Youth films Handbook (Fifth Edition)

Youth films Handbook (Fifth Edition)

Basic information
The time of publication:2012-5
Press:CITIC Publishing House
Author:Cheng Qingsong, Zhang Xianmin, Du Qingchun, Cui Weiping, Cui Zien, Zhu Dake, Hao Jian, Kaige Chen
BookTitle:Youth films Handbook (Fifth Edition)
In June the rainbow text / Cheng Qingsong in 2011 September, with her fourth album "youth movie Handbook", starting from Beijing, has to Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and the local college friends and readers friends about the film, the story of memory. My movie, is called "youth movie, let the dream fly", made a total of 21 games. Lei Hao, Ning Ying, Wang Libo, Huang Lu, Tan Zhuo and other friends and ITogether with the exchange. A lecture at Nanjing Arts Institute, local special education college of deaf students came to class, I was moved. Give a lecture in the south school, I heard prior to admission, students playing downloaded from my blog on the song, let me feel very intimate. I remember after finish, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, such as the crowd dispersed, suddenly a little boy ran after me, calling me, gave me a piece of paper. He told me that he is gay, he wants me to encourage. The same thing happened in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Department, also pregnant students in the crowd dispersed after comrade to summon the courage to tell me he is going through troubles. So, I think I must do a Chinese gay movies 20 years review topics, I hope that through this way to give the young friends to support, readers in this period special subject to see Stanley Kwan, Zhang Yuan, Xu Anhua, Edward Lam, Tian Yuan, Chen Junzhi, Chen Zhengdao, Wu Wei, shooting journey gay film, bag he provided the exclusive photos, let us to see Leslie Cheung very life side. In 2011 December, Kevin Tsai and I, Venus, Song Dandan won China's first rainbow media award. Get this award, feel more responsibility, the revolution has not yet succeeded, the comrade still needs the effort. Also thank Li Yinhe teacher, Mr. Kevin Tsai as our reference fifth series "youth movie Handbook". In June the rainbow, warm and beautiful. The fifth series "youth movie Handbook" concern and Dai Jinhua and teacher Hao Jian movie reviews, Wang Chao, Fan Li Yan's visit, as well as the "REDU fever" "youth film guide" 2011 Chinese top ten and third "golden broom" awards related content, we have a deep concern and love for Chinese movies, you can go to feel. Of course, here to thank my good friend Hairong Tian, thanking her for always supporting me, on the "youth movie Handbook" support. 
Summary of contents
"The youth film guide" is a film culture books, is a book with depth and sharpness, attitude, literary books comprehensive movie reviews, interviews, cultural events such as multiple. Founded in 2007, has published four volumes. The main contents of this book are: cover character Stanley Kwan, Leslie Cheung, manual focusing 20 years Chinese gay film featurette, independent film and the 2012 third Golden broom award selection activities. 
Author intro
Cheng Qingsong, "the youth movie Handbook" editor in chief, famous screenwriter, film critic. Scriptwriter of the film "film history" "silent mountains" "happy cost" received a number of domestic and foreign film award. Since 1999, for twelve consecutive years as the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival Awards Producer, director, screenwriter. 
major works: "foreign postmodern movie", "my camera doesn't lie: avant garde film archives", "the visible image", "my camera doesn't lie" etc..
