Decorate the "a dream of Red Mansions"

Decorate the "a dream of Red Mansions"

Basic information
The time of publication:2012-12
Press:Oriental Press
Author:Yang Shuyun
BookTitle:Decorate the "a dream of Red Mansions"
"A dream of Red Mansions" memory of the costume of Deng Yunxiang is closer to the date and start shooting the drama, costume group moved to Beijing Xishan "Badachu" to start work. The crew invited Lanzhou "Silk Road" Ballet's famous makeup artist Yang Shuyun comrades. Comrade Shu Yun is an expert on the Tang Dynasty costume, on the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes murals depicting the costume and the poems in the Tang Dynasty, has made the comparative study. Meet me, tree cloud he published in the "Journal of Lanzhou University" on paper to me. Remember is a discussion of the Tang Dynasty ladies thrush, informative, and careful analysis, it is professional to make. It seems the ballet "Tales of the Silk Road" makeup was a great success, with the world, is not accidental, everything is from knowledge, since different from a ship is transferred on the make-up person. Tap to cast, Yang Shuyun began to surface carefully study each actor, try to figure out their roles. "A dream of Red Mansions" is mainly the girls play, nature is the key to design these girls -- also known as the "foreign". "." what is the dress? No one has seen. Ever seen, are false, not painting, is the play. The seven show. The "map", to Mr. Mei Lanfang's "Daiyu", are the costume ladies hairstyle. In the "dream of Red Mansions", what comb what head, wear what kind of flowers, in what kind of jewelry, is rather consider. In accordance with the imaginary guide a staff, the TV series "a dream of Red Mansions" era, assumed to Ming and Qing Dynasties, which generally give up other fixed under a large range. But the specific design, but also do a careful study. The same person, have costumes, light clothing, dress, evening and morning dress, disease installation etc.. Life in the decoration of various television, film is a reflection of life more real, and therefore to the plot, abound change, design a variety of hair, hair. Moreover is "a dream of Red Mansions" this drama, such as no creation in hair headdress, it is very regrettable. Comrade Shu Yun elaborate design, but so many girls have to show a different charm in the hair, hair on, it is not an easy thing. Superb artistic creation, perfect makeup skills, but also to show the true Kung Fu here. I especially appreciate him Erjie comb head, a hair, sloping forehead, kind-hearted, beautiful and with a beautiful state, to support the. I called sister Mei makeup ", as the spectrum such as" like a dream "cloud: a show cloud eyebrow, charming and more charming, remember to marry clothes, and flowers fall. Melancholy! Melancholy! Flying into the heartbroken trap. At that time I also wrote "the wonderful jade Chan makeup", "Yuan porno makeup", "Qing makeup", "Li Wan makeup" poem. I have to write "her makeup", "Qingwen disease makeup", "Chai Hua makeup", "Feng Sheng makeup" and "pinger tears adorn" and "Xiren had makeup" etc.. But not yet in. 
Summary of contents
The eight seven version of TV series "dream of Red Mansions" is a difficult to go beyond the classical Chinese television makeup industry. The famous film make-up expert Yang Shuyun to eight edition TV series "a dream of Red Mansions" classic costume for the case, from makeup before the original information access, figure analysis and expert on, folklore expert, and to locate each character's costume style, make up stories to the main character makeup thin section, and the book has detailed introduction. "A dream of Red Mansions" is decorated with a solid theoretical foundation, but also has a profound cultural background, since ancient times, searching for the source, rich cultural and historical knowledge and love for the profession and dedication, make this book more professional, high-end. The book there are a large number of fine print pictures, mostly from the authors, and film stills and screenshots, worthy of all the fans and makeup game collection! 
