• Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Brian Peterson
    Creative photography guide, "beyond the portrait: Creative Photography Guide" content: one is photographed the world's most important, because portraits to affect our hearts. A 3 year old child facial expression of sadness, tearful feature will touch the majority of our hearts. We may not know exactly why the child cry, but we,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Shi Weiming Research Laboratory
    "Light and shadow Digital Photography: lighting and light, exposure to" capture the traditional photography lighting concept, with "digital" re interpretation, including from the light characteristics, basic types: talk, texture, tonality, direction, lighting, exposure, exposure of the new knowledge, new skills with the digital age, whether,

  • Press:China Tourism Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Shian, Yang Weiguang
    "Shutter postcards: non professional photographic interpretation of" content is: if the shutter expansion solution for the happy door, when you press the shutter camera view right, who can guarantee that you will be able to capture the satisfactory picture, can enter the door of happiness? How to capture the beautiful moments, and moving,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Brian Peterson
    Masterpieces of shoot tips, "understanding of Digital Photography: Masterpieces of shooting skills" content introduction: photography development so far, perhaps more than any time in history are more attractive to attract sb.'s attention. This is mainly due to digital photography world is changing. Because the digital camera to immediately meet the needs of promise, small LCD screen like never before,

  • Press:Shanghai Jinxiu articles.
    Author:Duan Yuting Jiang Wei
    "My camera (the fourth Lianzhou International Photography Exhibition)" content is: "my camera" theme perhaps with retro tendency, but the history of art is a lot of new trend of thought is realized by the revival of an ancient art, such as the European renaissance. "Lianzhou International Photography Festival" is held,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Authoring often syndrome
    "Digital Living Museum: digital photography techniques and examples of" started from a digital camera hardware foundation knowledge, followed by the introduction of a variety of photographic knowledge including photography techniques and composition. The book is divided into 11 chapters, including digital cameras, setting method, basic knowledge of photography and the mode of composition, also all the,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Bill Hertel
    The wedding portrait shooting attack, "the best wedding photography guide (Third Edition): introduction to shooting cheats" content winning wedding portrait: like all art forms, wedding photography is also with the passage of time and evolution. However, it is a hitherto unknown in great progress in recent years. By the perturbation Zhang teacher provides higher quality,

  • Press:China Commercial Press
    Author:Guan Xiaohua et al
    "Introduction to the dance of the elves" content: the swan of love always true to the core to get people's admiration, love each other in the rise and dance in a happy mood, beak in her talk to each other, neck tenderness, brought together, I left to let people become excited. The swan was a quiet and elegant, beautiful and colorful body, its,

  • Press:China Tourism Publishing House
    Author:Zhao Daoqiang
    "The digital photography completely Raiders" mainly introduces the method for determining the exposure value. "The digital photography." not only to explain the relationship between the exposure of the basic elements of the aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity of the three, but also to you on the digital camera's exposure to various metering mode, mode, exposure,

  • Press:Fujian science and Technology Press
    Author:He Jia
    "Nikon D300 digital SLR camera to get started quickly" specifically for the user and want to know Nikon D300 users to write, is a detailed guide to the use of D300 camera. "Nikon D300 digital SLR cameras quick start" of the first 3 chapters, the D300 D300 specifications,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Xia Yu
    The memory of the mirror, mirror: "memory of the World documentary photography interpretation of" detailed introduces the history of development of documentary photography: the earliest photographic works, Daguerre photography role, architectural photography, landscape photography, image Chinese, China early documentary photography. "Memory of the world mirror: documentary photography" show the classic image interpretation of history,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Bill Hertel
    "Best family portrait photography:" Introduction to general digital and film Photographers: every once in a while shooting a family portrait recording family growth. This is a challenge to the photographer shooting skills, because the overall effect of family portrait only each individual style and lighting are excellent to good, this is the need to,

  • Press:Beijing Kehai electronic publishing house
    Author:The gentry Technology
    "Introduction to digital photography" content novice learning: photography is not strange to us a little, everyone in the digital camera was used to record the things around you, the beautiful scenery, pass by the friends and relatives of the memory. However, many times we picture of the effect is not ideal...... Is the photographer must have the professional accomplishment,

  • Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
    Author:Li Jing, Zhang Jiaming
    "30 days to get along well with the digital SLR camera" is a guide for the reader to grasp the digital SLR camera in 30 days, using the method of book. "30 days to get along well with the digital SLR camera" from the beginning of the digital SLR camera choice, step by step to explain the basic knowledge, camera parameters and related equipment set, lens selection, framing,

  • Press:Shanghai Culture Press
    Author:Photo by Xu Xixian
    "Suzhou River" (1978-2008) is mainly about: if the Huangpu River to witness the opening of Shanghai, western culture landing impact Shanghai from here, then the Suzhou river is accompanied by the development of the city of Shanghai, which witnessed across the Farmland Wetlands into shanty street, then change to many-storied buildings, it dear body,

  • Press:People's post and Telecommunications
    Author:Wu Zhenrong / / Hu 民炜 / / Li Shaoqi
    "NikonD90 digital SLR Handbook super" is a practical manual NikonD90. The main contents include: the latest D90 function, D90 and D300, D80 test, D90 body features, D90 function, D90 application with camera and related accessories. ,

  • Press:Wenhui press
    Author:Song Lvwei
    "Rongcheng image language" includes: This is a book in 2008, by the Songjiang district Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Shanghai Photographers Association "" I and the Songjiang tourism "photography contest" in the list of the winners and the selected works of Shanghai photographers, and the vast majority of photography camera lens for focusing pine in a short span of 5 months within the,

  • Press:China Tourism Publishing House
    Author:Zhao Daoqiang
    "Digital photography 100 technology completely Raiders" mainly introduces the purchase of digital cameras, camera operation and maintenance skills and some examples of shooting skills, and strive through the easy way to these techniques is presented to the reader. "Digital photography 100 technology completely Raiders" generally can be divided into: digital camera purchase skills,

  • Press:Nanfang Daily Press
    Author:An elder brother
    The main collection of Chinese people life scenes, reproduction of the China social changes decades of reform and opening up. This section covers wide, has bid farewell to Three Gorges, Laoshan war, economic rise and epic event record, and Hainan automotive event, South to work, for the first time tide Chinese pageants news live, but no,

  • Press:No Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Xia Xunnan
    Interpretation of "world portrait photography, portrait of the world: Portrait Photography interpretation of" detailed introduces the history of development of Portrait Photography: early portrait photography, "immortal" and "iron format" portrait, stereo photography, "card portrait", "photo" photos, color portrait, photography, portrait photography and comics in the Chinese the rise and development. "The era of shaw,

  • Press:Publishing House of electronics industry
    Author:Zhang Heng Li Qingde Wu Qiwen
    "Digital photo art processing of the Bible (color)" is on a digital photos complete teaching art processing, from the start, simple image processing gradually in-depth, comprehensive, detailed explanation studio post production process with sample, to uncover the digital photos late synthesis technology used in photography to write,

  • Press:Shanxi people's Publishing House
    Author:Wang Zhanyu
    "Deep in the roots" edited by city news photography society organization, by the Shanxi people's publishing house, is the "open eyes" thought of news photography papers published after the sequel, called sister set. This paper set a total of 62 articles were income I 60 photography people. Du Shanxue of secretary of municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee,

  • Press:China photography press
    Author:Zhao Yingxin
    "Chinese photography Yearbook (2008-2009)" covers all since the 2008 image equipment important detailed data, are equipped with experts and master works for the professional camera and lens, especially by the German "digital photography" global test lab of authoritative data, more "Chinese photography,

  • Press:Phoenix publishing media group
    Author:Xu Ming
    "Digital camera based" is a new technology and new content presented in radio and television technology after digitization, more is the digital media, radio and television news and director and other professional much-needed professional foundation materials etc.. To understand the digital camera related theoretical knowledge, learn the proper use of digital camera, digital camera and master skills of creation,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:[Japan] Tanaka Dachiya
    For photographers, spring is the long-awaited season, while color and strong light is summer personality. "Spring scenery" is introduced to you is in summer two season, how the various weather conditions, using light and color, the use of different lenses and exposure compensation, to view and patterning method and variable,

  • Press:Fujian science and Technology Press
    Author:Wang Yang
    This book specifically for Canon EOS 450D users and to understand 450D readers to write, explain profound theories in simple language describes each function and the method of using 450D. The book is divided into 9 chapters. The first 6 chapters describes the various parts of 450D front, side, top, 450D,

  • Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
    Author:Hu Minwei, Li 韶琪 ed.
    "Nikon D700 digital SLR Handbook super" is a practical Nikon D700 digital SLR camera manual. The main contents include: Nikon D700 camera, D700 performance analysis, D700 and D3 and D300 contrast, D700 body details, D70,

  • Press:Shanxi people's Publishing House
    Author:Han Wande
    "Yuxian century old photos of the anthology" tells the story: A, "Yuxian century old photos of the anthology" a book editor, is based on dialectical materialism viewpoint as the instruction, to rescue, reproduction of the history and culture of Yuxian as the starting point, seek truth from facts goblin selected rows of each historical period, the industry's instant photo, its purpose is to remember to,

  • Press:Nanfang Daily Press
    Author:Hu Wugong
    The main records in China during the thirty years of life evolution, paintings by chastity picture, penetrating to reveal the reality. These pictures of two century when the Chinese folk provides a picture of the most reliable primary data for sociologists, historians, ethnographers, artists understand. This,

  • Press:Li Jianqi computer electronic audio video publishing house (2009-07)
    Author:Li Jianqi editor
    "Digital SLR photography in 108 cases (full-color fine print)" ornamental, readable, practical, maneuverability is good, photography lovers of good teachers and helpful friends, for the vast number of professional photographers and photography enthusiasts to read, "Digital SLR photography in 108 cases (full-color fine print)" can also be used as photography,

  • Press:China Railway Publishing House
    Author:Photosynthetic Photography Network
    "150 digital photography tips" you should know about photography lovers should be 150 digital photography skill know of examples to explain, is divided into 10 chapters, the first chapter introduces the preliminary knowledge of digital camera. The basic setup includes a camera body; the second chapter introduces how to keep shooting clear photos,

  • Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
    Author:David Noton
    David Norton scenery photography notes, Waiting for the light, "waiting for the light: David Norton's" landscape photography is known as one of the world's outstanding scenery photographer David Noton give you a visual feast. The book is demonstrating his many works in the boutique, the scene around the world, he introduced the David in the book,

  • Press:China National Photographic Art Press
    Author:Jin Jianguo
    "Amateur" both from a professional point of view or the amateur, are able to bring readers to ideological inspiration, inspiration and resonance, is a book worth reading and reference books. The scientific and artistic mastery. Nietzsche once said: the end of life only two road, a,

  • Press:The Chinese Communist Party History Publishing House
    Author:Yan Shujun
    Tiananmen: "birthday celebration, Tiananmen celebration" content: "son in Sichuan, It passes like this. husband!" A great sage, our ancestors in two dry 500 years ago, "It passes like this." vision, a merciless time take away everything and craving memory feeling. Human beings through the long road, from the language inheritance memory to gradually,

  • Press:Computer newspaper electronic audio video publishing house
    Author:Li Ou, Ding Xuan, Zhao Meng, Gu Qinghua, Ren Li,
    "Three dimensional panoramic photography expert technique" is mainly for now on the market more popular panoramic photography related aspects are introduced, including equipment selection and collocation, various technical problems, real photography later stitching and display, guide you how to shoot a perfect panorama. Three dimensional,

  • Press:Shanghai literature and Art Publishing Group Distribution Co. Ltd. (Shanghai Jinxiu articles)
    Author:Week 令飞 | Photography: Zhou Haiying
    The son of Lu Xun Zhou Haiying album, "dressing case of human (son of Lu Xun Zhou Haiying album)" content brief introduction: this grand day "album" book, record my life. The last century forty's, the mother did for my beginner photography albums personally wrote the "mark snow", "earth hoof marks". I and photography has edge perhaps is not accidental. I,

  • Press:Fujian science and Technology Press
    Author:Wang Meiling
    "Digital SLR novice must read" is divided into 5 chapters, the first chapter how digital SLR cameras use guide consumers, including battery, memory card and camera installation, how to correctly grasp the machine, how to focus and so on, the second chapter functions such as aperture, shutter camera setting, sensitivity, metering and introduces, while the earth,

  • Press:Chinese Federation of literary and art circles publishing company
    Author:Bao Kun
    (Contemporary Visual Culture) / Chinese contemporary photography Criticism series, I firmly believe that, without a closed self-sufficient art history, there will be no more a land of idyllic beauty photography history. Therefore, photography is never what evolution to its logical development of "art". Photography is a kind of technology of modern industrial, commercial simplicity and rights and extensive it means, note,

