Breathing in art

Breathing in art

Basic information
The time of publication:2002-5-1
Press:Guangxi Normal University press
Author:Lu Zhonglian
BookTitle:Breathing in art
Summary of contents
Although the twentieth Century painting town first in Paris, later moved to New York, but the history of the famous painter, more or less accepted since the Renaissance predecessors teachings. Italy as the core of the Renaissance, not only kept a large art collection, but still many aspiring to study art, appreciation of the arts who must travel to the Holy land. Book coated paper color printing, report of 215 frame illustrations, very beautiful!
Introduction to 

Rome Renaissance crown -- Rome
the Vatican Museum
National Rome Museum, Julia Museum

波各塞 Museum of Contemporary Art National Gallery
the capital museum
School of Fine Arts Gallery
National Classical Art Museum, San Luca Museum of Academy of Fine Arts

National Musee de la Civilisation gallo-romaine Folk Art Museum of Florence traditional

Renaissance of Florence -- the
Uffizi Gallery
Palazzo Pitti Gallery

National Academy of fine arts, Jerome Gallery
> Museum of San Marco Cathedral of Florence Museum of Archaeology Museum

the Medici Palace

Ludovic and Milan faced a vertical, in
-- Milan station and the vicissitudes of life
Pezzoli Gallery
Ambrose library and Museum painting
Church of Duomo Museum
the Santa Maria church St. Broggi church Museum

Science Castle Museum After the Venice Technology Museum

the Adriatic Sea -- Venice
College of Art Gallery
Golden Palace and the fo LAN cut Di Gallery
Becky Guggenheim collection
Corey Museum, Stan Pali Museum painting
> pessah Luo Guan
St. Mark's Church
the Doge's Palace
San Rocco hall
marine history museum
glass museum
lace craft Museum
Lodging Index
directory @##@ chart This book by geographical area chapter, is to consider the visitors convenient transportation; choose art as the theme, is to meet the majority of readers. Visit the museum information, such as map, housing, transportation, opening time, although meticulously; historical background, the Museum of the architectural style and the famous collection also has a detailed introduction.

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Comments and ratings
  •     The museum was so clear, very convenient, but the museum introduces too little. A little light.
  •     The surface coverage of the very wide is really not what depth to it like the guide information as guide books.