Dance Educator Chen Jinqing Festschrift

Dance Educator Chen Jinqing Festschrift

Basic information
The time of publication:2011-10
Author:Li Xu
BookTitle:Dance Educator Chen Jinqing Festschrift
Summary of contents
This commemorative collection article mainly includes three parts: the first part is the Dean Chen wrote articles, speeches and she wrote to her two teachers of four letters. Although the word is not much, but always act old Dean low-key, these articles and letters are precious; the second part is she had some students, colleagues write memory. This article, although only one very small part, but between the lines can feel that between teachers and students, noble love and deep love the third part is our colleagues; a special trip to visit the President Chen family and colleagues, students the article, through the relevant Dean Chen interview activities, junior students and senior in face-to-face conversations, not only to understand the real Dean Chen, also increase the generation business builders admiration and gratitude, in the heart of the the collision excitation for dance career sense of responsibility and mission. In addition, this collection also included some precious photos of old Dean Chen Jinqing. So we can see her seminar, attended the meeting, figure the exchanges of visits when busy and happy family warm picture.
a memory, desk pen
rehearsing some thoughts in
generation foreword
Premier Zhou concern of Beijing dance school
from Asian Dance discussion will think of
the next dance and other
-- China dancer delegation's visit to

our common aspiration
from the discussion teaching repertoire question
to chronicle
to Liu Qunjie's three letter
a letter to Sun Guangyan
two memories, with Wen Jisai
Zhijin Pinqing
-- the Beijing Dance Academy foundation people dance educator Chen Jinqing
please mother pen and ink to have the "occupation disease" teachers
-- Miss dancer Chen Jinqing Comrade
according to retain loyalty
-- miss China dance education founder Chen Jinqing Comrade
New Chinese dance education pioneer -- Chen Jinqing
remember the old leadership
-- Chen Jinqing

-- recalling old nostalgic fun President Dai Ailian and Chen Jinqing
a ordinary and great dance educator
-- I told Chen Jinqing the memory
miss Chen Jinqing Dean
miss Chen Jinqing President
My Heart Chen
Chinese dance education reform pioneer Chen Jinqing
three re Yi, Weiweidaolai
Jin Qing memories -- Interview with
stem xuewei......

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