787508357348, author: Chen Jingliang, Dai Jianhua, etc.,

  • Press:Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Ma Hansong
    "Ma Hansong: modern color ink painting" by Tianjin People's fine arts publishing house. ,

  • Press:Yunnan Art
    Author:Jing Tongjiang
    "Well of Tongjiang Qin PI yen fine brushwork flower and bird painting selected" main content: the use of line drawing techniques, center pen hook line, park and upright, is smooth, the petals with eosin, carmine dyeing flap or cinnabar, can properly reflect the rich and colorful charm, which expressed their the peony of form and spirit to the right,

  • Press:Hebei Art
    Author:Xiao Jun
    "The main content is: Yongle Palace mural" is one of the three major Zuting Taoism in China, its architecture and mural art and renowned at home and abroad. "Yongle Palace murals" is the "classic" China temple murals of "Yongle Palace murals of Tang and Song Dynasty", it is the successor of traditional and summarize and perfect, is the Yuan Dynasty Taoist really,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Fang Zengxian
    Fang Zengxian, is considered one of the most influence today China painting have characters. Fang Zengxian's artistic creation, research, explore the new road has been more than half a century. He experienced compatible with modern literati flower and bird painting contemporary China themes of rural life from the realistic style, to the use of image creation, strengthening the,

  • Press:Tsinghua University
    Author:Chen Wei
    Cartoon color composition, ISBN:9787302152170, author: Chen Wei, Zhang Ruiqin,

  • Press:Liaoning science and Technology Press
    Author:Tanba Soko
    "Adults: beautiful flowers" "paint coloring book" in the pattern of soft and smooth lines, the use of paper is also very easy to color, leisure time to draw a piece of their own color works, is an excellent choice for self-cultivation, leisure and recreation. "Adults: beautiful flowers painting" included the 13 picture arrangement,

  • Press:Tianjin beauty
    Author:Liu Kuiling painted
    The main characteristics of "Liu Kuiling", is the object of description fine realistic, be strict in one's demands, and lively and interesting, beautiful and moving. But his works fine realistic, be strict in one's demands, not a replica of the object as it and repeat, a taste for fine perfection, truthfully depict, but a combination of pen and Sumi technique, in,

  • Press:Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Chunya
    The exhibition 2007 "flowers" Zhou Chunya painting and sculpture exhibition of Beijing Today Art Museum in Beijing in 2006 Chinese "flower is not flower" Songzhuang Art Museum of Beijing China 2006 "the true mingled with the false, the Asian contemporary art and found that" South Korea Heyri art foundation,

  • Press:Jilin Art (Library Manager
    Edgar Pedja is at the end of the nineteenth Century the rise of French Impressionism is a special member, is a pioneering masters. In the observation of painting theme selection, perspective and rich in the performance of techniques, has its own unique degas. His attempt, at that time and later produce,

  • Press:Shanghai Pictorial Publishing House
    Author:Li Mingyao
    Chinese painting has a long history, rich in content, and has a unique personality and charm. Chinese painting department in China specific traditional culture background, classification is also completely different from western painting, diversity and particularity, figures, landscape, flowers and birds there, animals and other department. Learning landscape painting has three stages: imitation, writing,

  • Press:Ying Haihai Hubei Art (2007-08)
    Author:Ying Haihai
    The basic color, ISBN:9787539420523, author: should the sea,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Yang Ruhao, Wang Hui,
    Animation, as a movement of art, all of it is reflected in real time sound painting movement screen play. Research on the motion law is a necessary accomplishment each animation creators. The book detailed account of all kinds of sports law of common, through the analysis of the movement, from which we understand and master the base,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:Regis Debray
    "100 paintings: introduction to New Testament" content: even if you frequent the library, Museum of art, there is a chance to appreciate the western classical works of art of every hue, you may not be able to truly understand the artists hope that through the content and theme picture performance. Dr. stargazing, Salome dance, Cana wedding, fishing miracle,

  • Press:Tianjin Yangliuqing paintings
    Author:Lu Yifei
    "Lu Yifei selected works" include: brilliant purples and reds, Yan light wind cable, spring, spring into the mess, said of a couple, Jiao Zi allure, colored peony, peacock figure, Jin Ling color, Aoshuang autumn colourful, full autumn Yan Tang, Peach-Shaped Mantou, alone collar Tianxiang, peony butterfly, peach, Akie Yiqu, Gilbert Liu Yan music chart, rain drops,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Fu Baoshi
    This book is published by Mr. Fu Baoshi in the last century fifty's book of the same name adapted, with Mr. Fu's "China figure painting and landscape painting" one article, adding a lot of excellent traditional Chinese landscape, figure painting, integrated into a. The book in addition to retain the original book drawings, also added some of Mr Fu Baoshi's never publicly,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:(British) Mo Wei
    "The trip (British painter Mo dimension for drawing China)" is a British painter three brigade Chinese brush record, including 50 Chinese scenic painting, each content including the original pictures, paintings, and the text the author to the identity of the tour guides explain explain painting background (including the two text), illustrations, exhibition,

  • Press:Tianjin Yangliuqing paintings
    Author:Zheng Shaomin
    "Zheng Shaomin selected works of painting" the main content: figure painting, is China traditional painting. With its distinctive national characteristics and unique artistic style by the people's love. "Zheng Shaomin selected works of painting" income of Zheng Shaomin's painting works such as "some, dimension", "Xiang style Tajik people",,

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