Stage art of opera

  • Press:National Publishing House
    Author:Liu Jian
    Han Dynasty dance image image belongs to the category of research. Research on image scholars of the visual image is divided into three levels: first, before the iconographical description, which is based on practical experience, preliminary interpretation or natural theme, this is in fact the image processing, the Han Dynasty dance image generation is the first chapter of the book discusses the ",

  • Press:Jiangsu people's Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Daoyi
    "The China music and dance art" content brief introduction: art is indispensable to human beings in the long road of development elements, she accompanied humans from childhood to adult, from barbarism to civilization. , different social and cultural environment, different time process, will be more or less left indelible marks in art. Long years,

  • Press:Zhongshan University press
    Author:Chen Zhiyong
    "Introduction" Guangdong opera research content: in 2005, we undertook a Ministry of education, humanities and social science research base of major projects "endangered opera of South of the Five Ridges", its research object refers to the eastern region of the dramas, Zhengzi opera, drama, West Guangdong opera. These operas are facing a dilemma: distribution,

  • Press:Shanxi people's Publishing Department
    Author:Han Ying series
    "Fanshi yangko dance drama (set of 2 volumes)" into "Fanshi yangko dance drama (Drama Music)", "Fanshi yangko dance drama (traditional script)" in 2 volumes. "Fanshi yangko dance drama (traditional script)" includes: nine pieces of clothing, Hua Ting, Jiang Lang, wife, life, kill three downtown Garden Building -- Liu Tang book, Luangwa, hit by the church,

  • Press:Shanghai Culture Press
    Author:Ye Changhai, Guo Yu, Liu Qing
    "Kunqu" content brief introduction: Opera as Chinese most ancient one of the Chinese operas, bearing profound connotation Chinese of traditional culture, the subject fully reveals the value orientation Chinese life. The representative of the repertoire, "Pipa", "Peony Pavilion", "Palace", and become due to the deep exploration of human nature,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Tai Kexiang
    "" bubble "boiling" hope that through the criticism of Jia Pingwa novel "Qin opera" ideas that China combing contemporary literary criticism of the existing problems and on the basis of contemporary literary criticism Chinese Values Reconstruction advice, and then to Jia Pingwa's novel "Qin opera",

  • Press:Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House
    America volumes, "director of the international master class (2009 America volume)" is the main content: "the 2009 International Master Class on directing (America)" in May 18, 2009 -- June 22nd grand opening, the class is made up of China Ministry of culture and arts company and Shanghai Theater Academy jointly sponsored, director of the Shanghai Theater Academy to undertake,,

  • Press:Jiangsu Guangling Publishing House Company Limited
    Author:Chen Niansheng et al
    "The puppet play the truth: Yangzhou puppet art" content: Yangzhou, was once in the history of the southeast China's transportation hub and commercial center, because a fully inclusive and equitable from Wu Yue, Chu and Han, the Central Plains and the Yanzhao culture essence, the formation of Chinese civilization is full of personality and life of Yangzhou culture, which has made her a,

  • Press:Higher Education Press
    Author:Liu Yanjun, Liao ran the
    "Drama appreciation" to Chinese contemporary drama works as the research object, comprehensive presentation of nearly ten years of drama on stage the active state theory, selects the content, stage plays a representative form of appreciation, is mainly the drama, opera and dance and music drama, including children's shows, in order to read,

  • Press:Shaanxi people's Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Wei is waiting
    China Western theatrical art, ISBN:9787536825116, author: Wei is waiting,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Xu Shanna
    "You Meng opposition (Anxi folk opera and cultural ecological portrait) (DX)" one of the mountainous area county -- Anxi County choose Minnan cultural ecological protection zone is the most typical significance as the research object, its cultural ecology and folk opera. "You Meng opposition (Anxi folk opera and cultural ecological portrait) (DX)",

  • Press:Chinese Drama Press
    Author:Chinese Drama Press
    "Chinese opera art department, said Yang Xiaolou (Beijing Opera roll)" by Chinese drama press button, his editor, is "China drama series" in the. "Chinese opera art department, said Yang Xiaolou (Beijing Opera roll)" is mainly about the Beijing Opera master -- Yang Xiaolou. Yang Xiaolou in the opera stage art,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Publishing House
    Author:Bai Yonghua, Li Longpao
    "Intangible cultural heritage series, Gaojia opera" editor in writing "high drama" a book, in addition to uphold the history of Opera Art Research Institute of Fujian traditional, is trying to discuss the description and the academic history of, from the high drama of the work, performance, music, speaking and repertoire shape etc.,

