Foreign dance history and appreciation

Foreign dance history and appreciation

Basic information
The time of publication:2008-1
Press:Higher Education
Author:Ou Jianping
BookTitle:Foreign dance history and appreciation
Illustration: feature dance two, dance is the flesh. The most original, the most natural, the most basic, most healthy stimulation, it is dance can doings of ghosts and gods, beyond any race, color, gender, age, class, language, history, culture, geographical scope, religion, ideology, aesthetic tastes of the secret weapon; it is dance can talent showing itself, become "all the mother of art" (USA philosopher Susan Lange) and "the mother of all languages" (the British philosopher Robin Colin Wu German) potential reasons; it is dance can ever-victorious, often with different style and style to win the favor of people of all ages and both sexes at all times and in all countries, win to the commom people, essentially to a kinsman of the emperor loved; it is the dance can never yield in spite of reverses, often from the glint and flash of cold steel bloody rise, regeneration from religious prejudice ban, beginning as human life the most direct, the most intimate carrier, the future, Yue people remaining energy and emotional stress reasonable catharsis physiological balance and psychological quiet of the most important genes. Dance is the spirit of the. The material, the most vivid, the most vivid, attribute is the most ethereal dance all over the nation, the ancient, have a conversation with God, the basic way of ritual essential contents, drive off evil means, purification of the mind's effective way. However, the highest state of dance certainly should be a perfect body and spirit the two in one. Only in this way, it could have been and life always, prolonged and human coexistence, often new, often jump. This causes the whirling is actually quite simple -- physical and spiritual unity, it is each of our life, survival, development, enjoyment material foundation and spiritual premise in the big big world. Touch the human dance development pulse, we can feel the different historical periods with different rhythm and charm; the dance aesthetic evolution of the picture, we can see the different styles and schools of different characteristics and different pursuit. Let us along the historical vein, one by one to recognize dance history, enjoy the dance charm. Three, the dance function said, dance is magic. Because the dance can doings of ghosts and gods like will beyond count boys and girls get be entranced, and make them from the determined are dedicated to: in the western history of ballet, there are many famous female dancer, is because in childhood, had the honor of dear witnessed the Russian Ballet Star Anna Pavlova's dream of dancing shadows, and from then on dedicated to the dance; in European and American modern dance history, many of the more prominent male dancer, is because in the youth saw "USA modern dance" the father of Ted Sean and German famous male dancer Harold Kreuzberg so full of masculine beauty dance, and resolutely abandoned the dance. 
Summary of contents
Ou Jianping, Chinese researcher, Academy of dancing art research institute director, foreign dance research doctoral tutor, the Ministry of culture "the outstanding expert" title winner. Perennial active in international dance exchange, the teaching forefront, frequent trips to Europe, America, Asia, Australia and four continents 16 countries and China Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan lectures; for nearly 20 countries and China Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions of the outstanding ballet, modern dance, folk dance team perform as consultant; dozens of overseas "fellowships"; participate in writing, hosting, translation, review of the central and local television stations, radio dance show nearly 100 sets. 
academic achievements: as a "Chinese encyclopedia" version second "foreign dance" branch and main writer, editor in chief of University of Oxford, "International Encyclopedia of dance" international consultant and freelance writer, USA "dance magazine" international critics and China correspondent. In the preparation of the "Chinese modern contemporary dance history", "foreign art appreciation", "the essence of post-modernism dictionary" and other works. Publication of "Oriental Aesthetics", "dance", "aesthetic appreciationAesthetics of dance "," Introduction to dance "," the Western dance culture history "," world of art history, dance volume "on translation, more than 20.
Author intro
"Foreign dance history and appreciation of" the phrase with 20 years of teaching. Finally! As the emphasis on practical teaching, especially foreign dance history and appreciation teaching, I was keeping the past 26 come to the point, explain profound theories in simple language style of the translation text, "is that" even "foreign matter" and other characteristics at the same time, more efforts to make the "history" book does not become a "" the book of death. In particular, its characteristic has three: features: the use of the book is "the first use of the book". As a concise history of dance and appreciation textbook, the book seeks to the systematic, integrity, substantial, and meet the basic needs of junior college, bachelor, master and doctoral students in the four aspects of teaching, and in depth, breadth and the amount of information and so on, but also for the different levels, different the demand of different class, the teachers and students, and provide sufficient optional and self-study room. Therefore, I per semester teaching 16 week, once a week, each time 2 hours of routine, all the contents in the introduction and 15 chapters. Because each chapter of dances and different age, prosperity and the depth of the current understanding of each different, their length varies accordingly, therefore, suggest that the teacher in the premise and the basic framework of this book in history, according to the two signs of Chinese directory, according to the different depth and the progress of Junior college students, undergraduates master's and doctoral students, the four layers of different teaching objects should be proposed, step by step teaching related content, introduces different representative figures, appreciation of their representative works. Because the book chapter, section, clear, point clear knowledge, teachers can improve students with acceptance, class, increase the amount of image data increases, in the same chapter, section, project, to increase the relevance of content, and the organization of effective classroom discussion. 
The first section of 

