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  • Press:Shanxi Education Publishing House
    Author:Wang Tingxin
    Study of Chinese drama, "searching for the source of Drama: China drama occurred early religious studies" is regarded as the academic area in the past as the angle of view. "Define the concept of" drama drama "the four elements" as the ruler: actors, audience, venue, the plot intension. The cultural relics investigation, literature interpretation and field survey three combined with the method of obtaining basic,

  • Press:Fu like translation, free China Intercontinental Press (2011-01)
    Author:Fu Jin
    In Arabic, "Chinese drama (Arabic version)" content brief introduction: Chinese since their own drama, she has three thousand years. If the history is long, but there is no one organized records, is to develop the disorder plays and communication culture. In feudal times, each regarded drama as entertainment products, people of the motherland is constant. The actress died in a humble,

  • Press:Chinese and western.
    Author:Shanghai Theater Academy affiliated Opera School Series
    Kunqu Opera repertoire - collection (seventeenth volumes), ISBN:9787547501672, author: Shanghai Theater Academy affiliated opera school series,

  • Press:Zou Zhongzhi China Federation of literary and art circles publishing company (2012-02)
    Author:Zou Zhongzhi
    Twentieth Century Western opera masterpiece Salome selected, edited by Zou Zhongzhi "(Twentieth Century Western opera masterpiece election)" 14 classic opera income in twentieth Century and 11 composers of the literary script. The theme of these works and language of characters with the previous opera from. Although there are still occur in the upper palace "Salome", "tulane,

  • Press:Zhejiang ancient books publishing house
    Author:Zhou Jianhua
    姚剧 drama selections,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:The study on educational thought of Zhang Boling ed.
    "Introduction" China pioneer drama content: at the beginning of twentieth Century, the drama art mainly through two channels to China, a spring willow group transplanted from Japan to Shanghai, two are from Nankai new group from Europe and the United States to tianjin. Two channels, merged into China early drama. But in quite a long time, Tianjin this,

  • Press:Guo Huang's literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Xuexiu
    Read opera characters, ISBN:9787805879321, author: Wang Xuexiu,

  • Press:Fan Hongjuan enlightened Education Press (2008-11)
    Author:Fan Hongjuan
    "Study" the legendary twentieth Century drama in the context of modernization to from the perspective of academic history, contact the zeitgeist, opera concept and legendary drama of individual characteristics, the historical process of academia in twentieth Century on the legendary drama creation, performance and theory are described. The concept of the legendary drama are differentiated and circles,

  • Press:Shanghai science and Technology Press
    Author:CCTCV "approaching science" editorial department
    "Board" sound master content "said numerous living beings, sing all grief at separation and joy in union chamber". For over a hundred years, whether in the Beijing bridge or Chengdu teahouse, the streets and lanes, or Shandong Linqing canal wharf, fast writing is always different age most people are familiar with and love of the art form. When a star,

  • Press:Chinese Drama Press
    Author:Wang Gengji
    Before and after 1990, this has "puju music", "dictionary" and "Puzhou Bangzi opera history", this book come out, after 10 years, this classic book "art" will meet with the reader, this is a people happy. A study is an ancient drama, direct transmission lines "Shanshan Bangzi",

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Jingbin
    Mezzo Soprano 1, "Western opera aria Daquan: alto 1" based on Germany, Italy and France part division theory, the men and women of the part is divided into thirteen parts, each part of the unit, the election of one hundred arias, in four volumes, published one after another, more than 50 copies. The selected works covers major music period, the European USA,

  • Press:China Bookstore Publishing House
    Author:Xu Han
    "The collection of 100 - yuan appreciation (1-2) (new collation graphic Edition)", this book so that readers can understand the situation of the main works of the field to understand the main features of the Yuan Dynasty, gone, and obtain aesthetic enjoyment. ,

  • Press:Taibai literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Zhiguo, Li Mingying
    "Shaanxi opera stage art" in the development of the art of Qin opera as the vein, the detailed data as the basis, to the modern development of Shaanxi opera as the focus, to inherit, popularization of Shaanxi opera stage, operation characters of traditional aesthetics, knowledge, skills, promote the development of the art of Qin opera for purposes of compiling. ,

