The history of Chinese painting

The history of Chinese painting

Basic information
The time of publication:2012-9
Press:Oriental Press
Author:Pan Tianshou
BookTitle:The history of Chinese painting
In twelve years of spring, and the smell of old rhyme, taught at the Shanghai art school, Chinese Painting Department of planning time, develop our inherent painting. To the autumn, began to recruit new about 20 people, thirteen year spring, the complex add new about thirty people, Liang Jia achievement. The husband is the establishment of the special department, nature is not a course without painting history department. Gu was research is learning and system, very few; no, but reference to "ancient paintings.", "continued recorded goods", "famous painting of Tang Dynasty", "art history" and "Yizhou painting record", "picture of knowledge will", "painting", "painting the treasures", "the precious mirror of painting," painting sequel "pro forma", "country painting features recorded", "country" and "ink painting knowledge in general", "Merlin painting this picture", "Pei Wen Zhai book", "Chinese painting history," the book, compiled compiled, Mian to serve as. However put nine beads, just moment seventy candle, start urgent, fish and a lot of. Worthy of investment research, Ning dare come out. Article “ therefore, this ” if so, attracted the attention of the world to inherent painting and interest, lapping Bo, play and Everbright, is the deep level also. Fifteen years summer, was published by the Commercial Press, the one or two old friends and readers, not instructions, particularly grateful. Songhu battle, full version was destroyed by a bullet. To spring, series Committee of the University, so for inserting University series, re seihan, belongs to the. We follow the aim, both profit and loss; carelessness and without once still Xian Ming, to teach me, is good! In twenty-four years in December 29th. Grass in the West Lake to ge 
Summary of contents
"The history of Chinese painting" was written in 1926, when "five four" after the great cultural discussion period, is the integration of an earlier about the history of Chinese painting, the relative system. At the beginning of twentieth Century, in the face of the strong impact of western culture, a sense of crisis and change of consciousness will the Chinese cultural circle is divided into two major factions, "the fusion of Chinese and Western" will be directed at the "literati painting", the accused as the cause for artistic concept fallacy. With Pan Tianshou as the representative of the self-contained, pan wrote the book, "west to attitude to school". The above four thousand year time as the weft, the Chinese culture and profound philosophy, the splendid literature and art, unique personality in the history of customs, into the. The first formal Chinese painting from a chapter, concept and Western painting and art in Shuangfeng. 

1935 this book is listed as university series, become a national classical masterpieces. The content of the first edition reprinted in 1936, made the revise and supplement. In 1980, by the Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House edition. The publication in 1936 version has editing publishing.
Author intro

Pan Tianshou (1897 ~ 1971), the word big Yi Shou, number, and number 雷婆头峰 life. Zhejiang Ninghai people. He studied painting and calligraphy carving, 19 year old was admitted to Zhejiang first normal school, taught by Jing Hengyi, Li Shutong, Xia Gaizun. In 1928 the national West Lake Art Institute, Professor of Chinese painting. Beginning in 1930, long worked in Shanghai Hangzhou each big college school of fine arts professor of Chinese painting. In 1944 the national vocational art school. In 1949 he was appointed Vice President of East Branch of Academy of Fine Arts, President of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zhejiang. One of the Chinese art circle in twentieth Century, outstanding art educator, theorist. He defended the independence of traditional painting to the best of my ability, laid the foundation of Chinese painting education, and formed a set of Chinese painting teaching system, influence is still.
is regarded as the Chinese art circle "in twentieth Century four", is regarded as the traditional techniques of Chinese painting "synthesizer" and "innovation";
is regarded as "the outstanding art educator, theorist", "through the open today master of a generation", regarded as "an outstanding modern the great painter", "soul catcher"......

