Chinese art in 5000

Chinese art in 5000

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The time of publication:2012-10
Press:China Youth Press
Author:Blue Lion
BookTitle:Chinese art in 5000
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This book has the following four characteristics. First, the book includes national fine arts works about 500 Tibetan Yu Hai outside the major museums, including clay sculpture, wood carving, scroll painting, paintings, calligraphy, had detailed text of each piece of work is introduced, including the author's life experience, writing background, structure diagram, drawing skills, cultural connotation and related allusions. Second, the book had a summary introduction in each section of the chapter, in each dynasty art history has a system introduction. At the same time, in the text of the concrete, interspersed with professional knowledge of many Chinese art history, including important genre rheology, the various stages of the history of Chinese art and an important concept. Through this book, readers can have a complete and detailed understanding of Chinese art, there is a clear and deep understanding of these national treasure of cultural relics. Third, the text of the book writing, has many years of research experience, the study of art history who has a good professional background. Although the book position of popular, plain language, however there is no shortage of professional and cultural depth, readability strong. Fourth, book binding fine, picture the atmosphere, the hardcover with binding function set, try to give the reader a pleasing, quaint feeling. 
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This book consists of digital art history of professional researchers write. 

Qin Qin prehistoric
Southern and Northern Dynasties of Sui and Tang Dynasties

five generation two Song Jin and Yuan

clear text index chronology of Chinese history
Chapter abstract
The Mawangdui Han Tombs were thefamily cemetery of Licang (birth yearunknown - 185 B.C.), who originally servedas the Prime Minister of Changsha Stateand was later entitled "Dai Hou." Amongthe many tombs excavated, No.1 Tombwas the largest and the excavated relicswere the most diverse and exquisite. Itwas the tomb of Xinzhui.Licang, s wifewho died in 165B.C.No.2Tomb waswhere Licang himself was buried, andNo.3 was the burial place of his son.The lacquer mug is part of the largecollection of lacquerware excavated fromthe Mangwangdui Han Tombs.Therewere about forty double-handled mugs inthree sizes-large, medium and small.This is a medium-sized one.Made ofwood, it was lacquered red inside andblack outside.The inner surface edgeand handles, are red, and decorated witha lively cloud pattern.In the center ofthe bottom are three Chinese characters, literally translated as "drink to yourheart" s content ":evidently there was aneasy conviviality on social occasions.The double-handled Mug also had amore elegant name-" feather mug. "Thisname alludes to drinking etiquette of the time.Anyone who proposed a toast firstlyhad to pick his subject, and would theninsert a feather into the mug.If given afeathered mug, the guest had to drainthe contents immediately without excuseor hesitation.As time went on, feathermug became the gen Eral name for a two-handled mug.This Mug spans more than twomillennia, but the lacquer still looksbright.The combination of red and Blackwas eye-catching, but was also isA symbolof wealth and luxury in the Han Dynastyand a clue to the hospitable bibulousnessof the era.
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"Chinese art in 5000" a book is to introduce a large album art in china. The book in history has divided into 9 chapters, separately from the historical period featured various sculptures, painting and calligraphy and other arts categories in the most representative works to show the Chinese art of the gluttonous feast.

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