Story and discourse

Story and discourse

Basic information
The time of publication:2013-1
Press:Renmin University of China press
Author:Seymour Chatman (USA)
Translator:Xu Qiang
BookTitle:Story and discourse
Summary of contents
Book in Russia, France, Britain effectively semiotics, linguistics, narrative based on the related theories, focusing on the generalized "narrative" (including various media narrative, especially the novel and film two big media), the "story" and "Discourse" of the two major categories of strict distinction and the detailed argumentation, which clarifies the general narrative structure. The introduction part from "the expression / content" and "material / form" Criss Cross, distinguish between "form and material" and "the content of the expression of form and materials", and then "story determined (content)" and "Discourse (expression)" their cover field. Second, chapter three two is the concrete expansion on "story", the "event" and "existence" two aspects to prove. Fourth and the five two chapter is about the expansion of "Discourse", on "some forms of non narrative" and "narrator" the fine differences and arguments. The conclusion part gives the schematic diagram of narrative structure". The book has a widespread influence in the theory of narrative history, one of the "sketch narrative exchange situation map" and "narrative structure diagram is frequently quoted and discussed. It is for the narrative, the novel theory, film aesthetics and other scholars have an important reference value. 
Author intro
Author: Seymour Chatman (USA), Xu Qiang Seymour Chatman (Symour Chatman, 1928 -), American film and literary critic, narrative rhetoric, Professor of California University berkeley. He is regarded as an outstanding representative of structuralism narratology or classical narratology. His major works include "late style of Henry James" (The Later Style of Henry James, 1972), "the story and discourse: the narrative structure of the novel and the film" (Story and Discourse. Narrative Structure in fiction and Film, 1978), "Michelangelo Anton 尼奥尼, or the presentation of the world" (Michelangelo Antonioni, or, the Surface of the World, 1986), the term "narrative comments: the novel and the film narrative rhetoric" (Coming to Terms. The Rhetoric of Narrative in Fiction and Film, 1990), "interpretation of narrative fiction" (Reading Narrative Fiction, 1993) and Paul Tonka (Paul Duncan), "Michelangelo Antonioni: the movie" (Michelangelo Antonioni: The Complete Films, 2004). Works translated into many languages and has great influence in the international academia. 
Chapter introduction 
narrative poetics and narrative theory elements of

narrative is the symbol structure?
and material object
narrative inference, selection and induced
Outline > narrative structure of comic cases of
"reading" and "read"
Second chapter story: event
order, causal relationship and causal
fidelity and motivation
core and subordinate
the story and the story of suspense and surprise -

time and action sequence, the length of time and frequency of
time difference how the performance of macro structure of
narrative and plot typology < br > third chapter story:
story space and discourse space
in the film narrative story space story space

text narrative story in existence: character theory
formalism and structuralism.
Aristotle's concept of the character of
Todor Rolf and Barth on character
character is open structure or closed structure?
to open character theory
characters: type
A.C. Bradley and character analysis of

fourth chapter discourse background polymerization / >
The real author, implied author, narrator, real reader, implied reader,
viewpoint and narrative voice in the film
narrator and character speech behavior of
"non narrative" of the general performance of
"non narrative" types: written records of
pure speech recording
thought records: free direct inner monologue, stream of consciousness style

free association......
fifth chapter covert narrator and open narrator
> the narrative structure schematic diagram of
the author and title index
subject index
translation postscript: that's still to come
Editor recommends
Story and discourse by Seymour Chatman "(narrative structure of novels and movies)" is the field of narrative fiction, (especially) film narrative field one of the foundational works, "the story / discourse" two points and detailed explanation, illustration, film narrative exchange mode research on the film narrator is only, in the past 30 years has been regarded as the authority. In Chinese literature, film studies, the book's popularity is also very high, but the book appearance but not long before the implementation of the translation, so far most citations are part of the classic paragraph and the "other".

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