Art movement of the human body anatomy

Art movement of the human body anatomy

Basic information
The time of publication:2012-11
Press:Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House
Author:Louise Gordon
Translator:Wang Yi
BookTitle:Art movement of the human body anatomy
Summary of contents
The human body posture shows fully - sitting, standing, stretching and balance and support...... Encourage you to develop your own style, to every detail, all the details are painted in place. In the blink of an eye to the athletes jump, you will find how the human body movement, will know how to use this knowledge to improve your painting. 
"art movement of the human body anatomy" written by Louise Gordon, this book is very useful for painters and sculptors. The structure of the human body on the exact interpretation under the skin, how to affect the surface to see things, light and shade use how to bring the object image effect. The sketch and more drawing and painting fine, this book provides dozens of ideas. Illustrated in the book, many with anatomical hints as a reference.
Author intro
Medical illustration Louise Gordon served as the teacher, is one of the top artists in this field. She was a lecturer at the University of Toronto and an artist, Sunnybrook Wetering Toronto hospital medical illustrators, hold the post for 13 years. She is still art work, in London, sir John Cass Art Institute to teach anatomy and sketch.
the muscle structure and action of

facial muscles and facial action
eyes and eye movement
the eye muscles and the movements of the front and side
head and neck
the jaw joint
control jaw muscles.
neck shape
chest bone and suprasternal notch
neck with the cervical

knee chest joint synovial joint
the thigh muscles of
vertebrae vertebrae vertebrae curve structure and

vertebrae structure movement
human muscles in front of the
thigh adductor muscle and abdominal muscle flexor

forearm flexor area of hand posture some of the prominent position of human body measurement and X-ray

calf muscle skeletal structure (rear) on the surface of
the gluteus maximus,

scapula dorsal muscles of
back muscle
the scapula and arm a fascia lata muscle and tibia fascia beam
lame leg muscle of
the sketch captures the characteristics
the calf muscles (lateral)
human sketch captures the characteristics

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Comments and ratings
  •     Always out of stock, make I bought Dad Book Fuzzy pit photocopy of a makeshift, now buy genuine! Happy. Luis Gordon's book must have!
  •     Like the book very much exquisite style. Musculoskeletal and movement on the very detailed
  •     Randomly flipped, which describes the movement of human bone and muscle, as well.
  •     There is a very detailed, painting well!
  •     Slowly draw the
  •     Buy to put first, not so much to draw these
  •     Is the reference value, may be greedy and dissatisfied, think in little more than a good.
  •     Forgot to comment, make up, the book is quite good
  •     Feel shy forget rating, fast delivery of books.
  •     This book for my help
  •     Write very detailed, although some nouns do not understand but generally explained very clearly
  •     To give a little friend, a bit difficult.
  •     Yes, watching, suitable for beginners
  •     This book is careless, and compared to similar books, not what a lot of features, many text legend, briefly, but the analysis on various motion attitude is not much, on the human body muscle involvement with interspersed relationship analysis is not detailed.
  •     This book is very good, but received a crease o significantly (> ﹏
  •     Probably turn again, some simple content
  •     Although a bit thin, but the author that the head on the solution of the break or equivalent experience is
  •     I'm not used to.
  •     The illustrations are cheating, content is too simple, the only price is also