Why singing the su

Why singing the su

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The time of publication:2012-6
Press:Shanghai Conservatory Of Music press
Author:[America] Anthony. Seagal (Anthony Seeger)
Translator:Zhao Xueping Chen Mingdao
BookTitle:Why singing the su
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Anthony Siegel, the University of California Losangeles branch (UCLA) Professor of national music; Smithson, former director of folk recording studio; former president of the National Academy of music; International Institute for traditional music (ICTM) former president and current Secretary General; fellow of the American Academy of Arts and sciences. Author or editor he or the other four books and more than 50 article, content involves the Anthropology of music, ethnomusicology, archives and human rights in India. 
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Sometimes a person's soul will be transferred from one place to another place in nature. Just a generation ago, about 30% of the Soviet Union men and women of the soul and the bees, birds, fish and trees. In some cases, their soul will move when they were alive. The leg was shot, transfer the soul of a man from the tree to the shaft. Another is the soul in an arrow in the eye after transfer from birds there to shaft. An old man's soul from the armadillo group transferred to the woman's vagina to: when old, he only named those songs and woman vulva action, these are regarded as obscene, interesting, very suitable for the elderly to sing. The soul of the location is usually accompanied by accident, illness or changes in social status. Not all are Su of will forever remain in the animal kingdom. Many people describe their sick time very much, my soul is how and birds, bees or fish briefly together. They will be very detailed to those entranced audiences about their experiences. A man describing how to find herself into a bird. He describes his feathers ruffled scene -- his hand and arm fly in fly, and the sound, the sound of his own will not be wrong. He said the birds are still singing ceremony. They invited him to sing, he did. He sang for the audience whispers. Then they fly away to find food, it is an important part of the ceremony. He described the hovering above the ground. The people asked him, "are you afraid of?" "You can see very far?" "What do you eat?" He answered each question carefully. He mentioned something. When he and other vulture head into a putrid guts, he reached a climax. "Well, the food is really delicious!" The bald eagle said (for the audience it's disgusting). They flew to a stream, he described how they drink and poured water into feathers. "I was hot and thirsty." Then he said, "I was no longer myself." Suddenly, the bird is not a bird, he was shouting in his hammock, "water, water, water." His mother gave him water, he is good, he sang just learning songs, and danced with the birds. Because his soul returned to the body, he is no longer any other songs or not to teach the villagers....... 
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1. mouse the ceremony started
2. Su of verbal art: from speech to the origin of
4. song song singing as a creative activity of
5. from the laboratory to the field: the rainy season in the song mysterious pitch rise
6. came, jumping and singing mouse song
7. singing sound examples of why Su Su
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CD Su of "singing" we are not in the concept of the singing, because in the Soviet Union the language has no equivalent to our music and singing the word. So the sue of do not think they are engaged in activities of singing or music. So, in our sounds they are singing "sing" is a kind of what kind of things? That is to say, the "singing" what kind of significance to them? There are two aspects of the meaning of the "singing" the Soviet Union: one is internal, the other is the external. Intrinsic meaning embodied in the "singing" the blood relationship, family ties, to production, life, survival, expression of the visual image of religious worship, rendering. In this sense, "singing" the music activities but not language, "singing" is not art form but heart expression. The intervals, scales, value, syllable, tone, sound is not much value and significance to here, true value and significance lies in the fact that they must "singing", because this is the life and the life of su. Su of "singing" the external meaning is symbolic, is a tribal symbol, is you and I, is the embodiment of the existence of the self, is the church history type things, also similar to the war m angle type role, is a kind of social and political significance. From the phenomenon that the "internal" and "external" the significance is functional, but essentially they are the product of the idea.
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In the long night, no doubt, they must sit in the village square, remember we done together, sing together the song, we bring a gift, that my children how long. And thousands of miles away, in different under the stars, I often think we trudge through rivers, wild honey taste, we experienced the brotherhood, the scenery, the smell and the interwoven experience at a time.

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