Author intro
Yang Shuyun, Manchu, Beijing, China's famous makeup artist, a former CCTV as the media costume designers, CCTV art design, the Chinese film and television Tang Culture Research Institute, director of committee of China Society of film and television technology. In the film stage costume industry for 50 years, made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese film and television appearance, in the industry to the overall shape of ancient style known as the comb ". Design of TV series "dream of Red Mansions" many characters is one of the representative works of Yang Shuyun. The book depicts two "like Cu non - Cu net smoke eyebrow" is one of the main characteristics of Lin Daiyu and Yang Shuyun according to the drawing in the book with his own understanding, for actors to design a unique eyebrow is different from other people, help the actors to maximize the closer the distance between and role. Thus, we can see the closest to us in the eyes of the characters of a dream of red mansions. Mr. Yang Shuyun is the Chinese Tang Dynasty History Society of China, Turpan - Dunhuang Science Association, to explore the theory of ancient Chinese costume and makeup styling, Mr Yang Shuyun has deep research, published academic papers, including "from Dunhuang silk" guiding Bodhisattva "makeup", "talk about the Tang Dynasty era drama" the Silk Road Flower Rain "costume modeling", "TV costume style", Dunhuang one three 0 cave "Dudu lady Buddha figure of" etc.. "Hair style art" film was awarded the masquerade Committee of China Institute of film and television technology thesis prize in 2002, Mr. Yang Shuyun was known as China Costume Industry"Scholar make-up artist". 
"a dream of Red Mansions" memory of the costume of Deng Yunxiang
of Deng Yunxiang to the letter
one origin of
1 with Wang Fulin's initial talk
2 how I became "a dream of Red Mansions" makeup artist
in "a dream of Red Mansions" makeup general definition of
1 "unable to learn method", "unity in diversity"
2 "a dream of Red Mansions" a person's age and the time course of
3 "a dream of Red Mansions" characters.
Lin Daiyu
1 Cu Cu eyebrow like non smoking
2 her hair
3 the role of first appearances,
4 two different style costume photo stories
Xue Baochai
1 she is a "cold beauty"
2 Baochai's hairstyle
Jia Baoyu
1 and
2 "Baoyu gold wiping the amount of"
3 pearl crown
Wang Xifeng
1 Wang Xifeng eye
2 Wang Xifeng's hairstyle and jewelry
3 "Caleb the son", "Zhaojun", "wiping the amount of"

Dowager Li Ting static virtual - Jia Mu

1 Miaoyu "eccentric person,"
2 "pure"
3 Miao Miao Yu Jade head, clothes and ornaments
> grandma Liu is different from the general rural women's grandmother Liu
the part of "a dream of Red Mansions" character design
the manuscript of "a dream of Red Mansions" clothing culture quiz
1 and
2 brow of Wang Xifeng's "double scale than head rose Pei" < br > 3 of Wang Xifeng's "Chaoyang Wufeng pearls."
4 Wang Xifeng "gold disc Chi jade like stone circle"
5 Jia Baoyu "a Qiu Jin"
6 Jia Baoyu "Baoyu"
7 Fang Guan Yu plug "and" hard red with Gold Pendant "
8 bibs and bra
9 Grand View Garden daughters is day or foot binding
the eight seven version of TV series" dream of Red Mansions "jewelry real
Wu from" a dream of Red Mansions "look and look ancient woman makeup
1" a dream of Red Mansions "people daily makeup
2 position of the
land area don't dream in the neon
1 memorable cooperation -- from" a dream of Red Mansions "costume designer Shi Yanqin Ms.
2 Grand View Garden Qunfang winter clothes fashion show.
A: Folklore consultant Deng Yunxiang to the letter
Two: the TV series" A dream of Red Mansions "clothing design history 延芹
Seven" a dream of Red Mansions "style reproduction of
1" a dream of Red Mansions "reopen banquet --" a dream of Red Mansions Gala "
2 on the 1984 National Day Party (Mount Huangshan day) Deng Yunxiang
ba for young makeup artist
1 make-up artist is a draughtsman
the director general design 2" vivid ", feel free to communicate
3 integral modelling more comprehensive knowledge of
4 textual research and informality in
5 make-up artist rescue.