  • Press:China Social Science Press.
    Author:Liu Qiyu
    "Ancient opera creation theory and criticism" content brief introduction: Chinese ancient drama literature theory is an important part of ancient opera culture, is the ancient literary theory of organic composition of body in the big family of criticism. Author theory, to explore the theory of motivation, theme, language, characters, structure theory from the aspects of the subject,

  • Press:Hunan people's Publishing House
    Author:Song Changjiang, He Zhongzhao, Chen Wenyuan,
    "Breeze gently blowing red phrases: appreciation of" merging, section, article in an ideological, artistic, melting in a furnace, is a "red team" anthology, is also a beautiful set of wit. The first one thousand, each are attached or "filler" or "feeling" or "taste" or "appreciation" and so on the different style type text,

  • Press:Shanghai Education Publishing House
    Author:Lian Bo
    "Appreciation" Chinese opera aria is a popular popular books, editor, explain profound theories in simple language, similar to the compilation of teaching materials, selected from Chinese 300 operas produced 14 with North and south parts of artistic style of opera and some classical aria. These operas are representative, voice is beautiful,

  • Press:Gansu Education Publishing House
    Author:Wang Kefen
    "Wulun" content brief introduction: the author discusses the grotto dances images and all kinds of classical, ethnic, folk dance articles in this book, can say the same author has published several China dance history monographs, condensed she spent most of her life studying dance history of blood. "Wulun" is divided into five chapters, including "Dunhuang,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:"Chinese opera" Edit Department
    "Chinese Opera (41)" the main content description: Shanxi Xilin Yangqu County North Village Temple inscriptions on stage and Tianjin, Guangdong halls and opera of yuan and Ming Dynasty, the dance team and the team play, Zhou Danuo instrument, entrance exam, Shanxi Temple theatre and drama, not in Shanxi in the late Qing Dynasty Pingyang opera whisk paper New Year paintings test,

  • Press:Shaanxi to teach
    Author:Only Jincheng
    "Beijing Opera knowledge and appreciation of Peking Opera" is a book that Mr. Kimki professor at Shijiazhuang University Of Economics for ten years of the elective textbooks. This is an attempt to train the Peking Opera lovers in College courses. The existing harvest, his lecture, have heard students to listen or learn to sing Beijing Opera Club every year,

  • Press:Hunan literature and art
    Author:Zhang Zaifeng
    "How to sing Beijing Opera" is divided into four chapters: the first chapter "gas -- opera singing the use of breath", chapter second "-- Peking opera singing and vocal acoustic resonance", the third chapter "the word -- word" opera singing in tune, the third chapter "cavity -- music features and run cavity" opera singing techniques as a professional Peking Opera actors and drama,

  • Press:Soochow University press
    Author:Yang Heping
    "The appreciation of China folk art (curriculum tutorial series university through)" content introduction: folk art "rap" by "work" and "singing", including facial expressions, body dance auxiliary performances of "work" to complete. The "that" emphasizes the enunciation, God, make laugh, G variable mouth, mouth, speak, batch,

  • Press:Shanghai ancient books publishing house
    Author:Xie Bailiang
    Mei Lanfang eight classic portrait, "Mei 韵兰 aryl -- Mei Lanfang eight classic portrait" recorded Mei Lanfang's Yang Guifei, Luo eight classic stage art image. Book editor Xie Bailiang, Yin Fukang photography was Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House editorial photography. In 1956, Mei Lanfang led a delegation to hold premiere in Nanjing people's hall, before and after the,

  • Press:Chinese Drama Press
    Author:[Greece] special Pulos
    The main content of the book include: Dionysian course, chaos out of order: organization and abstraction -- again today, Attis theatre of Theo Dolors Tezopros -- "the Bacchae" etc.. ,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:The people's Republic of China Ministry of culture and Arts Department
    "2006-2007 national stage works of art project review" the main content: the implementation of quality engineering has opened up a new way for the government to support the arts creation, there is a China characteristics, with the macro-control method to promote an important stage of artistic production, is a power in the contemporary, but benefit future generations, Kindness knows no bounds.,

