theory of Art

  • Press:Chongqing University press
    Author:George Moore
    Paris, Paris, this book is George Moore a look inside and society's autobiography, is mainly by himself in Paris and Ireland's experiences of learning as a clue, recalled contact himself and Paris all kinds of different character in different poses and with different expressions, art concept artist, and relates to the art world of Paris groundless talk, anecdotes allusions, different,

  • Press:Jincheng press
    Author:[English] Frye
    Author Roger Frye is a famous British art critic, he is with the French painting grow grow together, define the French post impressionist. He was the first person to advocate of British modern art, has been criticized as "self Ruskin has influential art critic", advocating force with vane type. 1920, Northrop frye,

  • Press:Xilingyinshe Press Limited
    Author:Zhang Jianping
    "Longquan celadon calligraphy decoration innovation research" after repeated thinking and demonstration, Professor Zhang Jianping from love calligraphy, Lin Chi not compose, the breakthrough point selection in the traditional art of calligraphy and painting and porcelain technology combination, "in Celadon works, calligraphic elements such China culture into disseminated historic atmosphere, it will be on the,

  • Press:CITIC Publishing House
    Author:Hao Guangcai
    "Creative: there is no standard answer" content brief introduction: Creative omnipresent, opportunities every day, the key wonderful creativity, not what to think, what to think, what place, but "how to think". Training creative thinking method, is not only a method, a road, but the door in the door, the road,

  • Press:Yuelu Publishing House
    Author:Feng Zikai
    On the art of "Introduction" contents: today I want to say, is the picture and the life. Is the picture what person, is the person why draw pictures? What is the relationship between the picture is life, this problem is actually very easy to explain: the picture is to have a look. Human, to have a look, so draw pictures. The picture people,

  • Press:Lujiang press
    Author:Fang Long
    "Human art (on)", in 1938 April in London by George C. Harrap publishing company, in April the same year, July reprint. Then, in 1941, 1942 and July July, 1944 June, 1945 January, 1947 January reprint. According to the 19,

  • Press:Hubei people's Publishing House
    Author:Li Shikui
    "An introduction to art" a book almost relates to all kinds of art, on the one hand pay attention to the systematic, logical and scientific, at the same time itself, both students' interest and hobbies. Can say, this textbook is in view of the present situation and characteristics of current college of engineering, science, liberal arts students, specially writing a book is a real,

  • Press:Jincheng press
    Author:[method] Luo Dan
    The book was based on the master's manuscript, including Luo Dan's famous art essays and seven pieces of art works, the first to systematically summarize the theory of art and art thought of Luo Dan, from the style of writing also can see the master in the nineteenth Century revolution in the leading sculpture art thought from the Renaissance to the Gothic art aesthetics,

  • Press:South of the Five Ridges Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts
    The book is edited by Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts School of design "design research in one of the books". It reflects the industrial design education, how to update and reconstruction in the period of teaching, new design teaching idea, the conversion more scientific and effective teaching mode, integration of production, study, research, information, interactive wait for multi-dimensional surface,

  • Press:Shanxi Education Publishing House
    Author:Lu Lu, Liu Xinhua, Sun Mingjun "Dee
    Arts shelf life 1, reading plan -- organization of domestic famous writers and scholars, for different ages, different levels of knowledge, different professional backgrounds, different reading requirements of readers, tailored from different point of view for private bookshelf is very strong, each row of shelves for you recommend those worth reading good books. Lifetime.

  • Press:China Building Industry Press
    Author:Zhou Hongzhi
    "Brief history of western modern art": the western modern art since twentieth Century 80 years later was really into Chinese professionals view. And for most Chinese, is still a field comparative stranger. "The history of western modern art" in the brief introduction of the nineteenth Century since the middle of the,

  • Press:China Youth Press
    Author:Someone's Garden company
    "International artist residency program" to introduce more than ninety station projects from around the world and more than one hundred have rich experience of the resident artist. The book is accompanied by a contact address of 520 selected resident agencies. Through the "international artist residency program" readers can understand the artist,