  • Press:Huang Aihua the people's Literature Publishing House (2009-12)
    Author:Huang Aihua
    Research China drama in a multidimensional view ", from the traditional to the modern research:" Chinese drama in a multidimensional view is in the form of special subject research, which is different from the traditional drama history unidirectional research method, the Chinese drama on the study of multidimensional, use of aesthetics, culturology, morphology and comparative research, effect of impact, accept criticism perspective,

  • Press:China Intercontinental Press
    Author:Fu like.
    Chinese drama (French), ISBN:9787508519272, author: Fu Jin translated by Ding Ruoting,

  • Press:Wu Weimin Yunnan University press (2010-12)
    Author:Wu Weimin
    Drama master excellent essays, "recorded in the drama of drama master excellent essays", the book includes: "science" and "art" the position of the destination, the mathematics Era Film concepts of time and space time form, Oscar Hamma Stan S musical creation research. ,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Zhang Yihe
    Chinese opera, Chinese opera, ISBN:9787503937545, author:,

  • Press:Chinese and western.
    Author:Shanghai Theater Academy affiliated Opera School Series
    Kunqu Opera repertoire - collection (eighteenth volumes), ISBN:9787547501689, author: Shanghai Theater Academy affiliated opera school series,

  • Press:Zheng Jiazhi, Yin Wenqian, Bashu (2011-10)
    Author:Zheng Jiazhi
    Zheng Jiazhi and Yin Wenqian write "Li Diaoyuan opera theory" from the drama essence theory, creation theory, aesthetic theory, concept of development, Sichuan Opera tune textual criticism, drama system clutter test research Yuan Ming and Qing three generations of Western drama first Li 调元 opera theory, affirming its history status, also studies the practice of traditional opera. ,

  • Press:Huang Ke Academic Press (2009-01)
    Author:Huang Ke
    "Opera opera genres China integration (twelfth episodes) (fine)" introduces: root search left, all the schools on behalf of the repertoire of Peking Opera more than 250; garment appearance, play song, singing accompaniment, percussion, figure spectrum; model district in rehearsal, literature expert, amateur study, intangible cultural heritage the,

  • Press:Shanghai Music Publishing House
    Author:Yu Zizheng
    From DAFNE to turandot,

  • Press:Academic Press
    Author:Xie Yongjun
    Book text included Mr. Fu Xihua wrote "Zhui Yu Xuan Tibetan Song Zhi", "Bi Qu Qu Zhi", "collection Xuxiu Sikuquanshu Zongmu Tiyao" "soap opera" the 473 article, about 22.5 words. "Yu Xuan Qu Zhi" accumulation with 24 pieces, "Bi Qu Qu Zhi" collection for 21 article, "Xuxiu Sikuquanshu superorder,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Jingbin
    Dramatic coloratura soprano 1, "Western Opera Aria" textbook introduction Daquan "Western Opera Aria" is a set of Encyclopedia for institutions of higher art and music department in Teachers College Vocal Music Teaching the use of professional teaching materials. The preparation of this set of textbooks, collect data in recent 20 years, many experts review the academic value, use value,

  • Press:Li Guotao Guangdong Higher Education Press (2011-07)
    Author:Li Guotao
    "The ancient Yue Guan and ancient drama", the book: written by Li Guotao "Ancient Music Officer and ancient drama" is divided into two parts: Part One "of Ancient Music Officer introduction", the ancient music official system and music official function; relevant issues "of the" ancient music official function research Le Guan and drama, in theory,

  • Press:Shi Lin ancient press (2010-12)
    Author:Shi Lin
    "Suzhou Sheng Pu Xuan volume" main content includes: introduction, preface, xuanjuan historical and cultural origins, contemporary performing katsuura volume and Xuan singing process, Shengpu Baojuan scripts and Baojuan features a total of 10 chapters. "Suzhou Sheng Pu Xuan volume" by ancient publishing house. ,

  • Press:Shanxi people's Publishing House
    Author:Liu Le
    "Introduction Chinese opera aria classicals" 60 years: Opera is a kind of elegant art, which combines music, poetry, literature, art, dance as a whole, give a person with a full range of artistic feeling. A good opera, plot the ups and downs, exciting music, let people know about history, understand the truth of human, in,

  • Press:Zhongshan University press
    Author:Qiu Huang
    "Introduction" content of Guangdong Han Opera Music: 2005, we undertook a Ministry of education, humanities and social science research base of major projects "endangered opera of South of the Five Ridges", its research object refers to the eastern region of the dramas, Zhengzi opera, drama, West Guangdong opera. These operas are facing a dilemma,