Editor in chief of the 
rainbow in June Cheng Qingsong
a cover character Stanley Kwan Leslie Cheung
Stanley Kwan: both near and far, both far and near interlocutor / Stanley Kwan Cheng Qingsong
"boy female phase: the Chinese movie sex" - Stanley Kwan's film floating projection
Guan Jinpenglin Yi Hua
Leslie Cheung's life of Cheng Qingsong
his eyes Kaige Chen
and Leslie Cheung spend the time packets before
II manual focus:
does not close spring: Chinese gay film 20 years Fan Popo
we all love comrade
"East Nishinomiya": the taboo after uncovering with warmth the story of Zhang Yuan Cheng Qingsong and Wang Xiaobao day Zhang Yuan

Xu Anhua talk about "all about love" Xu Anhua van at
Cui Zien -- I film like party Cui Zien Fan Popo
elder sister Qi's Chen Junzhi
to heterosexual look gay film -- an interview with Yunxiang Yunxiang Lu 韵子
Chen Zhengdao: don't beat youth, my old Chen Zhengdao Zhao Zhao
and Zhong Desheng coffee Nigel Collett
Hong Rongjie and his "Campanula silent" Hong Rongjie Kantorates
we all love playing gay
fans dream "Butterfly" Tian Yuan
every summer is the summer stone
memory spring - Jiangxin Island Ji Wu Wei
we all love to talk about Comrade
youth body servant, thought of prostitutes -- an interview with Li young parrot quail Wang Wanjia
cover and leak - old light hidden complained and static
Tsai Ming-Liang "trilogy": refraction urban nightmare side static
Zhou Meiling comrades image writing had 炫淳
smoke emotion and beauty -- Yang Fan's Queer Cinema World Wang Yanbei
"Butterfly": bound identity mark? A wood cutting Reza
in China - a "East Nishinomiya" Rodrigues? Carlos?
"Orient House such Olympic Nishinomiya": the pent up desire Toni? Ryan
we all love to see pictures of Hongkong lesbian review wheat realize in oneself
Taiwan Queer Film Forum record Lin Shuyi
the world's major gay film Festival Guide Zhang Yujie Luo Yingqian
Chinese gay film incomplete records Comrade
twenty-two years (65) story arrangement: Fan slope
twenty years rainbow spectrum of editorial department director

3 dialogue on column Car director Fan Lixin interview with Fan Lixin mud
Fan Lixin director explained
the independent film
"heaven": Daily texture from the reality of evil Wang Chao Song Jianjun Geng Cong
power is from all weakness born Wang Hui Wu manual

Chinese criticism, type: form of dialogue and moral understanding.
"the piano": class, or in the name of the father, Dai Jinhua
"shares", a good one of Aesop's Fables of Edward Lam
"golden broom can sweep the dust He Yonghai why the film industry
Chinese film" golden broom "? Ye Kuangzheng
third "golden broom" award: the Chinese movie trapped Jiang Ming
the Chinese movie, riding the "golden broom fly Cheng Qingsong
the manual activity
" youth film guide "the national tour, in support of graphic by young people: Editorial Department of
film Independent Spirit -- manual?
continue dialogue Ning Ying" golden broom "Awards - the second" golden broom "award review of the Song Jianjun
2010" youth movie Handbook "Chinese top ten award arrangement: Editorial Department of
" youth film guide "2011 Chinese top ten and third Golden broom Awards
ceremony said: this print finishing editor
2011" youth movie Handbook "Chinese top ten award
REDU heat to support the" youth film guide "
" my documentaries don't lie "forthcoming
Chapter abstract
The copyright page: illustration: editor in chief of Cheng Qingsong and Stanley Kwan: Director Ang Lee in the "Brokeback Mountain" set: Director Xu Anhua: "happy together". 2: "Farewell My Concubine" Leslie Cheung superb performances, amazing people won't hold spring — — Chinese gay film 20 years / the fan at the Chinese gay film is a a restricted area, a problem, a few, a lonely. This is a rainbow, an orange, a picture, a beam spring! Yes, a beam does not close spring, tenacious projected on the not so Chinese social inclusion in the. Special part of this period "youth movie Handbook", in the limited time and resources, chose has important influence on the audience's Chinese gay movies, film, Film Festival as far as possible, to review, interviews, records. From the past ambiguous in the course of "road", when a man in full bloom "amphetamine"; from mainland China's first lesbian film "summer", to the star studded Hongkong manufacturing "all about love"; we carefully study his &ldquo and gay issues over the fate of Ang Lee director Comrade &rdquo cells;;, can people envy envy hate Tian Yuan is his pen to write "Butterfly" first love story; Xu Anhua regretted his movie is too politically correct, Tsai Ming-Liang has not the same &hellip writing style; … homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, queer, man, woman … … image in front of people more equal. But the image also reflects the social inequality. Today, due to the mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan three different system, leading to a serious imbalance in the development process. Taiwan area has a "seventeen year old sky", "tattoo" so popular boutique, also let people taste the comedy, love of youth, the obscure and different tastes. In contrast to recent Hongkong film market rarely win honor gay film, especially for the lesbian issues paid