a dance, dance, dance of the definition of
four dance, dance, dance of the origin of
five classification
section second foreign dance category
third section summary and review
A, explanation of the terms
questions first chapter entertainment dancing
the first primitive dance
a sequence of events,
three, the most logical definition of
explain Neolithic
six, artistic features of dance Indian dance
second Maori dance festival folk dance.
a sequence of events,
three logical definition, explanation of the terms
"original ecology" folk dance
five, artistic features of dance sense,
seven, dance dance case
Korean folk dance folk dance
India > Arabia > Jewish folk dance folk dance
Hawaii folk dance

third Greek Folk Dance Festival Dance.
a sequence of events,
three logical definition, artistic feature of
four, dance building Discussion of
Polka dance case
Mazurka Polonaise

ragtime jazz dance salsa Merengue

rock mambo dance dance
Lindy Hop

disco dancing hip hop dance
fourth section summary and review
A, explanation of the terms
second chapter questions dance
Ⅰ. The amusement God dance
the first religious dance.
a sequence of events,
two, core logic definition
four, artistic features of dance case < br > primitive religious dance

Hindu Buddhist dancing bear dance

Islam, Judaism and Christianity dance dance
second entertainment dance festival folk dance.
a sequence of events,
three logical definition, artistic feature of
five, common sense view dance dance
six, dance case
Indonesia folk dance folk dance

Egypt Spanish folk dance
Irish folk dance

third Russian folk dance ballroom dancing.
a sequence of events,
, < br > two logical definition Three,
four artistic characteristics, case

Waltz Dance Tango Foxtrot Rui

trot, Waltz quickstep

Rumba Samba paso doble is

Fourth cowboy dance festival of classical dance.
a sequence of events,
logical definition three,
four, artistic features of dance case
Japanese classical dance
India > Indonesia classical dance, classical dance
Spanish classical dance win
the European School of classical dance
fifth section summary and review
two noun explanation, thinking questions
third chapter (a ballet
the first Festival Ballet) of a sequence of events,

three logical definition, explanation of the terms
equestrian ballet
the ballet
the Ballet
comedy ballet Opera Ballet

drama opera and ballet ballet
psychological ballet

Jazz Ballet the ballet
rock ballet
second aesthetic standards.
a ballet, dance
two ideas, concepts of
three, kinesthetic dance for
third Festival Dance suggestions summary and review
A glossary,
fourth chapter questions Ballet (two)
the first day early Ballet (about 1500 - 1832)
a sequence of events,
explain early ballet

Piacenza masters. Balthasar Bozoe
JeanBaptist Ruri
LaFang Dan

let Mary Camargo Mary Saley George Nowell
"Queen's Liufang comedy ballet"
night ballet does not close daughter"
second (Romantic Ballet 1832 - 1876)
a sequence of events of interest,
terminology to explain the Romantic Ballet
White Skirt Ballet

of famous history Filippo Tarioni Jean coralli
Jules Pero
Arthur San Leon band

Carlota Mary Tarioni Fanny Elsele - Glisic
Teofile Gautier
Salvador Vigano
bournonville and
"Fairy" masterpiece Liufang.
> "paquita" pirates "Coppe Lia"

"Fulvia" Hill "take Du Li"
third nodules and review
A, noun explanation
two, thinking
fifth chapter Ballet (three)
the first classical ballet Pu (1877 - 1898)
a sequence of events,
noun interpretation of classical ballet