first series of the ancient history of
the first chapter painting origin and established
second chapter Tang 虞夏 Zhou painting
third chapter of spring and autumn and the Warring States and Qin painting
Second World History
the first chapter of Han Dynasty painting
second chapter the Wei and Jin Dynasty painting and the painting of
the third chapter of the northern and Southern Dynasties painting and art of
fourth chapter Sui Dynasty painting
third medieval history
the first chapter of Tang Dynasty painting
second chapter five generations of the painting and the painting
third chapter Song Dynasty painting
fourth chapter the Yuan Dynasty painting
Fourth modern history
the first chapter in the Ming Dynasty
second chapter in Qing Dynasty painting painting
appendix foreign painting into China in the
Chapter abstract
Since the Yellow Emperor, Shao Hao, Li and Ku Zhuanxu, Emperor Zhi four generation culture developed gradually. Evidence to Tang Yu world, more play to the China everbright. The system and the social order, but also into organized state, said to rule the world. Drawing from establishment of origin see gradually grow. "Book of · Yi Ji" cloud: “ I want to view the image, day, month, stars, mountains, dragons, Hua Chong, as will; Zong Yi, algae, fire, rice powder, embroidery embroidery, embroidery, with five to five colors, as a service. ” Kong Anguo note says: “ and five collected also. In five mining into the yan. ” and "Han · criminal annals" cloud: “ cover Wen Yu Shi, painting clothes, different chapter, think life and people and make. ” cover our painting, to Yu, the so-called painting Zong Yi, painting clothes, its broad prospect of application; the end of pictographic color, solid by simple and more complex skills from strange and mastered. And "Zhou · spring officer · servo" note says: “ the ancient emperor Mianfu twelve chapters, the transformation to weeks and to the sun and moon and stars on the flag painting. ” exam "Book Twelve chapter map", the pattern: a three day round of tibia in rabbits. In the crow, the elixir of immortality, three stars, four mountain, five dragon, six Chinese insects pheasants, seven cases of Yi is the painting monkey cup. Eight algae, nine for fire, tenAs the powder meters, eleven for embroidery is design dolabriform, twelve characters of shape of fu. And the same day in the village people do not fold's prophets. Fear of village not break's, also in "book" Twelve chapter draft according to. Syndrome of our country ancient pottery pattern, also is consistent, as no difference of ear. At that time to paint, Shun younger sister song, see "female biography" and other books, for my country artist progenitor. Painting my country Tang Yu before, pure as in real life the human, its significance lies in the practical period is practical. After the establishment of China, due to the lack of ethics auxiliary political law, in order to secure the special. By painting is gradually by utility for propriety puppet. To the extreme, so that all painting, all contain alert help of Italy, as Zhang Yanyuan called: “ adult education, improve human relations, poor God, why, isozyme and six books, four and also. ” for example, Yu 异章 clothes, and people put prisoners, that its proof. Article from the Xia Dynasty, especially prominent ear. Tang Yu and Xia Shang ensue, painting thought, although gradually see scope in Confucianism, the skills, but to keep pace with the times progress. "Zuo Zhuan" cloud: “ Xi Xia square virtuous, distant figure, a Jomoo, the symbolic Ding, a hundred things to make people know that God is preparing. ” is painted in cast metal. "Historical records" Chengyi Yin from soup 言素 Wang and nine principal, Liu Xiang said: "don't record" nine principal, method and special monarch, "Jun Jun, Lao Jun, Jun, send you, break the monarch, monarch, three year old monarch, who do the picture agency, its shape. ” and the "book of · business · say life" cloud: “ Takamune Takeding, Christine thinking way, the dream was to the emperor Liang Bi, the generation to the words, but the syncope, the shape, adjacent to the world. Said Fu Yanzhi building field, but Shaw, is made. ” has a harbinger historical allusions and portrait painting of that. The original Chinese painting, to the Xia and Shang Dynasties, function, application range, namely the Arts & Crafts, also with the painting of that beautiful. Such as the ancient bronze utensils of chicken Yi, Huang Yi, axe wood Jue, have you, or any of various form, or Chi dragon the handle cover; the yunleiwen, swastika back word lines, dotted the meantime, Seiko Qiao Yi see whole, later on the arts and crafts. And building my country, Yu Xia period, is humble. To Xia Jie, extremely poor extravagance, construction, namely building Joan room magnificent Yao Tai etc.. Zhou Li, South from the dynasty song, from Handan in the north, are detached palaces were unprecedented, open the ancient. The original architecture and painting, as sister art, each phase together growth. These magnificent buildings, from painting, must the thought decoration, in order to promote its progress. Cherish our national history, an extravagant, for her skillful injury, multiple missing and do not remember to not be examined ear. Zhou Dai, the two dynasties, the beauty, to culture the melancholy binbin. Especially for the painting, and the official divided. "Zhou · Kao Gong Ji" cloud: “ color design work, painting multicolored clock basket. Painting things, miscellaneous colors, blue and white, red and black, Xuan and yellow phase time. ” order cloth color, there are certain laws. "Guan Tai situ Zhou", Zhang Jianbang land map. Zheng's note: land map, ie Sagong Junguo and map. It maps and paintings, has division