  • Press:Learning press
    Author:Xu Chengbei
    The book is divided into four chapters, the main contents include initiation, Peking opera history of the famous four collective rise, new Chinese and opera reform, Ten thousand horses stand mute. is ten years. ,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:"Study of drama" editorial department
    "Opera Research (eighty-first Series)" the main content includes: the theory of contemporary opera, local opera, the cultural orientation of the gain and loss -- Thinking about the history of opera, Tang Xianzu research, religious life: Shakespeare history as "other" referring to Tang Xianzu Du Liniang and Juliet -- the world of sex,

  • Press:Xinlei Publishing House
    Author:Shao Hong et al.
    Peking Opera master, "into the Peking Opera" series (4 volumes) is designed for high grade primary school students and on Beijing Opera interested young readers to build financial knowledge, Peking Opera's story, Beijing Opera Appreciation in a furnace of the series, the paper map and Mao, beautiful. Tan Xinpei, Ma Lianliang, Yang Xiaolou, Mei Lanfang,

  • Press:Chinese Drama Press
    Author:Tang Xianzu, ye Tang
    According to nashuying notation version of "the Peony Pavilion" translation "full spectrum spectrum, Kunqu Opera origin (numbered Edition)" content brief introduction: Kunqu Opera dating back nearly seven hundred years of ancient opera, Kunqu Opera Yu Yuan at the end of the occasion (mid fourteenth Century), Yiyang cavity which originated in Zhejiang Haiyan tune, Yu Yaoqiang and originated in the Jiangxi, known as the Ming Dynasty four tune, belong to its system, because of its production,

  • Press:Southwestern Normal University press
    Author:Guo Jialan, Gu Ping, Bai Jing,
    "Training and directing" fashion show the author of Guo Jialan and Gu Ping to model experience, has faced many setbacks, even dangerous, but with the support and assistance of the teacher, friend of the predecessors and peers, has withstood the test, and realized my dream. In recent years, they have been engaged in the teaching and the model,

  • Press:Xinlei Publishing House
    Author:Liu Lianqun
    Beijing opera appreciation, "Beijing Opera Appreciation" Introduction: "into the Peking Opera" series (4 volumes) is designed for high grade primary school students and on Beijing Opera interested young readers to build financial knowledge, Peking Opera's story, Beijing Opera Appreciation in a furnace of the series, the map and Mao, beautiful. Liu Lianqun compiled the "Beijing Opera Appreciation" to,

  • Press:Chinese Drama Press
    Author:Chinese Drama Press
    "Said Qiu Shengrong" included Qiu Shengrong's friends on his performance art criticism and the memory of his, is divided into six parts the editor. Written by Chinese drama press this "Qiu Shengrong" included Qiu Shengrong's friends on his performance art criticism and the memory of his,,

  • Press:JINGWAH press
    Author:Yan Yan compiler
    "Xianqingouji (the latest color chart)" content brief introduction: Li Yuyuan Xian Lu, word all fallen, days acts, later renamed the fishing, the word Li Hong, No. and weng. Ancestral home Zhejiang Lanxi, grew up in the Jiangsu Rugao, was born in the druggist family. The few times the examination after all, once the retreat. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty moved to Hangzhou, and when celebrities jun,

  • Press:Chinese Federation of literary and art circles publishing company
    Author:Ling Shixue
    Dan Tianfang said the company, in our country, numerous enterprises, the company is an enterprise have a style of one's own, unique: from the wool of this "sunset industry" into a "sunrise industry" and called "Hengyuanxiang" phenomenon; because the organization form Heng Yuanxiang combine its original and is called "Hengyuanxiang mode because of its",

  • Press:Contemporary China press
    Author:Jiang Jinghong
    "Flute drama and local style exercise" in the flute opera and national music style exercises, to write some exercises, for everyone to practice, do not talk to go up "become an independent school", is at best these years some experience in flute playing and teaching and sentiment. Chinese opera music played on the flute,

  • Press:Zhongshan University press
    Author:Ceng Fanan
    A history of opera, drama and opera is a coordinated development of art history, but also a watching opera interaction history, is a history of the development of opera culture. "In the late Qing Dynasty, Theatre Studies" from the late Qing Dynasty the social situation and opera development between the "paradox" phenomenon, combined with the specific historical and cultural background in the late Qing Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty, and play,