  • Press:Shanxi Education Publishing House
    Author:Yan Yaodong
    Language performance, the language is the first human capacity for language performance, casting a bright life! The new building, authoritative content thick, industry recognized language performance textbook! "Language performance" introduces technical, skills of poetry readings, adaptation of children's stories and speech processing method, and points of children of creation, language teaching performance,

  • Press:Sichuan Art
    Author:Jin made
    The main content of the book include: drama, bright storm campus; basic knowledge of drama and special law; from textbooks to the script; from script to stage; in the stage of growth. ,

  • Press:Jilin University press
    Author:Zhang Rongzhen
    "Opera appreciation and taught to sing" content brief introduction: the traditional education that The Four Books; recite ancient classics, not only increasing literacy and vocabulary, improve reading ability and writing ability, personality is also affected by the shape and influence character by environment influence, become sensible, open-minded, and others, has the sense of shame, considerate of others,

  • Press:Li Nan Nanjing Normal University press (2011-11)
    Author:Li Nan
    Artistic talent and performance method, the book is divided into singing, dancing, acting, a recital, music performance. The main contents include: the basic principle of singing; vocal music training methods; songs etc.. ,

  • Press:Culture and art
    Author:Wang Jingbin
    Lyric coloratura soprano 1, "Western Opera Aria" textbook introduction Daquan "Western Opera Aria" is a set of Encyclopedia for institutions of higher art and music department in Teachers College Vocal Music Teaching the use of professional teaching materials. The preparation of this set of textbooks, collect data in recent 20 years, many experts review the academic value, use value,

  • Press:Sha Yexin Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House (2009-03)
    Author:Sha Yexin
    "New literature Chinese 1976-2000 (twenty-fifth episodes) (Drama Vol. 1)" Introduction: "major" new literature Chinese is "five four" since the outstanding achievements of China new literature collection, is a system engineering China publishing several generation of publisher lasted for more than seventy years to compile. "Chinese new literature,

  • Press:Liu Libin culture and Art Publishing House (2010-12)
    Author:Liu Libin
    "Shakespeare drama research" includes: Address: Zhang Daliang Ji Guoping Koniru Dumichustanislav Smokey Diev Xu 翔莎 play reproduction and regeneration, forever Shakespeare, international or domestic cultural charm? 1948-1964, why can Shakespeare keep in the forefront of contemporary theatre,

  • Press:Huayi press
    Author:Cheng Yanqiu, ed. Cheng Yongjiang Niu Bao school
    This book is an introduction of dramatic art. This book is not only a Peking opera art work theory monographs, also is the direction and way of development of Peking opera history of relationship. ,

  • Press:Huang Ke Academic Press (2009-01)
    Author:Huang Ke
    "Opera opera genres China integration (Tenth episodes) (fine)" as a series of tenth volumes, the book details included: Yao (Qiu Shengrong performed this), La Wang Liao (Wang Quankui, Baoshan ha, Liu Yanting performed this) and other content, suitable to be engaged in the related work of reference reading. "Opera opera genres China set,

  • Press:Foreign Languages Press
    Author:Wang Ban compiled
    Kun Opera, also known as Kunju Opera, cultural history in the Chinese has 500 years of history, is the Ming and Qing two generations of the representative opera. As a "human oral intangible cultural heritage" of Kunqu Opera, aesthetic achievement is the highest in Chinese. "And set" featured 9 Kunqu Opera often staged in foreign countries, a total of 26 play, package,

  • Press:The era of print media Limited by Share Ltd, Anhui literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Fang Shaochi

  • Press:Huang Ke Academic Press (2009-01)
    Author:Huang Ke
    "Opera opera genres China integration (seventeenth episodes) (fine)" tells the story: root search left, all the schools on behalf of the repertoire of Peking Opera more than 250; garment appearance, play song, singing accompaniment, percussion, figure spectrum; model district in rehearsal, literature expert, amateur study, intangible cultural Heritage the,

  • Press:Yunnan University press
    Author:Wang Shenghua
    "Introduction to the content of Yunnan ancient stage:" we actively promote the textbook series characteristic of Yunnan Arts University, Yunnan Arts University courses in Yunnan Arts University and key discipline is important in physical form. Together with other different forms of publication, institutional regulations and so on, have become the Yunnan Arts University,