little attention, but gay market exceptionally hot. If we compare the mainland situation may be worse, a director may be hard to earn money for a few years to put together a film's budget, secretly took and then get the foreign broadcast several fields, and then worry about the next, the specific reason you know. Fortunately digital technology development, but also to the new ideas and directions of producers. "Spring fever" with a compact digital cameras shoot in Cannes, starring one of Wu Wei also exclusive share shooting process; Cui Zien in the interview show the capitalist spirit of rebellion, making new movies with their own ideas; Chen Junzhi is a low cost way with the protagonist to produce a series of resistance to oppressive social work. We might as well the world overlooking the boundless sea of the festival, said that almost every day greatly small lesbian is underway, and this book also collected one to share with readers. We would like to pay tribute to these people, they not only took a gay movie, they even can not only to make movies with social dialogue. Cui Zien and stone 11 years ago together into the Hunan satellite TV "had words to say" the studio, we are very proud to say: Mainland China the first through the TV out of the male and female comrade is a movie; Zhou Meiling of Taiwan, Chen Junzhi the two directors have committed to the comrades documentary film creation, the former and later fought in drama Berlin “ &rdquo teddy bear; award, latter tells family events written touching biography book, two men are never conceal their own sexual orientation, and often with a partner out generous sun happiness same-sex love; Taiwan famous film producer Li You parrot quail, time, Li Youxin published a "gay the film" one book, with unabashed individuality will be reflected in the interview; for this period cover two characters: Stanley Kwan, Leslie Cheung, Guan director with documentary "male female" out of the cupboard, brother in concert gave "the moon represents my heart" to love, this to Chinese entertainment circle to shock, the film also let people feel richer space. Today, including Hong Rongjie, Zhong Desheng, Yunxiang and other young designers isn't afraid to talk about personal feelings. Sexual orientation is a natural thing. We see progress, does not stop to give their opportunity for reflection. Especially the movie lineIndustry could easily into the middle of the game, issued from the bottom of the society's voice is especially important, we need to pay attention to sexual minorities in the edge, women and transgender, the … … image tentacles along the edge of soul. With the development of society, love man or love really be treated equally, the concept that sexual orientation will become increasingly blurred, gay film this type will even disappear. And we should celebrate a fair chance to remove the label, if you are lucky enough to see these articles, you will find this to be quite a memorable history. His eyes / Kaige Chen in the modern life trivial and legend? Leslie Cheung gave me an answer. His death is his legendary ended, no applause, but from the high sky fall into flowers with. Listen to friends that he was smashed to pieces, the only face is good. Look at the past many of his photos, one eyes downcast, head bowed, corner of mouth a smile, satire like, as if he had predicted his own end. We no longer see he lifted up his eyes, watching, reveal a thousand amorous. This is a pair of God are not broken eyes. Leslie Cheung and I met, in Hongkong. We sat opposite, while he was smoking while listening to my &ldquo &rdquo story; farewell my concubine. I noticed that he was holding a cigarette fingers trembling slightly, leg gracefully on the face very calm. I said I am very happy he to play Cheng Dieyi this role, but I told him to play a good heart and not sure. He says he can act, because he is the man play is not divided, male and female presence, he is Cheng dieyi. I was just smiled. A few months later, after we finished the paragraph story promised and chrysanthemum marries greatly hurt the Cheng Dieyi, transitions to the Imperial Palace square at the door. The scene is night. After we get ready to shoot Cheng Dieyi not the sword in the house of his childhood, he found the promised Duan Xiaolou, rob went to see the sword Duan Xiaolou, met just to the Japanese soldiers. This scene, only one Leslie Cheung lens. We in good light cloth, let him sit in the rickshaw. In the camera begins to rotate, Japanese saber to open the curtain. Leslie Cheung sat in the car, the sword of the face is the chaos of the rouge, especially the mouth of a deep like bloodstains. His eyes revealed appalling despair and sadness. After stopping, Leslie Cheung sedentary, tears have. I am not persuaded, only to turn off the light, let him stay in the dark. I now understand that Leslie Cheung will be the personal feelings of the characters of the great investment, to perform such a state. This is one of his eyes, will "Farewell My Concubine" obsession and betrayal theme clubs. "Farewell My Concubine" is I as a director with deep feeling film. In the shooting after for a long time, I don't know how