Video/Media art

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zhang Huijun
    The theory of art photography, image modeling visual composition: art theory, film photography ISBN:9787106017736, author: Zhang Huijun,

  • Press:Tsinghua University press
    Author:Series Editorial Board
    This book is for beginners, using a large number of examples to explain the layer by layer analysis, and combined with the examples of practice, the basic concept, content includes both the film and television animation digital audio processing software Sound Forge, 2D computer animation software Corel Painter and Combustion*,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Li Suyuan
    This book chose to read the history of the original cleavage of research thought and expression pattern. These texts, or writing important original film theory, or theory of early film artist, theorist in-depth study, is the classical texts of different period theory content is high and the representative. In reading, the system,

  • Press:Anhui science and Technology Press
    Author:Du Xiaoming
    From the nearly 40 films in the theme an excerpt from suitable for junior high school English level and above people reading fashion, wonderful dialogue nearly 300. Six major themes: meeting and parting, invitation and help, Congratulations, comfort and apology, work and life, emotion and communication, other classes. The movie: "Russia" "Harry wave,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Chen Mo
    The book is divided into five volumes, including film: Light & shadow, the Sage: the country scholar, artist: drama of life. The book is rich and profound aesthetic category, context. The rich emotional and very philosophical thinking; make impartial comments or statements, but not as good, exposing the faults according to the. Is a unique,

  • Press:Chinese broadcasting and television press
    Author:Zhu Zongqi
    Comedy and comedy, Zhu Zongqi, Chinese broadcasting and television press,

  • Press:Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Li Xiaofeng Jia Kai
    Acousto optic fluctuation in mind: the twentieth Century movie, naked ISBN:9787538613766, author: Li Xiaofeng, Jia Kai,

  • Press:China Pictorial Publishing House
    Author:Lou Xiaoyang
    Han Die: not to be missed in the Korean film, ISBN:9787800248627, author: Lou Xiaoyang,

  • Press:Peking University press
    Author:Zhang Jiangyi, Wu Mukun
    About China movie hundred year, the charm of the text is to put the frozen in time, but the film is, 24 time one by one release, reflecting the beautiful green orange red green blue purple. One hundred years, from the "Ding Jun Shan" began, nearly thirty thousand short films composed of ministers, the head of a hundred years of China the Great Wall movies fragment. This film is very,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Leon della
    What is the movie? What is the movie artists? The film has a soul? The film is an art? The film will die? The director is to communicate in the use of film and image? The film is a language is a means of expression? What will become of when the film went on TV screen? Why American film can be,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zhang Huijun Mu Deyuan
    Dialogue, and China contemporary cinematographers read directory, you can see a film photography celebrity names, their film and television works both in China and abroad, they are China outstanding contemporary cinematographers. The audience saw their creation from the screen, this book will enable the reader to their own understanding and application of photographic art and technology from the book to see. This book,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Ma Hua, Zhang Dong
    The film from the beginning, seduce and catharsis of desire into housekeeping magic to attract tourists. In fact, in the world of human nature, generally good. What is the heart, that feeling, head of the chi, is that the color, light to dark and projector four theater, the light change, love entanglements, make the from ancient to modern times,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zhou Chuanji
    This book discusses the movie sound (and theoretical) history and how to use sound in movies, television, radio, and enable it to play the comprehensive advantages of audio-visual. ,

  • Press:Chinese broadcasting and television press
    Author:Ni Jun
    Remember? In the dark blue sky, flashing a few stars of the night, we moved a small bench to sit in the open air theater space, from behind a mysterious light shines through the eyes, a simple white screen, mirrored those beautiful beyond real image. Remember the beauty,

  • Press:Hebei children's Publishing House
    Author:Wang Zhimin, Cui Chen,
    Sound and light of the world: film beauty, ISBN:9787537625180, author: Wang Zhimin, Cui Chen eds.,

  • Press:Publishing House of electronics industry
    After reading this book, you will be made from a perspective of animation animation. The language in the book is very simple, suitable for all people interested in this area. It may bring you a lot of inspiration, perhaps can inspire your entrepreneurial dream, perhaps, you will find you have another to be excavated to -- writing,

  • Press:Culture and Art Publishing House
    Author:Pichucalco - Marcel
    Literature and film adaptations, (Law) - Marcel Carco (Law), Claire, Liu Fang, culture and Art Publishing house,

