• Press:Jilin Art (Library Manager
    Author:Huo Boyang
    The dual basis, this is a new course is a basic course of art majors, the low age. It mainly introduces the five contents: abstract modeling, abstract guide, life and form, abstract and spirit, the creation of form etc.. Abstract the concrete factors and abstract works book in the works as the same problem,

  • Press:Yuelu
    Author:Chen Longhai
    Debris in the rhythm of life, "foreign name carved interpretation: the main content of debris in the rhythm of life": Luo Dan said: "the spring of life, the heart is up; the flower of life, is open from the inside out. Similarly, in the beautiful carving, often hidden strong heart fibrillation. This is the mystery of the ancient art." The stone is cold, the soil is not,

  • Press:Xiamen University press
    Author:Guo Yongjian
    About sculpture, talk about art, are two of the most convenient ways, one is about history, is the talk of the two works. For example, from ancient Egypt about postmodernism, or a photo with a section of the article. But the author of this book seems not so easy. He had no intention of others told many stories are nothing new to say again, also do not,

  • Press:China Forestry Press
    Author:Xu Huadang
    "Wood fairy attitudes" mainly shows you the immortal works every kind of wood carving in china. Sculpture is an art form in all kinds of wood and roots were carved processing, is an important category in the traditional sculpture art. Chinese wood carving has a long history, its emergence, development and Oriental National geographic,

  • Press:Beijing Library Press
    Author:Jiang Fengyi, Yang Yan.
    "The National Museum Wax Museum of art" by the domestic first-class artists and scholars wax museum collaboration, written from the perspective of Art Museum and an illustrated on wax art exhibition to study and explore the wax art theory has considerable academic level of books. In summary the wax museum,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Xia Feng
    This book is "golden treasure series" in a book, briefly discusses the "scholar's four jewels" and seven pieces of origin, characteristics of different age, different people, different period of the price comparison, fully shows that circulates treasure value, is a popular and easy to understand, for love of good Kam Po. ,

  • Press:Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Gao Shengkui
    "The art of sculpture and other" selection of world famous human body sculpture, with the corresponding characters dynamic, multi angle changes the structure of human body, with the body sculpture teaching and the creation of the reference book. ,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Editorial Committee of China modern art collection series
    "Chinese art classification, Chinese complete modern art sculpture works: 1 (sculpture)" in a long and splendid history of china. At the beginning of this century, with the introduction of Western sculpture art, sculpture has experienced the evolution of Chinese multiple times, gone through a tortuous, hardships, gradually developed through the ancient road,

  • Press:China Forestry Press
    Author:Xu Huadang
    Wood carving animal attitudes, "wood" is "animal life traditional woodcarving appreciation" Chinese series "wood" Qinglong, including animal life, Suzaku, basaltic, crane, toad, lion bat and other auspicious animals. In addition, the series also should the reader demand, in the second half of several volumes, all action for facial character readers love to see and hear,

  • Press:Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Jiabin Wang He
    The world sculpture works itself is very attractive, the author is engaged in the creation of sculpture people, it is the author looked up at the stars, is the author of excitement and forever for the pursuit of classical. The authors do not know how many times in the face of these masterpieces, emotional, and One's blood boils with indignation., this is the treasure of all human beings, the author is responsible,

  • Press:Chinese forestry
    Author:Xu Huadang
    Wood carving generals God attitudes, "God" s art wood carving wood carving generals involved, is a traditional Chinese arts and crafts is extremely important in species. The wood carving art variety, wide distribution area. Especially in Zhejiang Dongyang wood, boxwood carving and Zhejiang root carving; Fujian Putian wood carving, Xianyou wood carving wood carving of Chaozhou; Guangdong's most prestigious,

  • Press:Chinese building industry
    Author:Chen Peiyi
    "China contemporary sculptor case" based on the Chinese native culture, with a new point of view, from the cultural atmosphere, educational background, and art and artistic ideas, creation, artistic style and other factors, the nearly 30 copies of contemporary higher visibility, thought active, and personality characteristics of the artist as a,