to get away from this story, I worried for this time, but in the unexpected night dream of Leslie Cheung. He wore Cheng Dieyi clean blue cloth gown, is still the eyes smiling to me, said quietly: then and you said goodbye. I was at that moment, suddenly wake up, found that his eyes had tears of thousands of lines, I have not clear whether it is Leslie Cheung or Cheng Dieyi, the farewell seems to confirm causal 10 years later and died. Indeed, Leslie Cheung is Cheng dieyi. I have always felt that Leslie Cheung belongs to the past era, this is because of his a pair of us only to pursue in the old downtown in the eyes. The Chinese movie need “ golden broom ”? Article / Ye Kuangzheng third “ golden broom ” awards nominations announced the media and netizen attention given to. According to reports, the nominated films entirely produced by the users to vote for the highest “ the most disappointing actor ” and “ the most disappointing actress ” nominated by Honglei Sun, Richie Ren and Cecilia Cheung present, Huang Shengyi. In addition, ten films nominated in ancient costume films accounted for 8, so the media said on 2011, is the ancient costume films years. “ golden broom ” Award "youth movie Handbook" editor in chief Cheng Qingsong founded, is named China's annual worst picture, and the United States “ golden Raspberry Awards similar to &rdquo. Last year China movie box office exceeded 13000000000 yuan, the domestic film close to 600, become the domestic film screened for most of the year. In this movie are a dime a dozen times, says “ not the worst, only more rotten ” he must be some movie even rotten a “ the highest international level ”. Can imagine to selected “ golden broom ” award, the competition will also intense Golden Rooster award. Of course, the prize is the threshold, in addition to the film's “ rotten ” outside, still have a reputation, or a big production, big director, star, big publicity, a big box office, at least for a qualified language. So, the year before Zhang Yimou "three guns" take this broom, last year was Feng Xiaogang's turn. From the award-winning history, at least we can see the prize was both close and distant, not fawn on power. “ golden broom ” Award nomination from Internet users, second wheel is composed of independent critics voted results, based on the reputation of the fans, combined with the cultural professional advice. So when I heard Cheng Qingsong introduced his idea, readily agreed to do this prize judges, the reason is very simple, does not have the difference, which is the best? Although this job to offend people, but for the Chinese movie, this prize is clearly more than those who pull the banner for the tiger “ money award ”, or insider entertain “ self paste gold ”. &ldquo to buy award and buy list wind in the art circle, gold broom; ” award at least to the community a fair selection is the worst. The film is of course should be brave to face these from the folk negative evaluation, to recognize the public appreciation and its works gap, which may promote the film to create real quality. &ldquo &rdquo gold broom; Award;At the beginning, many people may think is “ ”, but with serious Award for 3 consecutive years, the media and the film also began to change the view, find that the change from the extensive media coverage can. Obviously more people see “ golden broom ” the value of the prize, as to let people formed a basic consensus on the art of film standard, in addition to keep the best film ", to outside, still have those flashy, not off the “ ” mask. All kinds of Chinese film award dare water injection, water injection, is fuzzy, artistic standard “ golden broom ” prize, provides to break the blind worship of authority may allow people to get an independent evaluation of space in the film. With the worst from “ ” balance, a social evaluation of the film tend to be fair and objective, and not let some movie interests to himself. There is a serious “ golden broom ” award, can let more people see that “ self paste gold ” absurd. Called on the media and public figures of the supervision, is completed by these similar to the film rights behavior. But now more and more coarse abuse of various film awards, the unspoken rules is rampant, one reason is a lack of such “ art fake ” courage. This award represents a part of fans and critics opinions through this award, we can also hear some different voice. Although the consumer a dud only zirendaomei, unable to find the director compensation, but can borrow this award to express grievances. With the film industry in China, although some question of condemning and have never stopped, but the bad is rampant increasingly unbridled. What is the Chinese film creation atrophy, or film management closed control, leading to false culture and pseudo cultural products of various opportunistic popular, I think the answer is self-evident. The prosperity of culture comes from the wide field of view and freedom of thought, if treated culture does not open and tolerant attitude, bad is only going to get worse. To change this situation, first of all need to film on “ golden broom ” awards are open and tolerant attitude. 