Han Tianheng on art.

Han Tianheng on art.

Basic information
The time of publication:2000-8
Press:Chinese Youth Press
Author:Han Tianheng
BookTitle:Han Tianheng on art.
Preface / Sun Qifeng / 
the art of the day / Wang
book talk
calligraphy artistic aesthetic feeling on the
calligraphy why can become independent art
Book readme
learn Zhuan readme
seal entry on
copy its
and writing to copy
"house leakage marks" experience and interpretation of
industry with "Lanting Pavilion" by order of
Cao Zhang Xu "four ancient post" art of
Yang Ningshi and his "leek flower post"
Zheng Banqiao and "six and a half"
Li Ruiqing's calligraphy
Yu Youren > " Xie Zhiliu scholars of calligraphy art.
word for word you can book the book of God
the spirit of flash
segmental Zhai master of calligraphy painting on

bean Lu painting language
how to appreciate the ink painting freehand brushwork.
also said "Shanghai"
Qi Baishi "shadow" lotus
self quotient road stained Zhaoyun
Mr. Xie Zhiliu two or three
Yu Lou master Ying Yeping painting

boldly into poetry, writing Mount Huangshan
笔简意深 shape Jane God Tim
finally, is the most beautiful picture book of poetry for bone
casting the soul
the black black get to perfect
self pursuit of victory
100 and five words Qi old
standing in the snow.
talent blooming versatile painter
by limited to Cheng Shifa novel style
great distress.
the old humor
Yi Zhai Mr. impression of
large odd if the level is high alcohol if the talk about
Xu Zihe's traditional Chinese painting art
as a master of traditional Chinese painting of Shen roujian was
Li Tao Lu painting form a splendorous contrast
Mao Guolun's portrait printed on

bean Lu printing chip
the Qin and Han Dynasties of Ming and Qing Dynasties knife that gorgeous Fang Yanli
Imperial Collection History swept
I on the seal cutting art thoughts about the recent
seal impressions of
ten @##@ truth "Han Tianheng Tan Yi Lu" is a film about the book, painting, seal cutting art comprehensive. Author to be lively and vivid language describes China ancient paintings, carving works of art style, appreciation, but also research some important academic problems.

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