Huang Binhong eighty as landscape scrolls, pure series

Huang Binhong eighty as landscape scrolls, pure series

Basic information
The time of publication:2009-7
Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
Author:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House editing
BookTitle:Huang Binhong eighty as landscape scrolls, pure series
Summary of contents
From 1948 to 1955. Huang Binhong in the last seven years of life, which eventually became. Mark is final, the final and most important results were first still painting thought -- "inner beauty" is proposed and mature. In his final and most important writings "painting" and "painting article text interpretation" in this paper, the disciples of the letters to friends, in the poems on paintings, but reiterated his such as "Kai Chen Ming Xian aim high" "Dao Xian painting Renaissance" and "Wordsworth nationality" etc., "inner beauty" word appears again and again. "Inner beauty", Qu Yuan has been used to refer to a gentleman's character, "Li Sao" with "have I not only the inner beauty, again, to repair can" sentence. Wang Yizhu said: "the world has Meiqi containing the." Zhu Ziyun: "have the good, is my gifts to beauty in it." Jiang Liangfu said: when referring to people and qualitative together, at the same time that people should possess ancestral virtue. Huang Binhong in Beijing to "inner beauty" to the nature of art, function, called "art" top into cultivation, to a national spirit cultivation and breeding from one person, is inner beauty; people were painted appearance, only entertainment for sensory, outside the u.s.. Qin ago six countries characters "free play" is the inner beauty, Qin Xiao Zhuan, Tang "," beautiful outside; Jin Wei in the Gu, Lu Tanwei, Zhang Sengyao, Zhan Ziqian, painting and calligraphy, is inner beauty; Tang Wei Zheng Shi a poem, Yan Liben knelt and write, beautiful outside, in a word, "civilian" inner beauty, and "sovereign" acts as outer beauty, is a layer of meaning; world mixing have inner beauty, can "static reference", is another layer of meaning; "carry real to virtual, no false false, true inner beauty for painting," it is a layer of meaning. Inner beauty is said to be inclusive of all of the art thought and the pursuit of Huang Binhong, as an aesthetic category, it increases beyond the Six Dynasties, Wang Wei, Zong Bing's "view" and "praising God" say, Song Su, M "brilliant" "dull" say, Yuan Zhang Yu's "Wordsworth said," and Dong Qichang to Zen painting "North South". From the most universal significance of the original, the initial beauty, the law and not made law to beauty, spiritual and cultural history of the "nationality", containing extensive and profound, believe that this is Huang Binhong's life to explore one of the most important idea finally obtained, that is the ultimate achievement on Huang Binhong, engraved, it is these two words: inner beauty.

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Comments and ratings
  •     And those at the complete Haozhuang album art, this book works best, printing quality, a word, value; value; two words, three words, not the place; I also bought this book Huang Binhong after 90 landscape, are very good!
  •     The contents of the book is good, I think for the study of Huang Binhong is quite helpful, but the book to cover more dirty, a little glue, some regret.
  •     Huang Binhong's book, must buy the whole, otherwise.
  •     Study on painting, very good.
  •     If it is yellow, have a look at this book is very good
  •     Yellow school old painting necessary books!
  •     Printed clearly, have dimension knowledge questions, very good! The most exasperating is, have a lot of dirty hand book, hope Dangdang can cherish books! The book only to the stars!
  •     Eight open, printing is good, there are some local amplification, can be used to copy material is better!
  •     Good books, drawing a clear!
  •     Bin Lao boutique, learn to appreciate good play.
  •     Printing is very good, large format, very clear.
  •     Be absolutely, beautifully printed
  •     Well I always admired master Huang
  •     V Hao
  •     Quality is worth a look
  •     Graphic and

  •     This is in accident Amoy to the book, the Qingdao area has been unable to buy. Belongs to the windfall.
  •     The big 8 printed clearly see the details, good books!
  •     The cover is very good-looking, printing. Great.
  •     Regret not album or folding
  •     With a friend, he is very love. He was introduced to his friend bought.
  •     A unique, worth!
  •     Very fast, the book is also very good, but the packaging has some poor, on the use of plastic bags, but also bad. Because it put several books., this book is very dirty, there are a lot of black handprint. This is a very good book, but because of poor transport packaging while the book corner also folded. Good pain.

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