  • Press:Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Liang Yulong
    "Introduction to the sculptor Zhang Dehua's" content: enduring as the universe has to do, this continuing have no unique period of female sculptor Edward die young, took her to consummate, whenever I see her sculptures, eyes still showing her figure with clear, full of vitality. Motivated, optimistic, earnest, death,

  • Press:Xu Huadang Chinese Forestry Press (2008-03)
    Author:Xu Huadang
    Wood Lohan attitudes, "Wood Statue of arhat attitudes": traditional woodcarving appreciation Chinese. Here the woodcarving art, is a Chinese traditional arts and crafts is extremely important in species. The wood carving art variety, wide distribution area. Especially in Zhejiang Dongyang wood, boxwood carving and Zhejiang root carving; Fujian Putian wood carving, Xianyou wood,

  • Press:Version first (June 1, 2002)
    Author:Tang Guowen
    The environment or the city sculpture art, is a be worthy of the name of the function of the visual arts. In modern society, city sculpture can become a symbol of modern civilization, modern portrayal of the spirit, to show the history of a city image, human space and ecological development. Book the world beautiful city sculpture in a book,,

  • Press:Ningxia people's Publishing House
    Author:Yin Nan
    Man's life is limited, people is limitless anxiety for knowledge, knowledge is the most valuable wealth of life, is the command, is strength. It can moisturize the training of people and conversation, can affect the human mind and temperament, can even change a person's life. Human for thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, can be roughly divided into "families,

  • Press:Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zheng Zongtan, Zheng Xiaowei
    "The art of Shoushan" is specifically about the important of Shoushan stone carving in the art of stone. Shoushan stone seal and Zhaoqing Duanyan, Yixing purple sand pot, not only has its functional, more is because its material is precious, the or printed body sculpture ingenious delicate, and as people in art,

  • Press:Chongqing Publishing House
    Author:Ding Mingyi
    10 eight southern provinces, this volume "words" refers to the eight provinces south of the lower reaches of Yangtze River and the southern area of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong provinces, sculpture, this area is one of the outstanding representatives of significantly different from the northern cave system Southern grotto system. In the past, people on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Sichuan area and,

  • Press:Fujian Art
    Author:Lin Youxi
    Python, "Shoushan stone carving large solution: Python" written by Lin Youxi. In 1965, Lin 右熹 graduated from Art Department of Fujian Normal University, good at painting, carving, thin, with a quality suggestive of poetry or painting works. The Shoushan stone art works repeatedly won gold, silver and Fujian Provincial Department of culture awarded achievements Shoushan stone art in the national calligraphy competition,

  • Press:Yang Yongkang of Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House (2010-01)
    Author:Yang Yongkang
    "Shou Shi gathering" including Yang Yongkang collection, Lin Huiwen collection, Wu Ningxuan collection etc.. "Shou Shi Chang" by Fujian Fine Arts Publishing house. ,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:Zheng Jianfu
    "China ancient woodcarvings" author with full creative passion, rich practical experience, the development of art theory, the China ancient woodcarvings origin, inheritance, development, innovation, appreciation is discussed, our predecessors did not say others, not words. Read this book, both the lingering taste, or for the record,

  • Press:Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Book Editorial Committee
    "The main content Hua Tianyou": Hua Tianyou people's spiritual statues and "in the west" sculpture creation, readme (selected) on age, Sui plastic sculpture research and Sheikh "the six legal codes", the selection of the Hua Tianyou notes the annotations, chart, like human, themes, and other relief. ,

  • Press:Intercontinental communication
    Author:Zhao Wenbing
    "The main content Chinese sculpture" include: Chinese sculpture, after several thousand years of development, the change of dynasties of rotation and the culture, gradually formed its own unique style and techniques of characterization, shows the aesthetic characteristics and culture Chinese. China sculpture development history, is also a China traditional culture and aesthetics,