  • Press:People's post and Telecommunications
    Author:Wang Xinmei
    DV video acquisition to edit the recording detailed examples, the book through 65 typical examples, detailed introduces the use VideoStudio 8 Chinese version of method and technique of video editing. Through the learning methods and techniques presented in this book, can be taken by digital camera wedding scene, baby grow up, travel records, personal diary, birthday party, bi,

  • Press:Publishing House of electronics industry
    Author:Freescale technology R & D Center
    The book of different categories in the field of film and television production, such as news, entertainment, image, propaganda, lists nine representative examples. Example uses a combination of the several popular software for domestic production, including 3D software Maya, 3ds Max and late effects compositing software After,

  • Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
    Author:Wang Runlan
    The book from two aspects of theory and practice, expounds the whole process of digital tv. The book is divided into 9 chapters, respectively introduces the basic knowledge of digital TV, making the camera basis, television lighting, television picture composition, digital video recording and storage systems, digital video editing, digital visual effects,

  • Press:People's Posts and Telecommunications Press
    Author:Zhan Hong
    This book is based on the background of the actual business of Chinese film and television production, film and television production practice to include content as the main line, the synthesis principle, method: digital video, video synthesis technique and the effect of various digital video editing, synthesis and processing software features and applications, animation and special effects, since the synthetic natural landscape effects, TV column titles,

  • Press:Chinese Bookstore
    Author:Wu Shixin
    This book is "70 time stranger", mainly introduces the content such as comedy face epic love, love tragedy in the war, when the stage, in the transmigration of war. 70 years is a song of youth song...... 70 years is a fantastic time. Music is the "70 years",

  • Press:Shanghai dictionary press
    Author:Zhang Wei
    "The past" is the distinctive works, it discusses the nearly 100 domestic and foreign films, I see mostly in a few decades ago (some still I starred), now has the opportunity to revisit, feel particularly cordial. The author worked hard in the collection of the literature, also have their own unique views, so do not repeat word for word what others say,,

  • Press:Gu Wuxuan
    Author:Zhang Jizhong
    Our work is a "concentrated essence". It is not a "condensed essence of life", is every year month day and night consumption, to your hands just like not a thick box CD, for your tears, smile, or sound. And now, in addition to that exchange, Zhang Ji,

  • Press:Zhonghua Book Company
    Author:Hu Xingliang
    This book tries to break through the existing framework of interpretation, and to reconstruct the history of western film theories. In brief, the so-called film theory, is the theoretical explanation about the movie; and the so-called theory of film history, is base on some concepts as the judgment standard, the development history of film theory explains and,

  • Press:Beijing Hope Electronic Press
    Author:New digital media studio
    This book is the synthesis of special effects software combustion* textbook. It fills the blank of the present computer animation technology books partial 3D less later. From the late synthesis angle, discuss with the vast number of animation enthusiasts how to make full use of the animation software synthesis. Is a new era of the first 4,

  • Press:Huashan literature and Art Publishing House
    Author:Gong Liuzhao
    Film and TV art design in twenty-first Century U. S. high school art design classic, palace the editor, Huashan literature,

  • Press:Shanghai Univer press
    Author:Lin Shaoxiong
    Book collection, reference and learn from the past some anthologies experience and strengths, and on this basis, the addition and correction, the selected content relatively more wider, in theory, also the depth degree, and pay more attention to the relationship between the theory of selection between continuity and possible, make it is suitable for the school,

  • Press:Chinese broadcasting and television press
    Author:Fang Dekui
    The book is divided into 4 chapters, the 11 chapter, relates to the digital photography, digital video post production, digital stereo creator and digital cinema projection respectively, covers the whole process of production of digital television. Teaching materials in the preparation of, and strive to introduce contemporary film production frontier technology and basic skills as the main content, to help,

  • Press:Xi'an Jiao Tong University press
    Author:Chen Qichang
    Modern design creativity and performance series. Follow the rules of art and design thinking in images. It from the excited, capture and produce creative inspiration, and then to the image of the structure, performance, finally to realize the purpose of creation, during which a cross blend image transform organizations and so on complex thought process. This too,