6 role no size
regretful art
Appendix 1:" a dream of Red Mansions "relationship table
Appendix 2: the works of Yang Shuyun, this paper
Chapter abstract
The copyright page: illustration: I can't wait for the morning, early in the morning, Wang Xifeng play Jie Deng sat up front, I started with the eyebrow tweezers carefully to fix her eyebrows, low brow, raised eyebrow, glue shape, with a very fine eyebrow pencil, an one root draw great eyebrow radian; inside and outside of painting to the extension, the multi-level eye shadow along the liner is from deep to shallow disappeared in the temples, to strengthen the face turning. These are not sufficient, and the temples on both sides of the hair into a braid, pull back hanging in the head, hidden in the hair combed hair, under wear jewelry, her image. This is not the end, Jie Deng is only five or six meters, in order to make her in which the overwhelming Qunfang, the comb hair is a high bun, sole and raise more than ten centimeters, clothing with vertical line decoration. The two eight seven version of TV series "dream of Red Mansions" there are so many girls of similar age in the Grand View Garden, they have the "beautiful appearance" and "the beauties of the contents, showing different levels of talent, should distinguish between them in appearance, really not easy. One of the writers for red, Zhou Ling advised me, abandon "differences in differences, bold use of" choose the easy way out for unity in diversity "; starting from the social attribute, analyzes the character of their origin, social status and living environment, which are important factors in their character formation. Baochai and Daiyu a completely different character, she does not have the external characteristic of her, she is not her "like Cu non - Cu net smoke eyebrow", not "like the non joy feelings" expression; although she also has the disease, taking "cold fragrance pill", but she has no morbid beauty of her, not with her skinny beautiful, delicate beauty and lonely beauty; her beauty is "the face if silver bowl, eye such as apricot", "little red lip, eyebrow not painting and Cui", her beauty is "looks don't think luxury", is more of a natural beauty; she in addition to plump beauty, white beauty, noble beauty, as well as and Daiyu had No. These differences in personality are shown through detailed modeling fancy. They play, the audience can tell who is who! Film and theater, the use of video in close-up, give up other like with a magnifying glass, all the details so that the audience can be clear at a glance, even exaggerated, so as to enhance your understanding of the role. Daiyu in close-up, enable you to see how her skin delicate, exquisite makeup hairstyle how, how about, how elegant jewelry...... In 1984, although not by a high-definition camera, director or continue to use big close-up pictures, such as an actor's face, mouth, ears, bracelets, and tied a rope in the head, in strengthening impress people. These close-up, some are in the script there, some are temporary and director. Her first appearance in close-up strengthen impression, "but for the" boat tears, her passenger car in ningrong Street curtain secretly looking out, Lin Daiyu in the Rong mansion before falling car, Mrs. Zhou went up, the car first reached out a hand to her hand, "feature"! On the hand of filming, I had with director ditch by. Before I ever read (Austria), Zweig's novel "a woman in the life of twenty-four hours", the author reveals the delicate painted opponents, changes in people heart and soul distorted, some chapters still left me deep impression. I can understand the creative intention of the director clapIn the dressing room, I used up much longer than usual, and draw the hand; in the scene, I was the monitor before carefully hand not to achieve the desired effect. Until the gaffer is matched with the reflecting plate, and then shoot out a slender the hand - sharp ten fingers, delicate slender, delicate beautiful, like a beautiful jade; nails painted with no white transparent nail polish people's attention, this hand passes a Xin Yu Shujuan qi. Also on hand wearing a delicate silver inlaid pearl ring, points out her unusual family background and her yearning for a better life. The wrist was wearing a dense transparent, wire coiled "shrimps bracelet". 
The art of regret life itself more pity, film is an art of regret. Sitting in front of the TV and the audience to watch the "a dream of Red Mansions", the heart is fear, such a large part of the world famous, I start only one and a half months from the time the candidates to the, now in retrospect really daring. The action plan can not change, is no turning back. Because I am in the Gansu song and dance troupe work difficult long-term detachment, two and a half years cast as I have signed seven or eight contracts, I try to avoid these troubles, concentrate on the work, because I know a little neglect and ill considered, affecting the quality, will result in permanent regret. I will never forget the "dream of Red Mansions" shooting, from every encouragement and criticism. Deeply appreciate expert, scholar, teacher to my guidance and help, here I especially want to put forward is the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences clothing expert Mr. Shen Congwen, thank you for teaching me to him over the years. Thanks to director Wang Fulin, thanks to close cooperation all the actors, thanks to all the comrades costume group, they are from all over the country go to people with lofty ideals Tongren together. We are working together to accomplish great TV series "a dream of Red Mansions" filming. Write the filming of the learning experience and design practice, please enlighten., in order to career development. Yang Shuyun in June 28, 1987 in Lanzhou 
Editor recommends
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