  • Press:Southwest China Normal University
    Author:Wang Xuezhong
    "Pingju opera music DNA exploration", this book with the new method to decipher the full genetic code Pingju opera music, opened the Pingju opera music and music inheritance mystery. ,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Meng Bing
    "Modern National Opera: struggles in an ancient city" content brief introduction: "wild" drama is not accidental. It inherited the new opera in keeping with the times and innovation spirit. Officials of the Chinese opera "the white haired girl" "sanxiangu" "Honghu Lake" "Jiang Jie" and a number of influential works have become classics,

  • Press:Shanghai ancient books publishing house
    Author:Li Jing
    "The history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties theatric dramas in Ming and Qing Dynasties" an extremely important theatre space form -- church as the object, scale, on the performance of the regional, characteristics, properties, different period performance form, the number of visitors, gender, identity, status, to play the sound cavity Troupe, repertoire, singing art, during the performance, reward,

  • Press:Xinlei Publishing House
    Author:Liu Lianqun
    Peking Opera "the Peking Opera" entry, entry introduction: "entering Peking Opera" series (4 volumes) is designed for high grade primary school students and on Beijing Opera interested young readers to build financial knowledge, Peking Opera's story, Beijing Opera Appreciation in a furnace of the series, the map and Mao, beautiful. Liu Lianqun compiled the "entry" Shun Peking opera,

  • Press:Chinese and western.
    Author:Shanghai Theater Academy affiliated Opera School Series
    Kunqu Opera repertoire "fine collection (eleventh volumes)" (formerly known as "Kunqu fine textbooks 300") is a major arts drama school affiliated to Shanghai Theater Academy as the inheritance and development of national cultural heritage of the process, is also an important part of the overall planning of Shanghai Theater Academy education highland. It consists of,

  • Press:Zhejiang University
    Author:Zhu Xuefu
    "The Shaoxing opera Drum Percussion", it is a part of the Peking Opera Drum Percussion based content and Shaoxing opera window and singing performance based com., to expand the traditional opera drum percussion instruments and training space; more rich connotation of the teaching, so that students can correctly grasp of Shaoxing opera music and percussion drums,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Yao Xufeng
    Ming Qing Jiangnan garden drama of existence, China traditional drama has initiated research, this is a drama of the proposition, but also a personal and cultural proposition. Book in Ming and Qing Dynasties -- mainly for the mid Ming to mid Qing -- Jiangnan garden drama as the research object, to explore its historical origin, culture and the mainstream ideology. This book will China traditional drama closely,

  • Press:Xinlei Publishing House
    Author:Liu Lianqun
    's story, "'s story" Introduction: "into the Peking Opera" series (4 volumes) is designed for high grade primary school students and on Beijing Opera interested young readers to build financial knowledge, Peking Opera's story, Beijing Opera Appreciation in a furnace of the series, the map and Mao, beautiful. "With the" Zhaojun ChuSai "group" ",

  • Press:Hunan Normal University press
    Author:Zhang Ziwei
    The book is divided into seven chapters, including: Mao Gus dance origin and distribution name; Maogusi dance source and flow; the content and form of Mao Gus dance; Maogusi dance music; Maogusi dance dance composition. ,

  • Press:Central Conservatory of Music
    Author:Cheng Da / / Range Road
    "Verdi Opera Arias (baritone)" brings together all the different roles of Verdi opera aria, and according to the need of singing and teaching, according to the acoustic part into five volumes, of great practical value to have the "Verdi Opera Arias" not only to the Chinese opera teaching and singing, but also for the study of music history the western scholars,

  • Press:Academic Press
    Author:Yi Zengxun
    Beijing octagonal drum Chaqu research commentary, "note: this tan Beijing octagonal drum Chaqu Research Commentary (Revised Edition)" of Beijing octagonal drum Chaqu compilation, research and commentary, both for professional reference is overall, precious materials for the research of the folk custom of Beijing history, is a masterpiece of a collection of artistic, historical data as one of the. Beijing octagonal drum Chaqu involves,

  • Press:The Commercial Press
    Author:[Germany] Nietzsche
    Nietzsche contra Wagner, Wagner Nietzsche's Guide to a large extent, once close "comrades", then is the main opponent of Nietzsche "set up". From the "comrades" to "enemy", Wagner is always accompanied by Nietzsche's career. Nietzsche did to Wagner's final liquidation in 1888, he thought,

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