  • Press:People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Lan
    The first chapter of black and white photography second chapter of black and white photography first documentary photography festival second black and white urban Photography Festival third black and white portraits of fourth black and white body photography section fifth black and white landscape photography as a black and white photography third chapter fourth chapter photographic device art,

  • Press:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:[Japan] Tanaka Dachiya
    "Autumn scenery" content brief introduction: autumn sky and red leaves, winter snow and ice branch, is the photographer favorite subject. "Autumn scenery" is introduced to you is in autumn two season, how the various weather conditions, using light and color, the use of different lenses and exposure compensation, by changing visual,

  • Press:Chongqing University press
    Author:Yan Jian
    "We learn now using SLR photography" to explain profound theories in simple language the way, starting from the understanding of the basic equipment, introduces in detail the application of SLR in portrait photography. The book with examples for the center, according to the different environment, there are examples of interpretation of the theme in detail, combined with the actual situation in question may arise,,

  • Press:South of the Five Ridges Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wang Wenlan
    The main collection of Wang Wenlan from the 1976 "four or five movement" began 32 years filming career, related images reflect the reform, opening, developing, rising process and recording, and old people. These wonderful lens related to the Tangshan earthquake, Laoshan front, flood relief and other unexpected news picture, also including the,

  • Press:Chinese Photography Publishing House, Chinese National Photographic Art Press
    Author:Cheng Huan
    "Dynasty, Nepal" photography naive Tiancheng, the matter does not carve the daily chores, to reveal the mystery of inner happiness, lit with a simple emotion. This moment, all kinds of conflicts in Vanity Fair and worldly disappear in smoke, simple life to restore and recovery we are as human nature and complacent. The,

  • Press:Jiangxi Art
    Author:Zhu Guangming
    "Practical quiz 120 photographic technique (Illustrated Edition)" tells the story: the aperture and speed of transform what effect to have? How to take the peony flowers? How to take the lotus? How to photograph the plum blossom? How to photograph the orchid? How to shoot bamboo? How to take chrysanthemum? How to shoot a grape? How to take watermelon? How to take the steamed,

  • Press:Shanghai Jinxiu articles.
    Author:Yang Xiaobing Jia Pingwa Li Lei
    "Childhood" tells the story of Chinese: there will be no childhood. Now Chinese child like mice, born with a beard. Because of no childhood, we just cherish these pictures. The original ecological record mirror like, intuitive display of marching to the changes in Chinese spirit and life, try visual recording, not,

  • Press:South of the Five Ridges Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Xianmin
    The main collection of Chinese Photographers Association vice chairman Zhu Xianmin since 1965 shooting of selected works, the main content to the people living in these forty years, especially the changes in the basic necessities of life and other aspects of the people after the reform and opening up, real, sustainable, vividly reflect the reform and opening up, China folk variety,

  • Press:Computer newspaper electronic audio video publishing house
    Author:Qin Yulin
    "The digital SLR photography beginners" completely abandon the traditional photography books too much theory, starting directly from the actual combat, many people feel is very professional digital SLR camera, photography technique is difficult to master. In fact, as long as you're learning method, and more practice, you will soon grow to be an excellent photography experts,

  • Press:China Tourism Publishing House
    Author:Richard Olisenhos
    "The main content of digital camera practical guide" includes: Digital Camera Guide by important practical knowledge vivid example in the book about the body and some details to help you to think like a producer. Winning producer Richard. With its simple orce news articles, before explaining how to,

  • Press:China Tourism Publishing House
    Author:Zhao Daoqiang
    "30 days to get along well with digital SLR photography" mainly introduces the method for determining the exposure value. "30 days to get along well with the relationship between digital SLR photography" not only explained the basic elements of an aperture, shutter speed and exposure and sensitivity of the three, but also on the exposure of various metering mode, mode of digital cameras to you,,

  • Press:Chinese Friendship Publishing Corporation
    Author:Hai, Xiao Wei
    Historical moments eternal memory, "red wall photographer: historical moment eternal memory" content is: the "red photographer eyes: historical moment eternal memory", is a group of people's memories, because of their special occupation. They use the photo for himself but also left us with a very personal history. A be struck with fright in the middle, there are warm,

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