Essentials of commercial photography

Essentials of commercial photography

Basic information
The time of publication:2006-4
Press:Southwestern Normal University press
Author:Zhang Ximeng
BookTitle:Essentials of commercial photography
Summary of contents
This book is a part for the classroom teaching practice of the practical teaching, focusing on the basic theory and skill of traditional photography breakthrough to understand the operation method of commercial photography. Although in today's traditional photography by the impact due to the emergence of digital technology, but the use of its principle is essential. Now the digital photography technology almost everywhere, people in the face of this technological revolution, to resist or blindly follow is not sensible. As art design professional students, in the face of the traditional photography and digital photography, should be cool headed analysis and thinking, aesthetic features in-depth study of the two different techniques, and their different correctly for creation. "The higher occupation education in art design teaching: basic tutorial" commercial photography strive to excellent commercial photography of the latest evidence. 
Author intro
Zhang Ximeng, in 1983 graduated from the Sichuan Fine Art Institute Department of art design, beginning in 1984 engaged in art education, mainly as a graphic design and photography art teaching. 
the publication of "advertising photography", "new image" advertising photography photography monographs. He is a member of China Animation Association, member China society of image and graphics, Sichuan Artists Association member, associate professor, Academy of Fine Arts, Chengdu animation department.
The concept and function of 
concept, teaching guidance
the first teaching unit of
commercial photography function and equipment
A, commercial photography, commercial photography (a) the concept of
(two) commercial photography function
two, commercial photography equipment used
A) camera (two) 120 web camera
(three) large amplitude technique camera
(four) digital camera
camera lens aperture and the role of the
(seven) film type
(eight) teaching photography annex

second teaching units guide business photography unit picture composition, light source and basic principle of
light one, commercial photography and visual elements of
(1) form of modern design elements of
(two) conceived and forms
(three) composition and visual psychology
two, commercial photography light source (a
artificial light source)
(two) of several different utility used flash lamps
(three) basic factors of
light > three, some characteristics of
(two) of five basic lighting
four, photometry and exposure of
(a) meter
(two) metering points of
(three) light than the control
unit teaching guided
third teaching units
commercial photography picture effect and shooting skills.
A, the picture effect of the control of
(a) focus
(two) of
(three) selectively focusing
(four) exposure time
(five) of
(six) use large amplitude technique camera control screen
two, commercial photography skills
(a) still life photography
(two) portrait and fashion photographer
(three) building, external photograph by
(four) transport unit guide teaching photography

Fourth teaching units of digital photography, principle of
A, digital camera
(a) digital camera structure and working principle of
(two) electronic photosensitive imaging chip element type
(three) the performance of digital camera (
four digital camera function)
two, digital photography system of
(a) digital photography system.
(two) input mode of digital images
(three) of digital image processing
(four) of digital image output
three, number The word camera development trend of
(a) high pixel sensor (
two) anti shake technology gradually mature
(three) digital SLR camera to challenge the traditional camera
(four) digital camera limitations and challenges of using
four, a digital camera and a few should understand
(a) using the method of digital camera
(two) exposure mode selection of
(three) focus mode selection of
(four) the image quality of
(five) using a digital camera should be aware of several aspects of
unit teaching guided
in commercial photography appreciate
the main references

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