  • Press:Chemical Industry Press
    Author:[Japan] Aoi Natsuki
    Differential creativity, "Tokyo for inspiration: differential creativity" in the so-called "differential" and "differential", in fact it is different or unique selling proposition. Author walking Tokyo footsteps casual and romantic, in downtown Tokyo Commercial Street, along the way that the essence of the design, and careful comments, wave,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Zhang Xinlong
    "From painting to understand art history" by a famous painting the important schools and development explain profound theories in simple language in the history of Western art to draw out, let the reader can quickly and accurately understand the style characteristics of each period, each school of the artist's picture, and to understand the western art history. And most heavy, difficult,

  • Press:Central Compilation and Translation Press
    Author:[UK] Stephen farthing
    Art: The Whole Story, this is a new vision of the world art history, distinguished by the British painter Stephen facchin (Stephen Farthing) lead editor. Most other books and art history before the difference is, this book focuses on the cultivation of the reader's ability of art appreciation. Artists from around the world,

  • Press:Wuhan University press
    Author:He Guorui
    "Art production theory (Revised Edition)" content brief introduction: editor in chief of product 30 years of work, on the basis of Marx's theory of production theory, investigating human art development and theoretical generalization, breaking the two thousand year basic understanding of materialist literary view, pioneered the use of art as the core category for the literary theory system. Points out that the art is overcome and the environment,

  • Press:CITIC Publishing House
    Author:Celant, his
    This book is the one and only a piece of writing! Modern art workers almost all would not like to this book, because the "read: Modern Art Guide" super simple and interesting mercilessly expose many not for art out of the circle of people know the secret. The history of modern art is not a Book usually see or,

  • Press:China Social Science Press.
    Author:Pan Zhibiao
    "Poetry is group: between the aesthetic culture and the social system to walk" (poem why group), aims to explore the aesthetic culture can have a strong social function, between the aesthetic culture and society is a kind of what kind of relationship. "Poetry is group: between the aesthetic culture and the social system of walking" content package,

  • Press:Shanghai dictionary press
    Author:Gao Bingqiang
    "The arts and Crafts Movement", "new art movement" and the "Art Deco" is the human design and art movement history very unique staggered great practice, but also to change today to influence our life profound human activities. The reason why these three art movement, compiled into a book, because they change the overall,

  • Press:Beijing Publishing House
    Author:Zhou Yibai
    Department of the history of Chinese drama, "your book:" the history of Chinese drama, concise description of the development of Chinese drama's origin, formation and various periods, discussed the history of development of Chinese drama and summarized, especially the three origins of the Chinese opera, Kunqu Opera, Bangzi Yiyang cavity, the research and further comb. While history,

  • Press:Shanxi Education Publishing House
    Author:Lu Lu, Liu Xinhua, Sun Mingjun "Dee
    Shelf life art, reading plan -- organization of domestic famous writers and scholars, for different ages, different levels of knowledge, different professional backgrounds, different reading requirements of readers, tailored from different point of view for private bookshelf is very strong, each row of shelves for those worth reading good books do you recommend. Lifetime.

  • Press:Hunan University
    Author:Li Shutong
    "Li Shutong" is discussing art record sources, currently on the market the most reliable data, when the Fujian people's publishing house, 1993 1991 published ten volumes of "the complete works of" great master Hongyi and Tianjin People's Publishing House in 2006 June published booklet "Li Shutong set". "Li Shutong on" arts master data,

  • Press:People
    Author:J. Derby odd
    "The history of Western Art (Translated)" content brief introduction: works of art should not merely as the rich Museum isolated, cultural goods and. Generation and its relevant social, it is so, the art history to throw it background themselves. But complexity makes. Art can not only use only,

  • Press:Nanjing University press
    Author:Liu Weidong
    Amidst the Nanjing Arts Institute centennial anniversary, the school organized the "hundred years of hundred cheerfully" this festschrift. She is like a rose in bloom, for one hundred years anniversary with a bright red, send a wisp of fragrance. These authors are south of the teachers and students and alumni, their true feelings in writing,

  • Press:Jiangsu people's Publishing House
    "The evolution of the commonplace: an introduction to the philosophy of art" of content: two seemingly identical things, why a piece of art, while the other one? In the evolution of Chinese translation of "boutique, humanism, commonplace objects: one about the philosophy of art", a work of art you JSeething,

  • Press:The China Academy of Art press
    Author:He Qing
    "Modern and post modern, western art history" is divided into two parts: Modernism and post modernism. With the "Modernity" sums up five characteristics; anthropocentrism, progressive, individualism, "new" worship and the tendency of non theme (Art), and "post modernity" is to ",

