Hong Kong Film double gold archives

Hong Kong Film double gold archives

Basic information
The time of publication:2005-1
Press:Zhejiang literature and Art Publishing House
Author:Lille coding
BookTitle:Hong Kong Film double gold archives
Summary of contents
An annual award at the Hongkong film awards and Taiwan film, is a major event, Chinese film circle of influence, attract worldwide attention, concern for the entertainment media, expect for hundreds of millions of viewers. This book systematically introduces the awards, the Golden Horse Awards event, winning movie story, the director and the men and women in the artistic achievement and other related content, and equipped with a large number of stills, which illustrated, complement each other. This book is not only a kind of pleasing art, is an informative tool, both ornamental readability and text collection value. 
Author intro
Lille, Hangzhou people, film writer, mainly edited works: "hair Aberdeen: Hongkong's legendary" insider "" Oscar "best picture Oscar tales" (,) "world film classic" "Hollywood" "red Raider Oscar completely manual" "three big film festival Handbook" "Movie Heaven" petty bourgeoisie "," twenty-first Century "DVD movie box" etc..
Roll up the Hongkong Film Awards first / "father and son" second / third "boat people" / "half person" fourth / fifth "Youth passes as a fleeting wave." / "Police Story" sixth / seventh "true colour of a hero" / "autumn fairy tale" the eighth / ninth "rouge" / "beyond the sunset" Tenth / "A Fei story" Eleventh / Twelfth "foreign" / "cage people" thirteenth / fourteenth "new love" / "Chongqing forest" Fifteenth / forty "woman", sixteenth / "sweet" seventeenth / "made in Hongkong" eighteenth / "the beast the police" nineteenth / "thousands and thousands of words" Twentieth / twenty-first "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" / "Shaolin Soccer" twenty-second / twenty-third "Infernal Affairs" / "big big wisdom" under the Taiwan Golden Horse film first / "stars, the moon, the sun" second / "Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" the third beam "duck house" / fourth / "beauty" fifth / "my girl if the orchid" the Sixth Road "/" seventh / eighth "town of spring back" / "home in Taipei" Ninth / tenth "Ti" / "execution in autumn" Eleventh / Twelfth "could" / "Goto Go People "thirteenth / fourteenth" plum blossom "/" the longest bridge "Fifteenth /" a boat in the sea "sixteenth /" small town story "seventeenth /" good morning, Taipei "eighteenth /" if I really "nineteenth /" Xin Hai Shuangshi "Twentieth /" growing up "/" twenty-first of our second spring "twenty-second /" my life "twenty-third /" terrorist "...... Appendix: the Hongkong Golden Horse Award winners appendix: the Taiwan Golden Horse Award winners 

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