  • Press:Guangdong People's Publishing House
    Author:Li Xuhong
    Chaoshan to unique geographical location and natural environment, created the Chaoshan architectural art characteristic. The Chaoshan architectural stone sculpture is the expression of individuality of Chaoshan traditional architecture, it makes the Chaoshan architectural art, but also the construction of Chaoshan architectural stone sculpture. This book is one of the "south of the Five Ridges" series of cultural knowledge, detailed,

  • Press:Tianjin People's Publishing House
    Author:Li Qingben Li Ting
    "The main content of modern Western sculpture classic": A, Duchamp on art criticism; two, the absolute freedom and the existence of fear; three, eclectic Moore and his followers; four, the invention of form rather than form; five, constructivist sculpture machine aesthetics. ,

  • Press:China Forestry Press
    Author:Xu Huadang
    "Wood" is "a Buddism godness Guanyin attitudes of traditional woodcarving appreciation China" series of the seventh book. "Wood" a Buddism godness Guanyin attitudes than the published wood carving of Maitreya, Damour, Rohan, ladies, animal, the generals will the attitudes of books, the image is more abundant, the wood carving artist also some more widely. ,

  • Press:Liaoning Art
    Author:Hong Tao
    "The Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts sculpture graduate creation selected" brought together nearly twenty years from the domestic and foreign higher Academy of Fine Arts and famous museum, outstanding artist organization famous art works and excellent exercises, in the fine, fine print, to the pricing principle of low launched this series. For the purpose of institutions of higher art education,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art
    Author:Fu Guangrong
    Rhinoceros horn carved works of art appreciation, "rhinoceros (rhinoceros horn carving art treasure appreciation)" experience collection editor for many years engaged in the collection and study of rhinoceros horn carving experience, as well as around the experts and scholars of high perspicacity. In order to make more people know, understand, like rhinoceros horn carving, and provide some reference for the research of the rhinoceros horn carving and collectors, thereby boosting the rhinoceros horn carving,

  • Press:Donghua University
    Author:Wu Chenrong
    The 2005 Shanghai international city sculpture Biennale held in Shanghai, is the first large-scale international city sculpture exhibition, mainly about public art should be how to better development in the public space problems, related topics and city sculpture, public art and the city culture, city construction in essays and interviews,

  • Press:Tianjin beauty
    Author:Jin Weinuo
    "Introduction of painted sculpture of Shuanglin Temple" content: Shanxi is the ancient temple remains the most, better preserved area, while the Shuanglin temple is the ancient Buddhist sculpture is exquisite, types of extremely diverse temple. Shuanglin temple in Shanxi Pingyao County town seven kilometers southwest of the village on the north side of the building, Li was thousands of years of wind and rain fire from. Until the end of the Yuan Dynasty, has been,

  • Press:Chinese Society Press
    Author:Sun Jiangning
    The primitive society is the germination period Chinese sculpture, on one hand people through the stone, wood, bone, shell and other materials processing, cultivating carving skills, on the other hand, through the transformation of the earth, the achievements of the plastic tips. The invention and firing means is the biggest contribution, this period of human development made thereby, the original sculpture,

  • Press:Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Gao Meng
    This book is about the language elements of portrait sculpture and its origin. Focus on the description of portrait sculpture conception, namely "the starting point". A new, material, environment and space. Works of different styles reflect our different era, different regions, different teachers, different pursuit. The book is a collection of all parts of the country,

  • Press:Xinjiang science and Technology Publishing House
    Author:Pan Shaotang
    This book from the square, public buildings, street, landscape, residential area, Waterscape, building decoration, in commemoration of the 9 aspects of sex and religion, the sculpture is introduced. Sculpture art is a comprehensive art carrier a multi angle and multi reference, so it in many places are provided for people artistic enjoyment. ,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:Jiang Xi
    Subang jade person Jiang hi quality jade collection, "the beautiful stone: Su Jiang Xi jade jade dragon help masterpiece" content: we are not a jade works, more give us also the excellent traditional culture inheritance, in modern development under the historical conditions of extraordinary achievements and The students surpass the teacher. rather than beyond. ,