  • Press:The people of Yunnan
    Author:Zhao Shihong
    Folk art as the carrier of folk custom culture, it is the common life of ethnic society partners follow like a shadow. Ethnic groups living in the smoke from kitchen chimneys which can. There tickets flying a folk art which can flag; flashing light of national culture, where the highlighted folk art sound shape and color are opened,

  • Press:CITIC Publishing House
    Author:Elizabeth Kutiriyah
    "Contemporary design reincarnation" attempts to unveil the mystery of contemporary design, a lot of access and amazing pictures make readers shocked, is a practical design guide books, including from the iPod to the shaver in contemporary design simple aspects. The seemingly complicated contemporary design is very readable,

  • Press:Electronic Industry Press
    Author:(United States) Judy de O (Jodidio, P.) + (United States) Strong (Strong, J.A.) with
    I.M.Pei, "the complete works of Ieoh Ming Pei" in his most famous and acclaimed Le Louvre Museum as the focus, showing Ieoh Ming Pei more than 50 years the excellent sculpture works. With Ieoh Ming Pei preferences stone and concrete, glass and steel, he will own modern architectural vision to work in the form of spread around the world, far to Qatar, in,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:He Guiyan
    In the writing process, "contemporary art criticism and artist case study Wang Yigang" generally begins with two kinds of narrative patterns: firstly, to art: artists personal linear creation venation, strengthen the analysis of the representative works, at the same time, through the derivation and transformation of artists each period of creative idea. Comb,

  • Press:Life, reading, New York
    Author:Jiang Xun
    During the study in Paris, had the honor of "leisurely" rather than a trot to walk in Le Louvre Museum, can order a picture thought to just look at this picture, then sit in Senna River, aftertaste just picture color lighting, he also worked as a tour guide in Paris, which makes him know no need to "small run" is to visit,

  • Press:Sanlian Bookstore
    Author:Yin Jinan
    A Chinese contemporary culture and art, China contemporary avant-garde art for nearly ten years to present a splendid sight, such as colorful, has become an international art circles attract sb.'s attention phenomenon. The famous art historian, art critic Yin Jinan keen insight to perceive this new trend China art, with a sharp and unique style, chic style, for the fashion,

  • Press:Foreign language teaching and Research Press
    Author:[English] Stora Blas (Stallabrass.J.)
    Contemporary Art:A Very Short Introduction, "contemporary art" content brief introduction: the bloodshed of toy soldiers, gilded supermarket shopping cart, and camp Lego bricks, contemporary art seems to be a like a weed free growth and spread of fields, artists continue to break the taboo, create shock the common customs works, in the eye of the beholder, this,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Xu Yongxiang, Fan Daming
    The Collection of Xu Yong-xiang 's Fine Arts Comments, "Xu Yongxiang art piece set" Professor of The China Academy of Art, oil painting, art critics, Art Critics Association of Zhejiang Province chairman Mr. Xu Yongxiang (1930 - 2008) was determined by title and book editor for the editor's personal art collection of critical essays. The text includes: teaching and research sketch,,

  • Press:CITIC Publishing House
    Author:Elizabeth Kutiriyah
    Brief introduction of "contemporary art of past and present" content: Elisabeth Couturier hope in the book to share with readers of her knowledge in contemporary art, it is still considered the unfathomable mystery - so as to enlarge the readers attention to the contemporary art. The diversity of artistic works tend to overthrow,

  • Press:Beijing Normal University press
    Author:The deer to dazzle the world
    "Art" is to adapt to the actual needs of the majority of art designers, art lovers and propaganda, art educators, after years of collecting, selecting, renowned at home and abroad excellent constitute a rigorous, style diversity, a large painting, design legend spectacular, carefully prepared for series. To facilitate the use of,,

  • Press:Jilin people's Publishing House
    Author:(British) Paul Krause
    The history of ideas, The Language of Twentieth-Century Art A Conceptual History, "Twentieth Century art language: an introduction to the history of ideas": a twentieth Century global economic crisis, the group of international conflicts, cold war attitudes and concerns about ecological problems, make people thinking on global issues and the future. A variety of mutual influence, the humanities and natural science,