and specialization of the thing. Zhou Dai Mianfu chapter for nine, Ma Rong said: “ Zhou 制冕 clothes of chapter nine, the painting of Zong Yi in clothes. ” "book of · Yi Ji" scattered clouds: “ Mianfu nine chapters long, two mountains, San Hua insects, four fire, five cases of Yi, from painting to draw; six algae, seven rice powder, eight Fu, nine Fu thought embroidery. His clothes is the five chapter, the four chapter and nine skirts. ” cover following Yu twelve clothing, and the lack of the sun and the moon and the stars three. The flag is Zhang Yijiu, "Zhou", Palm Spring nine flags: daily, said the flag, said 旜, Yue, Yue Qi, said 旟, said they, said 旞, said Jing, King painting the sun and the moon, like dawn also. The painting into a dragon, like the towards, as the complex also. Paintings bear and tiger, the township has a Jun Fu, like its keep Meng Mogan prisoners. The bird falcon, like the strong will. Like the tortoise and snake, and avoiding harm is difficult. Zun Yi, also in the spring. Six: Yi Yi, Yue chicken bird Jia Yi, Huang Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, golden hair monkey tiger. Zun also six kinds: Yue Xi honour, like respect, respect, respect, big pot first, Shan Chun, Yi is temple also. All engraved and painting, think chicken Phoenix bovine like shape, very exquisite, the ceremony for the. Shan Lei, also carved and painted, Mountain Cloud shape. And "picture of knowledge - Chi" set: “ formerly known as king Ba Jun, run thirty thousand miles. The ancient emperor Jin, but when his painting, flavin for corruption and moral integrity, muddleheaded, Wan, Yi shape strange, also the Dragon like. ” according to Mu about Xi Ji one thousand years ago; Jin Dynasty, about four hundred years after the Xi Ji; about a difference of one thousand four hundred years. The original although the Department of silk, fear is not easy to preserve such as is its long? And weeks painting, no reels, or Han forgeries, insufficient credit. And weeks hall, the painting 扆 axe, the negative 扆, Nan Xiang to move toward the princes. 扆, ie the screen painting with axe, the windows and doors between the thought obstacle, in the majesty. "The book of rites · his big mind": “ Jun, long curtain. Doctor, draw the curtain. ” not level. "The book of rites · Qu Li": “ decorated with multicolored lamb yan. Note: ” Kong Yingda “ canvas for cloud, to cover the lamb Yan is decorated with meet but also. ” the cloud: “ with water, and loaded Qing jing. Before the dust, then Tsai Ming kite. Before riding, loaded feihong. In front of the judges, then load skin. Front loaded Zhi beast, brave. Note: “ ” Zheng Li, Jun He, Qing travel from precursor for this, then, is known to all. ” and the painting of tiger in Yong shou. Zhou Lichun's teacher's, habitat Humen left our Dynasty. A shield, the painting of the Dragon 以明 strain. Mao poem, the Dragon shield. The emperor temple festival 棁, is the representation of algae that mountain. "The book of rites · Ming Tang", Yamasetsu Cho, Fu Miao Zhong Yan Ying, scraping, Da Xiang, anti goblets, out of respect, Chong goblets, Kang GUI, sparse screen, Emperor Temple Decoration also. Cover is the text of the week,Solid everywhere to painting as the application of ear. In addition to the Zhou Dai painting, the most we note, is emerging in the Qin and Han Dynasties murals, paintings of inspiration. "Kong Zi Jia Yu" cloud: “ Kong Zi view on Mingtang, see four door Yong, with Yao and Shun Rong, tyrant like, all have good shape, the waste commandment. ” and the Duke of Zhou becomes king, hug, negative axe 扆, south towards the princes of. Kong Zi looked around and said, "from: “ this week's Sheng also! ” "Kong Zi Jia Yu" cloud: “ Zhou Sheng, testimonial merit, or hidden in the house League, or Ji in too often, or the inscription on 昆吾 tripod. One week public big hoon, work in the world, but like to draw the Yong ming. ” Zhou Dai as our ethical prosperity era, the drawing attention to motivation, not as to appreciate the beauty of painting, practice is to through the image color, and one to the specific impression, intention and propriety of ear. Husband it moment, know and know god evil demons; Qi Zhang Ming, is Zhao laws and preparation of Zun Yi; Qing Miao Su Chen, wide wheel and Xinjiang rational debate, Xun Chen graph and de fan liu. As Lu Shiheng called: “ Dan Hing, praise the sweet briar, Meida industry; propaganda material is greater than words, keep good form Mo painting also. ” painting - Confucianism the puppet, but also by propriety puppet and special progress. … … 
Media attention and comments
He is a great philosopher, “ &rdquo, “ his paintings; character, thought, philosophy, but also extending the traditional method of pulse and his era in miniature. ” — — aesthetician Wang Zhaowen 
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He is “ the Hummer ” character is “ I do not go into hell, who the hell ” dauntless innovation spirit, but also a free from vulgarity and desolate desert air heart. Buddhist Taoist into most of his figure paintings, real life anguish and soul life alone, forcing him to “ to become a monk of degree ”. He thought the world of art the without limits, “ all his life, have a foothold in the world for you, not by force or capital yield and repulsive &rdquo forces;. With his own understanding of art, which lasted two years, three times, zhuancheng book. The purpose of “ this attracted the attention of the world the natural painting and interest, lapping Bo, play and Everbright, is the deep level is ”. It was at the time of the Ministry of Education designated as national fine arts college textbooks, become the pioneer of Chinese painting history.

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