Jane picked up the feather

Jane picked up the feather

Basic information
The time of publication:2011-4
Press:Chinese broadcasting and television press
Author:Wu Fen
BookTitle:Jane picked up the feather
Summary of contents
I love all the beautiful and the good things. Every morning, when I from night Hanshi sleep naturally wake up, open your eyes, through the half open door bedroom towards the hall looking eyes, falling block reading plate in the wood cabinet of lacquer tick safflower good month round table, then, my good mood the day then Wan such as the circular table plump peony flowers. Thank God, I have put these Sino US and good things to me, let me with them, not with me, they are accompanied by, so I this was like the hearts of many people rarely to struggle, struggle, irritability, restlessness. Think of them, my heart is like the mother is soft, full of warm and touching, because, I love them. Someone says, the collection is a luxury thing, I never think, of course, I never felt this thing could be. Think small, a collection of words is somewhat narrow, received, hide, what does that mean? The real people who have great wisdom never like this, they will collect, will find the best place to receive the good things......
For the order 
Guangfu "dig" shoot
Jiande white porcelain ladies
lacquer "along the river during the Qingming Festival"
love coral
ArgentCrystal blue
initial margin of Yangzhi jade
of your perfect conjugal bliss road

Black Dragon Carved Jade Wu
who let you sell
feeder small birds
dujinsheng Xiuxiang
Panasonic boy jade
Sha Qi's painting
the old mahogany Duobao court
and Tian 寻玉 recorded a
and Tian 寻玉 note.
Yixing to buy a pot of
white jade dragon fish pieces
Damour wall white jade seed makings Zi
once "Bei Yu"

pick up jade beads with "Mr. king" and "money boss" fate
tick Red Valve landscape holding box
a room full of fragrance of sandal wood carving bergamot

Taxus Tea Gold Junmei
eighteen Arhats Ivory hand string
gouache painting when

the cloisonne calabash
Q to my
fetal copper carved lacquer landscape and figure bottles of

white jade three ponies with gold leather cyana engraved brand
red sandalwood fan fan
powder blue on
and Tian Moyu Chung Kuei cup material.
A and Tian Baiyu mountain material.
SA catfish Pendant Bracelet core
beeswax hand string
Pu'er Tea Canon one
Pu'er Tea scriptures.
during the Republic of China Yuanyang pottery basin
ease only edge in
Hangzhou Wu 宅和 two hundred

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Comments and ratings
  •     In fact, look at this book to me is the biggest benefit women play collection can also play youziyouwei. Author from the female perspective, wrote in her experience. Personal feelings for her collection is not very interested, more appreciation of her playing attitude, have a style of one's own.
  •     Rare, but this small women's style of writing is good. One of her articles, in exchange for a treasure collector.
  •     Small like small woman, very interesting
  •     The book is pretty good, quite interesting.
  •     If the graph with better better