2010 annuity Raspberry Awards, Oscar winning actress Sandra • Bullock, just appeared on the podium, took the worst actress award. When the Chinese movie person also have such an open mind, our China movie can hope. The Chinese movie really need this “ golden broom sweep ” well, don't just sweep the dirty movie, also need to sweep every movie person's heart. The third “ golden broom ” award of China film stuck paper / Jiang Ming third “ golden broom ” Award for the third “ golden broom ” award ended, "Warring States", "legendary Amazons" and "Kuan" was the most disappointing films, Gao Xiaosong and Frankie Chan won the most disappointing director, Honglei Sun and Cecilia Cheung respectively to obtain the most disappointing men and women in the film award. This session of “ golden broom ” award the bland, logical, but because the "Thirteen beauties" of the name for this award again attracted controversy. Having said that, won the Special Jury Award "Thirteen beauties" is the “ golden broom ” award a major bright spot, avoid the some history. 2011 is the Chinese movie most worthy of reflection in a year. This year China screen box office has not kept pace with rapid growth. Although the box office reached 13000000000 yuan is expected, but in the second half of the year has slow growth problems. Bad, prices, stole the box office, various controversy is the keyword in 2011 the Chinese film market. Hotch potch of Chinese movie market, bad money, small bad life, this also let “ golden broom ” award more exciting. The most disappointed actor, Honglei Sun and Cecilia Cheung because of greedy boomerang. Two hottest stars do not cherish the reputation, money, life as a retribution in this life. “ disappointed ” “ to ” the opposite, on behalf of the audience for their anxiety. With the golden broom on two stars is not a bad thing, many people will regret not to play in their own time to se. Sun, Zhang is lucky, though, came a little bit late. The most disappointed director award also reflects the gap. Gao Xiaosong's "big Takefu" and Frankie Chan's "the hill" woman generals of the Yang family's technique is bad he surprises. A unit of the more controversial is the most disappointing film unit. This unit films were "Warring States", "legendary Amazons" and "Kuan". The three piece in common use by our large pit dad. In fact, which films the award finalists are not too much, this unit also reflects the public and independent critics choice. The dispute comes from the "Thirteen beauties" pearl. Compared to other movies, was shortlisted for the "Thirteen beauties" has a large investment, production of sperm and commercial advantages of strong, successful escape at. But this piece of level, is the “ golden broom &rdquo award winner. When the public taste and critics from the perspective of parallel, critics called the play complementary role. &ldquo I, Li Jing and season three judges strongly suggested that broom; gold ” prize organizers for reconsideration, the addition of the “ Special Jury Award ” and 27 independent reviewers eventually to 18 votes in favor, 6 votes against and 3 abstentions, let the "Thirteen beauties" deserved. "Thirteen beauties" won the Gold Award. “ ” special jury award a netizen debate, but from the procedure, the jury award completely fair justice. And "hero", "Thirteen beauties" is a value completely distorted the movie. As one of the judges skin three animation film can not say: “Speak the truth of pure entertainment, but can not speak evil, from the early years of the "hero" for the world to kill, to sacrifice a prostitute thirteen Chai save students, to talk about human rights. On the surface, inside the system. ” in addition, the "Thirteen beauties" creative mistakenly believe that as long as the Nanjing massacre with “ ” background involved, will obtain the natural reputation at home and abroad. This exposes the piece side speculation made. No skills, a credible story and universal mind, such a World War II “ ” film into a yellow color window. The issuer stupid hegemony and propaganda in North America and double loss after “ cornered ” let people see the profiteers. The former Zhang Yimou Bang politics, Zhang Yimou is now two bang. Bang political era Zhang Yimou understandable, because of that era who are not who is noble, and he also took out the truth without evil film. Money worship time, Zhang Yimou became a hack, chimed in, an accomplice, since the film "hero" that day, Zhang Yimou was nailed to the pillory History Office rejected. "Thirteen beauties" this movie not at “ golden broom ” award is a historical regret, the timely correction, in the maintenance of the justice of the procedure at the same time, to add the jury award form addendum, embodies the natural sense of historical mission and maintain the instinct of justice. “ golden broom ” prize influence is increasing year by year, to the Chinese movie role in promoting more obvious, it is the collective criticism from the grassroots and elite make all kinds of speculation prisoners have no place to hide. However, after the Chinese film industry to award is still a big question mark: the next year, China will have more bad movie? 
