Gongs book

Gongs book

Basic information
The time of publication:2011-1
Press:Shanghai Culture Press
Author:Tan Jingde
BookTitle:Gongs book
Summary of contents
Gongs Book legend began in the Han Jin Dynasty, written in the song dynasty. The Qing Dynasty during the reign of Gu Xiuchun as the founder of xiasha. Yeast handed down, changed its name several times, from the book, and sing the causal, CPIC Shanghai book to gongs book, shows strong vitality. Drum series Chinese culture and art of a typical rap art, it inherited from the Tang Dynasty, Song Daisu, Ming and Qing Dynasties Bianwen Guci and other rap art and literature. By virtue of a boring gongs, cymbals, book by book, Shanghai dialect rap and a move action, it shows personality and unique artistic charm that hit, singing, merged into a wonderful art combination, give a person with strong aesthetic feelings.
The general ordered 

and the spring and Autumn period and the "Yin Du Tiao Tai Bo"
God drums for one thousand years
the mysterious "Gestapo"
Tiaozhao burden temple fair
Xinchang Li Yang she sang "agency"

Modern Perspective of folk art
office to say the book was opera singing of

gongs and drums duet
from variable instrument "plot" to "into"
book table of various
storytellers argot
poem Cantabile Fu like
the storyteller's nine treasures
torch legend has it that
cowboy founded "said the"
the Lan Fang of Korean Pine River
passed into flower
hand skills. Later
gongs Book Heroes list
Jian she set group
at the end of the Qing Dynasty Association
three and three
causal sound transmission Yongyu agency truth
"Shanghai book" the birth of the Pujiang Association of
cross-strait "eight beauties"
Nanhui one hundred and eight
the future
"hit the salt bureau" contention of a hundred schools of thought "by
group article" activation gongs book
gongs book "special audience"
China gongs book town

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