  • Press:Zhejiang photography
    Author:Gong Mingwei
    "Dongyang wood carving" especially introduces Dongyang wood carving tools, carving wood, production processes and techniques. Dongyang wood carving began in the Qin and Han Dynasties, has a long history, is one of the "China four wood". It is because Shi carving, arts pay equal attention to, work orderly, China white, many times to become the national gift to international friends,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Xia Feng
    Rosewood Huanghua pear, the book is "golden treasure series" in a book, through briefly rosewood and pear origin, characteristics of different age, different people, different period of the price comparison. Fully shows that circulates treasure value, is a popular and easy to understand, for the collection of lovers Kam Po. ,

  • Press:The chemical industry
    Author:Huang Yaozhi Zhao Xiaoxiao Huang Jianbin
    "City sculpture system planning" is the first monograph on city sculpture system planning. The content is divided into ten chapters: the basic concepts of city sculpture, city sculpture development process, a systematic approach to sculpture and city planning, space resources city sculpture, city sculpture planning control elements, city sculpture system planning,

  • Press:Shanghai Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Zhu Guorong
    Sculpture, take the words too literally, is known by carving and two plastic parts. Carving, also known as the sculpture, stone, is a tool such as stone, wood and other materials in addition to unwanted parts, and will leave the rest of the other as a work creation method. The image that is doing "subtraction". Ancient cloud: "cutting path,,

  • Press:Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Guang Linmao
    This book shows the Bashu culture and art. Including the "origin", "'people from the flood, not hunger': 'the land of abundance'", "basin terrain and cultural features," contemporary art "Ba" etc.. ,

  • Press:Beijing publishing group, Beijing Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Jiamian
    Jade carving, ISBN:9787200080216, author: Zhang Jiamian,

  • Press:Chinese City
    Author:The agency
    For the Beijing twenty-ninth Summer Olympic Games in 2008, fully embodies the "Green Olympics, hi tech Olympics, humanistic Olympics" three concepts, the implementation of the Beijing city overall planning, construction in Beijing city cultural landscape, the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission, Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture, the twenty-ninth session of the Olympic Games, PEAK,

  • Press:China Forestry Press
    Author:Xu Huadang
    Wood carving folk customs and attitudes, "wood" is "folk custom renditions of traditional woodcarving appreciation" China series "wood carving folk customs attitudes", including longevity, water bottle wine, drunk in a way of keeping good health, "brother, the winter shanwa, folk customs. In addition, the series also should the reader demand, in the second half of several volumes, all action board,

  • Press:Elephant press
    Author:Tang Zhaoji
    The sculpture, Chinese traditional sculpture technology has a long history, broad and profound. The book consists of jade carving, carving, ivory carving, wood carving, stone carving, traditional sculpture, ceramic sculpture, sculpture technology, the traditional process of carving process, glass carving, inkslab engraving technology, is a set of ancient sculpture process,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Tang Ruihe
    "Figure sculpture creation and technique" is the author of reputation at home and abroad, the famous sculptor, has long been engaged in sculpture teaching work, accumulated a wealth of teaching experience, have been involved in "eight one" Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall, museum, Jinggangshan Revolutionary Beijing Chairman Mao Memorial Hall large outdoor sculpture creation; for Xian Xinghai, Song Qingling,,

  • Press:Chinese Youth Press
    Author:Hu Yiping
    January 13, 1999. Arrange meeting a Chinese artist of sculpture in the United Nations Secretary General Longanan's work schedule, this an arrangement caused media in focus. Reporters later see, Annan for the first time in his office received is from Chinese sculpture artists Hu Yiping, at the time of his,

  • Press:Liaoning science and Technology Press
    Author:Photo by Xu Bin
    USA city sculpture, ISBN:9787538145670, author: Photography: Xu Bin,

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