Media attention and comments
Stanley Kwan film without life, to savor life. Li Yinhe movie is great fun, of course, is a good movie. The creation and history of the Hsiao-Hsien Hou youth film. Jia Zhangke youth film, the spirit of rebellion. Jiang Wen's film creation should be the dream of freedom. "The youth movie Handbook" criticism should be free and independent, dream and passion. Wang Xiaoshuai adhere to the independent spirit of criticism, see the "youth movie Handbook". Jiao Xiongping film is persistent dream, but it can be achieved. Xu Anhua wished the "youth movie Handbook" smooth sailing, expensive. Liu Xiaoqing "youth movie Handbook" pioneering hope road, we are on the way. Ning Ying look "youth movie Handbook". Li Shaohong film is always the dream of youth. Zhang Ming film and youth presence, even though, as Eastwood young. Xiao look "youth movie Handbook" be a shadow in the sea vast lighthouse. Lei Hao cares about movies, concerned about the "youth movie Handbook". Guo Xiaodong is willing to our movie, from here to the world. Tian Yuan young forever movie, movie forever young. Gu Changwei loves movies put "youth movie Handbook" every day in our pockets, put on the heart. Wang Chao did not abandon the conscience, independent character, as the dignity of movie life, brave criticism. Lu Xuechang paid attention to the movie itself, to promote the film practice. 
Editor recommends
"The youth movie Handbook (Fifth Edition) (Chinese gay movies 20 years)" recommended: Hsiao-Hsien Hou Gordon Chan Shing Yee Xu Anhua Jiang Wen Liu Xiaoqing Jia Zhangke Wang Xiaoshuai Lou Ye Zhang Aijia Zhao Wei Li Bingbing Peng Haoxiang Leon Dai Jiao Xiongping Li Yu Li Shaohong Lu Xuechang Ning Ying Gu Changwei Jiang Wenli Chen Yao Fan Bingbing Hailu Qin Lei Hao Chen Kun Huang Xiaoming Tong Dawei Li Yapeng Tian Yuan Guo Xiaodong Jiang Hongbo Huang Lu Xiao Feng Wang Chao Zhang Ming Ni Ping Kevin Tsai Li Yinhe Baoqiang Wang Chen Sicheng movie you message Stanley Kwan: the movie is inseparable from life, to savor life. Li Yinhe movie is great fun, of course, is a good movie. The creation and history of the Hsiao-Hsien Hou youth film. Jia Zhangke youth film, the spirit of rebellion. Jiao Xiongping film is a dream, but it can be achieved. Li Shaohong film is always the dream of youth. Zhang Ming film and youth presence, even in his youth, Eastwood. Guo Xiaodong is willing to our movie, from here to the world. Tian Yuan young forever movie, movie forever young. Wang Chao did not abandon the conscience, independent character, as the dignity of movie life, brave criticism. Lu Xuechang paid attention to the movie itself, to promote the film practice.

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