Tibetan folk Chinese ancient jade collection

Tibetan folk Chinese ancient jade collection

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The time of publication:2011-5
Press:The Imperial Palace press
Author:Zhou Nanquan
BookTitle:Tibetan folk Chinese ancient jade collection
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Book Cataloging to Dynasty as a unit, the collection more, once a collection of small, who, in a series of. Consists of new stone age, Xia Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty, spring and Autumn period, the Warring States, Qin Han Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui Tang and Five Dynasties, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Song Liao l0.
each part number is not fixed, the principle of open, beyond a volume capacity, can continue to volume, volume three. Each volume by publishing the content, total order, the theory, chart and chronology, partial volume with collectors.
Chart ranking the first, implements classified as secondary, respectively, instruments, accessories, tools soldiers buried jade, practical utensils, musical instruments, animal, into immortal Buddha, text and other. Because some collection category research is not clear at present, some collections in different culture in different periods, the layer properties, can seek common ground while reserving differences.
five per volume, select 300 pieces of jade (sets), accounting for 300. Each piece has the serial number, name, age, size, weight and individual work with a simple text description, and a hide real name or synonym, pen name, room number. Measurement of
six collection size is generally the highest, the most wide, the most thick, with a general measure only the largest collection.
seven per volume collection which is a collector, but also for many collectors, all according to the quantity and quality of the collection.
eight selected collection are hired by the publisher of three experts identified by.
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General order of Qin and Han Dynasties jade

Chart catalog chart of cultural relics collection with me.
Chinese jade history table

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