Advertisement graph creativity and performance

Advertisement graph creativity and performance

Basic information
The time of publication:2010-9
Press:Tsinghua University press
Author:Liu Chen
BookTitle:Advertisement graph creativity and performance
Summary of contents
Creative advertising, advertising creative is not only bright spot, but also the soul of advertising, in today's rapid development in the fierce competition in the market economy, no creative advertising is difficult to be successful. This book combines the new situation and new characteristics of creative advertising and graphic design development, training objectives of Vocational Colleges for advertising and art design professional applied talents, through advertising, and foreign classic case analysis, the advertising creative techniques used, interpret the images times advertising how to do, advertising creative graphics strategies and principles, advertisement graph creativity thinking skills and form of expression, and in the practical application of how national culture associated with the basic theoretical knowledge and skills; and pay attention to the spirit of the times, innovation of teaching content and the teaching material structure. This book has the advantages of novel structure, informative, case is rich, describes the simple, user-friendly, practicality, and the unified formatStyle design. This book can be used as advertising art design major in Higher Vocational Colleges and teaching colleges, but also can be used as advertising and design company practitioners occupation education and job training materials, for the majority of society since the scholars is a useful reference book.
The first chapter what advertising can move consumers learning points and goal of this chapter to guide the case first day only unusual advertising can move people second day of understanding and communication is the eternal theme of section third "no not early" a classic proverb, a creative soul two, advertising creative elements of the fourth section does not that others also know fifth Be honest and kind sixth advertising must have a culture, a culture and advertising culture, advertising culture two nature three, culture in advertising of the Seventh Festival food, is the summary of this chapter thinking and practice training class second chapters interpret the images times advertising how to do the learning points and the goal of this chapter reading guide case first time idea transformation, the transformation of the concept of an advertising age two, advertising creative people idea change second times the psychology of the audiences interpret the images, a simple acceptance psychology two, selective reading psychology three, conformity psychology four, five, psychological pursuit of aesthetic psychology six, negative effects of psychological third section graphics in the advertisement creation right The status and role of a graph definition two, graphic communication, the origin and change three, advertisement pattern classification, figure four in advertising creative, advertising creative graphics at position five in the role of the summary of this chapter thinking and practice training teaching of the third chapter how figure speak learning points and goal of this chapter to guide the case first section a, simplicity is not a simple simple to highlight two main information, channel capacity limit, simple three audience quantity limitation for the simple four, simplicity using blank section second unique rhetoric a find everything fresh and new, it may bring to the attention of two, can be totally different memory three, the difference is the foundation of creativity and individuality the third section reflects the charm of a repeat, repeat the advertising not persevere failure two, repeat is not equal to copy the fourth common but not common, common is not equal to "vulgar" two popular with audiences, graphics background three, popularity is a kind of equal section fifth impossible possible, against a frame figure two, figure three, mixed dimension against Italy Figure sixth day entertainment get attention, accessibility, entertainment entertainment two commonly used techniques summary thinking and practice training teaching of the fourth chapter how to behave better skills learning points and goals of this chapter first Lenovo, Lenovo is a refinement based two, association of definition three, associative thinking four, Lenovo creative psychology mechanism five, Lenovo graphic form second imagine, imagination is the motive power of creation, imagine two pattern classification in section third, the isomorphism isomorphism of a two, what is the origin of isomorphic graph three, isomorphic graph creation principle four, isomorphic graph form fourth deconstruction and reorganization summary thinking and practice training class fifth chapter advertising graphics ethical and legal responsibility learning points and goal of this chapter to guide the case first advertising graphics and ethical one, advertising graphic content health, beautiful form two, advertising graphics shall respect the social customs and habits, respect for people of different sex personality three, advertising graphics should be selected to deeply expose In essence, a thorough analysis of the affair, brilliantly alert second quarter advertising graphics and legal system, China advertising graphics taboo two, graphics are three, advertising graphics use must comply with the principle of fair competition in this chapter summary of thinking and practice the sixth chapter of the national culture and advertising graphics learning points and goal of this chapter to guide the case first day respect the national culture, Chinese cultural values two, the values of western culture three, advertising should be to respect the national culture as the root section second, the nation is the world's one, using the cultural similarities between the two, based on the traditional, maintaining the characteristics of three, understanding cultural symbol difference, make the communication barrier free four, cultural integration the concept of localization, the implementation concept of this summary of thinking and practice training teaching of the seventh chapter of creativity and process learning points and goals of this chapter first understand the creative, creative two, advertising creative and understand three, advertising creative features second quarter advertising company is operating process introduction, advertising companies how to do two, plane advertising creative is a stream The third class combat -- from creative to complete the summary of thinking and practice training classroom annex world famous advertising brief references 

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