  • Press:Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Lin Mingjie
    "Art is the introduction of strange bedfellows" content: it is said that the "moral" not me to write, but because of "stress" and. Although this five thousand word widely read through the ages, but history tells us, the why why, didn't really listen to his. Me so, so he too lazy to write. With its big, only a lifetime of achievement of this,

  • Press:Dolphin press
    Author:Ni Yide
    "The Library: art making travel notes" in 1936 by the Shanghai Liangyou book printing company first edition, first edition is out of print, a rare. This is the first time to the original complete reprint. Appendix three, one is "juelanshe declaration", the "Yushan autumn travels", has been incorporated into the "draw people wandering", but the paper chase,

  • Press:Renmin University of China press
    Author:Miu Langshan
    This book is the late Mr. Miu Langshan, a famous translator, Professor of the Renmin University of China (pen name Miu Lingzhu) works. Mr. Miao lifelong diligent, rigorous scholarship, pay attention to studying the habit of independent thinking. He works for literature mostly based on Greek, Latin, French, Russian, English, Devin,

  • Press:Life, reading, New York
    Author:Lu light
    At the beginning of the 80's, the author had to "two" and "literature Chinese girl China man" report to make people excited, he worked in journalism and literature in two areas the wind unboiled water. Forties, official career as his light, but chose to retire, and input picture analysis, and painting and calligraphy circles friends and be together morning and night,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:[English] Craig
    Pictures and Visuality in Early Modern China, the Ming Dynasty China develops rapidly, has hitherto unknown prosperity in the economic field. Thanks to the traditional early consumption pattern of society, the number of luxury consumer boom, followed by the rapid development of art. Image is one of the main stages of the luxury consumer goods, not only to image loop independent image,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Wang Hongjian
    "Introduction to art" is a professional art education, the theory of art materials in ordinary university art education. "Introduction to art" of a book first published in 1983, it is the development of art education in Chinese bring order out of chaos after the publication of the book; warmly welcome institutions of higher art teachers and students by. With the,

  • Press:Publishing House of law
    Author:Xie Dajing
    "Art of management" the new fifteen chapters altogether. In order to study the macro institutional framework of art management mainly introduces the developed countries with the characteristics of the pattern of art management, formation and evolution of China's cultural system, and is the cultural system reform carried out, focusing on the property change,

  • Press:East China Normal University press
    Author:[Germany] W. Hildesheim
    Mozart, "Mozart theory" is on the Mozart music, life, thinking the relationship between the three subtle interpretation. The author believes that, only a reasonable reconstruction between the three connection to Mozart, the genius of the image of a more comprehensive understanding, clear and accurate. This of course is not easy. Association three are obscure and complex. ,

  • Press:Red flag press
    Author:Five fathoms.
    "Give a person to see art book" a brief introduction: in the face of the rapid pace of life, the time for everyone is so rare, even of art also can not make things. "Give a person to see art book" is specifically for these "busy" and write. The book on the west each period,

  • Press:Central Compilation and Translation Press
    Author:[Germany] Claudia Lanfalcone
    In the history of painting and photography, Frauen und Perlen, a woman like pearl, the love for thousands of years has not fade. The title "woman with a pearl -- the history of painting and photography" has revealed the contents of the book: through some of the lesser known works of art or be known to all the world, to show the love between women and pearls. Pearl is a perfect symbol of retro fashion. ,

  • Press:Jincheng press
    Author:[method] Gauguin
    "A brief introduction to the main content and art letters": his name is Paul Gauguin, the name in the history of world art, and Cezanne, Van Gogh as brilliant. He has a dual personality, he is a barbarian, is a child, his dream is to be a naive and rude barbarians. His students are constantly travel moderate,

  • Press:National Publishing House
    Author:Liu Keshan
    "Liu Keshan collection" is divided into five parts: one is to cherish the memory of the article, several senior writer Liu Keshan respect, to rely on him to miss them and appreciate the Chen; two is the author wrote the art review articles and a book, the preface for his friends album written, especially for our country calligraphy and painting master Mr. Dong Shouping wrote the biography,

  • Press:Guangxi Normal University press
    Author:[Japan] Moriyama
    Studies and analysis of U better in practice, we end this life must meet the final deadline date, no turning back, so we have no need to mind the age, as long as you work hard, self willed to live well, is this the taste of life. I have been to before long before, every day in order to cope with the coming challenges in life and live. Anyway, things are not as,

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