Grand pas de deux Deux character dance,
three masters.
Marius Petipa.
J Ivanov
"Don JiZuoDe" masterpiece Liufang.
"La Bayadere"
"Swan Lake"
"Sleeping Beauty"
"The Nutcracker" / > " Second
A, explanation of the terms
two, questions
sixth chapter Ballet (four)
the first modern ballet (1909 - 1977)
a sequence of events, winning
explain modern ballet
new classical ballet
Abstract dance

three, the famous drama and dance.
seventh chapter Ballet (five)
eighth chapter modern dance (a)
ninth chapter modern dance (two)
tenth chapter modern dance (three)
eleventh chapter modern dance (four)
twelfth chapter modern dance (five)
thirteenth chapter modern dance (six)
the fourteenth chapter of modern dance (seven)
fifteenth chapter new media dance
appendix trends: international exposure in Retrospect and Prospect of

postscript @##@ references in New Century This book of ordinary higher education "fifteen" national planning materials. Implement the general principle in the history of the book, first used in 10000 before the latest dance heritage as a starting point, from the original self entertainment dance, folk dance, ballroom dance, one by one in the paper to show the religious dance, folk dance, ballroom dance, classical dance. The dance of the case from the five continents of the dozens of nations, countries and regions, and then discusses the dance ballet and modern dance of the two in the world, and the resulting derived Dance Theatre, physical theatre, modern dance, dance and new media dance, and in their respective came to pass, logical definition, noun explanation, artistic characteristics, different schools and different time periods, the most representative of the choreographer, performer, educationist and composer and its representative, one by one, review and analysis. "Appendix" "big trends: Retrospect and prospect" international exposure in the new century, will lead the reader friends or enjoy swimming in the world dance wonderful tide, or in one fell swoop climbing on the international stage and eventually become the commanding heights, really have China background, international minded have used material.
the book is mainly suitable for college professional dancing, also can be used in public art education and dance lovers.
Chapter abstract
Out of more than 20 books, I have understood, the writer postscript, really make people happy! First of all, it means, a new book is finished, accumulated over the years and finally into Zhengguo; then, it means, can finally have a chance to get it off one's chest, his mind! However, the harvest season, only gratitude, most need to spit for fast! Is the people, are parents, my parents gave me a healthy body and healthy personality. I know, in my genes, there are too many of their full of wit and stand on solid ground, but they can't catch up with me this time...... Is the person, there are teachers, my teacher gave me the survival skills and development opportunities. I know, in my words and deeds, there are too many have farsightedness and life of their power, I wish I could put their ideals continue...... In this textbook "postscript", thanks to all who have helped me a noble, even if it is not appropriate, because after all, this is not my biography. Here, I will only gratitude to three teacher let me taste the flavor of dance, and enter the dance community for 25 years to my show the utmost solicitude, so the final completion of the book, make a direct contribution of Chinese and foreign teachers! In Chinese, first of all to solemnly thank my dancing on the three enlightenment teacher -- Wuhan Yu Jing, Shao Jiu Lin, Zhang Zongying. The teacher from the army demobilized after the song and dance troupe, taught in our school Hubei province key -- Wuchang fruit lake middle school, the director of "Mao Zedong Thought of literature and art propaganda team" (the equivalent of today's dance team, choir, etc.). She gave me a ballet training course originally, the purpose is to let these selected from thousands of studentsDozens of people come to Wuhan, vaudeville, the "revolution of modern dance" "white haired girl" of the back, and jumped out. Through the efforts of our school, school circle in Wuhan City, take the lead in this part of the model operas performed on stage! This is thanks to the deputy head teacher Shao -- she was competent in Wuhan City, song and Dance Theater Dance Troupe, has repeatedly arranged "song" starring friends give us special treatment, counseling, and she and a teacher in the people's Liberation Army step art dance class is the students, so we are "first come, first served". Remember the teacher once said, they were the most important teacher named Wu Xiaobang...... But, in retrospect, she indulge in elaborating on these dance experience and master level character for the young and ignorant, started to learn to dance for me, but absolutely no attention. 
"Foreign dance history and appreciation of ordinary higher education", "fifteen" national planning materials.

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