  • Press:The people's daily press
    Author:Xiao Yan
    "The main content of dance appreciation:" high school dance Luo Cheng and the nine year compulsory education art course links, important way to save the implementation of aesthetic education Strider high school, is a compulsory course for the students of our school module, in dance teaching, through the appreciation and performance dance aesthetic activities, students will be able to fully experience the dance,

  • Press:Shanghai Bookstore
    Author:Zhou Baodi
    "Reading" series works one act Drama Literature Department of Shanghai Theater Academy, "one act play writing" course of supporting materials. This book selects 16 Chinese drama plays, and professional interpretation of stagecraft and artistic style level for each work, aims to help play college students or one act drama creator to enhance self study and,

  • Press:Wang Zhaoqi, Han Lin, Tian Han, Shanghai people's Fine Arts Publishing House (2010-07)
    Author:Wang Zhaoqi et al
    "Xie Yaohuan" content brief introduction: comic "Xie Yaohuan" description of Wu Zetian's later Tang Dynasty, some nobility any annexation of land, oppressing the people, so that the land lost peasants fled to Taihu, forced on Dongting mountain. Wu Zetian see "water boat will capsize" Shang Yi Institute, sent our female officer Xie Yaohuan tour in south of the Yangtze River, and gave them,

  • Press:Tong Lina, Ma Weixing Harbin Engineering University press (2011-06)
    Author:Tong Lina, Ma satellite at
    Tong Lina, Ma satellite, "Nanyin northeast drums," consists of three parts, a total of six chapters. The first part are described and a comparative analysis on the music and the Northeast drum and its related person; the second part to southern and northeast drum inheritor of narration and analysis; the third part is the demonstration,

  • Press:Xu Cheng Bei, Tang Jialong China Intercontinental Press (2011-04)
    Author:Xu Chengbei
    "China Opera (French version)" written by Xu Chengbei, Peking Opera is not a native of Beijing, but by the China south into Beijing huiban performers and Han Opera artists learn from each other, and the absorption of new operas when Hu in Beijing many operas and long form, has a history of two hundred years. Beijing Opera is rooted in the Oriental culture,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Du Changsheng editor
    The Other Boleyn Girl, "study" Opera Education Reform and development China including China Opera Education History, the main problems existing in the current drama education, some suggestions on the current culture, drama education and talent of Beijing drama art Career Academy Opera Education Research Report, Shanghai Theater Academy college attached middle school of drama and opera education,

  • Press:Guangdong Higher Education
    Author:Jing Lihu
    "Song Jin" Zaju opera relic introduction to since the new Chinese was found as the center, with the ancient writing materials, methods to sociology, economics, marketing, anthropology, archaeology, religion, folklore, in a broader background multi lateral, three-dimensional outline of the Song Dynasty landscape, make later,

  • Press:Hu Qingling, Jiangxi people's Publishing House (2009-05)
    Author:Hu Qingling
    "Study" the aesthetic thought of Wu Mei's drama is to fill the blank on Wu Mei research significance. Wu Mei's drama theory and drama the ascension of the whole to the drama aesthetic height, the ancient to the modern transformation of cultural background, from the essence of drama, drama, drama, drama style music, drama criticism,

  • Press:Yu Weimin, Sun Rongrong Mount Huangshan Publishing House (2009-03)
    Author:Yu Weimin, Sun Rongrong
    "The drama assembly: new China classical opera works integrated (Modern Series) (third episodes)" includes: the king 锺麒, theater in education, Chen Duxiu, drama, Feng Shuluan, Xiao 虹轩 the chat vogue around literati (Album), the original play, Xu Zhiheng, Liu Shipei, Wu Mei, Qu law easy introduction, China opera Gu Qu dust on drama,

  • Press:Li Qiang, Xinjiang people's Publishing House (2009-09)
    Author:Li Qiang
    "Study" the drama cultural silk road was completed based on the modified "Chinese drama and Western cultural exchange history" on the. The book is divided into fourteen chapters, the main contents include: the drama of the Silk Road; Tang Daqu and Zhezhi team play; Dunhuang Sujiang dance and drama in Buddhism; Dunhuang: culture. ,

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