  • Press:Guangxi people's Publishing House
    Author:To the small English
    The new century idol drama, nine latest idol drama full search, super popular youth Star Collection, taking Taiwan ancient idol drama. If say, good quality is the appearance of dazzling, taste is drunk. Then, the idol drama is like such a good wine, in the beautiful packaging to modern people nervous and dry,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Shi Yan
    Ugetsu, the book contains "the Three Penny Opera", "rules of the game", "rainy night story" and "Tokyo Story" four works. ,

  • Press:Chinese Bookstore
    Author:Wu Shixin
    The cartoon, "70 time stranger: cartoon" contains excellent cartoon works 70 years, such as the magic Ma Liang, pig eight quit to eat watermelon, fish boy, mama. 70 years is a song of youth song...... 70 years is a fantastic time. Music is the "70 s" life, music is "70's.,

  • Press:Education in Fujian
    Author:Zheng Xuelai editor
    The world film appreciation Dictionary (Continuation), edited by Zheng Xuelai, Fujian Education Publishing house,

  • Press:Xinhua press
    Author:Zhang Changming
    China rainbow award is sponsored by the State Administration of radio, film and television China Institute of radio and TV host of the national government, is the highest award evaluation level TV external reports in China, held every year. The book compilation of prize winning works show excellent China TV on propaganda, for people to learn reference model,,

  • Press:People's Publishing House
    Author:Jiang Min
    Movies, TV art is the art of two very special artistic style, sex, exercise, authenticity and spread from the characteristics in the process to audiovisual brings people much according to their body, vivid visual spectacle, a rich source of information, real appeal, is any single,

  • Press:Anhui science and Technology Press
    Author:Du Xiaoming
    From the nearly 40 films in the theme an excerpt from suitable for junior high school English level and above people reading fashion, wonderful dialogue nearly 300. Six major themes: meeting and parting, invitation and help, Congratulations, comfort and apology, work and life, emotion and communication, other classes. The movie: "Russia" "Harry wave,

  • Press:Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House
    Author:Liu Xinsheng
    "Series" students' art quality development, including China painting, Western painting, arts and crafts, sculpture, architectural art, clothing art, landscape art, music, film and television art, drama, dance and Chinese calligraphy twelve copies, according to non art major students, pay special attention to the quality of art,

  • Press:Zhejiang University press
    Author:Fan Zhizhong
    "Content" world film includes: the thought of the century legend, violence, terror and crazy war beacon, family ethics, explore the world, the silent era art be raging like a storm's new movie, post structuralism film etc.. ,

  • Press:Zhejiang people's Publishing House
    Dish in, many words in text is telling the story, this is the author of considering readers may not have seen the movie to do so. Reading these words, you when read the movie at the paper. If you have already become some movie audience, skip these words of course is to choose your. If a story again,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zheng Dongtian Xie Xiaopin
    Research on the creation of film director Johnwoo Hsiao-Hsien Hou Asia Chinese master, Xie Fei Shohei Imamura Abbas Lin Quanze Pasolini and David Lien in europe,

  • Press:Chinese film press
    Author:Zhang Sitao
    "The Hongkong film review" of Taiwan and Hong Kong film China will hold "20 papers Hongkong retrospective film exhibition and seminar" period in Hongkong, Taiwan, experts, scholars, submitted to the assembly. The book of Hongkong films in the Chinese cultural context, Hongkong is an important producer organizations, in the development and the achievement, Hongkong class,

  • Press:East China Normal University press
    Author:Huang Wenda
    The significance and value of the book, from now on the background to understand and examine the foreign film studies: history of audiovisual language of non text form; the development of film technology history; economic history. ,

  • Press:Academic Press
    Author:Gao Xin
    Editors: the series on television culture. This book is the first comprehensive, systematically discusses the TV documentary works, theoretical works including TV feature films, television documentary, focuses on the form, the TV documentary works language thinking mode, aesthetic characteristics, morphology, commentary writing, and respectively,

  • Press:Hubei dictionary press
    Author:Shen Qi
    Film legend, as the title says, film and television as the medium of human civilization, is not only a form of entertainment. Is the embodiment of people's learning and life. With television, we can broaden our horizons, increase knowledge; through the film and television, we can feel the beauty of human nature; through the film and television, we can know what life is like,

  • Press:Chinese Bookstore
    Author:Wu Shixin
    This book collects 70's outstanding drama works, such as "you", "Axin", "the Atlantic", "the man from the bottom of Shanghai Bund" etc.. 70 years is a song of youth songs in 70 years is a fantastic time. Music is the "70 s" life, music,

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